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Win Friends and Influence People:

The Bone Generators are tuned to enable you to Remotely Influence people in a positive manner to get them to do your bidding in all situations. US government military research spends billions on mind control, in this Service you get the positive benefits of Psi-Technology that works not the US Remote Influencing that is proven not to work – as in Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Russia, China – if it worked they would now be Zionist puppet states. We are all surrounded by people we don’t like and have to listen to – bosses, government lunatics, police, or people we like but drive us mad – partners, family, children. Since all Westerners have their Soul trapped in the 12 Aeons Psi-Prison we should regard all of them as zombies driven by internal Demons even they don’t like but have acquired or been broken to conform and obey to. With your Skull and Bones Generator(TM) use your left (and right hand if you have had the Psi-Master Service) to pull out the Demon, Grey, Archon, in the person to be Remotely Influenced. Then use your right hand (also left hand if you have had the Psi-Master Service) to get your Bone Generator(TM) to zap the physical and biophysical bodies of the person with Anti-CF, Chiral Pulsar Quantum Wave Function; this is tuned to poison kill all Archons, Demons, Greys that try to repossess the person. This acts like psychic rat killer and keeps the psychic vermin from re-inhabiting the person. Since their Soul is in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison permenantly if they are in the Heaven Aeons or rescuable if they are in the Hell Aeons – these type of people fight mind control and usually ruin their lives by being too rebellious at the wrong time. In this Service we leave the Soul in the 12 Aeons Psi-Prison so we can install custom made Tulpas into the body, biophysical body so the person becomes a positive slave of the Bone Psi-Master. The 12 Tulpas made from the 12 types of energy stolen from the person do not drain you but use the target’s stolen energy. Simply install the Tulpa you want in the person to control their behaviour to fit your desire:-

1/ Tulpa (Psi-servant) to install total docility to your will in the target so they are forced to follow your suggestions or feel ill, worried anxious.

2/ Tulpa to install sexual desire in the target so they fantasise about having sex with you and become obsessed with your smell, looks, smile, body…

3/ Tulpa to install the desire to be liked by you as a friend so they go out of their way to help you and be co-operative to you in all ways.

4/ Tulpa to make them wish to be dominated by you so they feel good every time they obey your will and conform to your belief system.

5/ Tulpa to make them listen to all you say s if you are the most intelligent person in the world and must be obeyed.

6/ Tulpa to install fear of you so they are afraid to make you angry because this causes them to hurt themselves by accident, get bad luck, feel ill, anxious, helpless, glum, unloved…

7/ Tulpas to protect all your interests so the target is unable to damage any of your interests instead they damage themselves when they try to interfere in anything you are doing.

8/ Tulpa to install the sexual fantasy of your dreams in the person they become obsessed with your sexual peccadilloes and crave the type of weird sex you want from them and submit to all you want because their hyperinfinity (free will) was used to build this Tulpa.

9/ A Tulpa to turn all hate toward you into self destructive urges so your boss shouts at his boss, attacks officials, spends too much, drinks himself into a stupor that harms his work, gets sacked…

10/ A Tulpa to turn your hate toward a target into self destructive urges that win the target by making him systematically ruin his life forced to do this by the hyperinfinity in the Tulpa (his free will energy that guarantees he has to obey the Tulpa)

11/ A Tulpa to make the target obessively love you in every way so that they are forced to conform to your every whim by the Tulpa so that they are desperate to be loved by you and obey you to keep you happy.

12/ A Tulpa to make them a zombie for you where all their hyperinfinity (free will) is given to you so you can control them by Remote Influencing to become another body that you control, just as the Demon, Grey, Archon did previously.

Like all Luck Engines ( one Event Engine in this case the Tulpa is most effective so you are advised to install one Tulpa in one person to get 100% effectiveness. Or you can freight train them, putting one in then out, replaced by another, then out, then another, spacing them in intervals throughout the day controlled by your Bone Generators(TM). So for a boss at work Tupa: 1-3-5-7; then when they have left work Tulpa: 9-10-12 (so you can project in torment to ruin their life). As one can see this gives the Bone Psi-Master(TM) the ability to Remotely Influence his work place free from being found out. For family the Tulpa 11 is a good start and you can tailor your home life using the Tulpas mode from the hyperinfinity of friends and family; their free will shaped, sequestrated and now used by you to control them. With this Service one can truly Win Friend and Influence People using prepackaged Tulpas created by a Psi-Lord who knows everything about mind control and Psi-Technology. In this way you have the state of the art mind control technology of the far future to help your private life and to be used at work to promote your interests in all ways. Combined with the Money, Wealth, Fortune Service you can control all the business people around you to boost your business and get your enemies to destroy themselves. Look at my Warnings pages to see how my enemies are criminals thus discrediting them. As a further part of this Service Uk intelligence (an oxymoron) have been advertising 12 wishes, two of which are given free of charge. The occult branch of MI5 have been trying to collapse the 12 Powers I released for use by Bone Psi-Masters(TM) using the UK public as psychic patsys to bring two of the 12 Powers together to collapse them and give power to the Illuminati and block off the 12 powers from use (see I have made this power negative for all Illuminati so it kills and ruins them as they feed me with Psychotronic Fuel using transinfinity (see Crystal Bone Psi-Master and Sex Bone Psi-Master/Mistress Services) This means the 12 Tulpas created abov e are also powered by the Anglo Zionist population of the UK so instead of the power (hyperinfinity) of one person they have the power of 60 million Anglo Zionists (UK population) which makes the Tulpas capable of Remotely Influencing on an enormous scale as mind control depends on energy. Having a 60 million power Tulpas is extraordinary even for a Bone Psi-Master who has to build them by hand from scratch. As a Psi-Lord I get the enemy Anglo Zionists to power all my creations of their own free will so I can sequester all the hyperinfinity of them, Illuminati, Archons, Demons, Greys and because they willingly gave it to me it is unbeatable for Psi-mind control/Remote Influencing.

Win Friends and Influence People Service $600 with Certificate

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost. There is a few products that weigh more so the shipping cost is higher. Please check THIS PAGE for full shipping cost details.