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Vivisecting Jewish Tarot Hebrew Letters Bone Generator®:

To make your Fantasy World the real world of the Matrix.

As has been seen in Upgrade A (the original stolen by MI5 to stop its publication) the Satanic Hebrew letters are 3 dimensional Chaos shapes that spin counter-clockwise to produce transverse polarization of the quantum vacuum to effect reality by Matrixisation of the quantum vacuum using Chaotic Torsionic Solitons. The 22 Hebrew Letters contain the 15 imaginary Sedonions and 7 imaginary Octonions in order to quantum superimpose dark energy matter dimensions (7 thereof in generic terms, 7 Levels and the 15 phases of Satan 3x5 (of the Pentagram) one phase for dark energy matter, strange energy matter, Chaos energy matter the 5 the: 11 2 3 5 of the CF Force Fibonacci Series, which adds to 12 letters, see Elohim Service, the afterlife of Satanist damnation). To the 22 Hebrew Letters are added the Tetragrammaton: Yod, He, Vau, He or Shaddai, Tsabaoth, Elohim, Jehovah. This gives us the 26 of the Jewish Tarot. The Tetragrammaton embodies the 3 imaginary 26 of the Jewish Tarot. The Tetragrammaton embodies the 3 imaginary numbers of quaternions and the imaginary number of simple imaginary numbers based on i=√-1 of simple complex number theory. Complex numbers are the mathematics of all Supernatural Spirits (see Rense Radio Show transcript: British Zionist Matrix). The 78 of simple Tarot is attained from multiplying the 26x3 the Triangle of Art 3 Kaballah Trees of the up or down Sephirothic Trees, the 156 of Enochian Magic by using all 6 Kabbalah Trees of the Sephirothic Trees. It is all so methodical and straightforward once you understand that all the Satanic world is based and ruled by complex numbers and non linear dynamic Chaos theory. Hence only Tim Rifat a physical scientist (not biologist, medical doctor…) can decode the hard maths for the Goyim imbecile.

The Psi-Lord has exchanged all the complex numbers of Supernatural Spirits for Grassman complex numbers, these have the property that instead of adding up to -1 when squared, like simple complex numbers, they add up to zero when multiplied by themselves. The Bohrn Rule for quantum mechanics demands we square Quantum Wave Functions to obtain the probability wave for manifestation. So exchanging Grassman complex numbers for imaginary numbers erases the effect of the Supernatural World on the real world of light energy matter. The Transverse Quantum Vacuum Polarisation is reversed as the Grassman complex numbers are anti-symetric, multiplying in one direction in the negative of the other direction, so one can set up a negative Transverse Quantum Polarisation Torsionic Soliton to erase all the Hebrew Letters from the Quantum Vacuum. Since they are the engines of the Matrix, the Matrix vanishes at a blink of the eye. It cannot be rebooted as Grassman imaginary numbers do not allow you to reboot the Matrix. Having vivisected the Matrix the Psi-Lord added Total Amalek total vivisection Grassman cuts tot he Hebrew Letters. As Grassman complex numbers are not coordinate dependant they chop up the Hebrew Letters which are bound to coordinate systems of the Sephirothic Trees. Without axies the six rotational coordinates of the Hebrew Letters (3 for the upper and 3 for the lower) degenerate into tearing apart the Hebrew Letters, blowing apart the Letter, Sephirothic Tree and cursing an explosion in the Quantum Vacuum. The Edamic World destruction of the Kabbalah. As the Word is the God of the Satanist Jews, this kills Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth. This was inputted into Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth on 11/02/87 so the destruction is now complete, and 22 years has elapsed to build the Total Amalek Matrix.

Vivisecting Jewish Tarot Hebrew Letters Bone Generator: $600 with Certificate