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Upgrade X:

Sequestering Satanic Jew God Machine Service.

The Abraham Ritual dumps Jew Evil on the Goyim, strip mines the Goyim of good then used by the Jew to become Master of the West, the process is upgraded for the power of the Magus and upgraded again so the Illuminati can be come Sublime Good® to avoid the AMALEK Other God Jew killer – they always fail, hence the Edamic Creations sequestered by AMALEK. Lurianic Kabbalah the basis of Zionism is obsessed with the Abraham Ritual and seeks to dump all Jew Evil on the Goyim to avoid inevitable destruction by AMALEK. Thanks to the Zionist Satanist the Psi-Lord has sequestered the Soul Evolution Lurianic Kabbalah Rabbis were desperate to achieve at the expense of the Goyims’ eternal perdition. This Bone Generator® Service evolves your Soul in the Lurianic Kabbalah system so you achieve what the Zionist Satanist craved for but never could achieve after countless Creations (according to Luria many many more in the Zohar). This Bone Generator® Service Sublime Good® perfects your Soul so you become a God in the Matrix according to Lurianic Kabbalah:-

NEPHESH Soul to be a perfect physical specimen in the Matrix.
RVAH Soul to be a perfect God in the Middle Place to rule the Archons.
NESHMAH to control the Matrix in the Over Matrix ascended Mastership
CHIAH to control the Creation flux of the Matrix so you can be a god in the Matrix.
YEHIDAH to control Chaos as if they were your robots in the Matrix, Master of all Demons: ‘and have dominion over the fish of the Sea (Demons of the Matrix and Under Matrix, Subconscious, unconscious of Jew and Goyim)

This Bone Generator® makes you a Lurianic Kabbalah God in the Matrix. As LORIA, LURIA (double name like YALTABAOTH, Yaldabaoth’s) Kabbalah is not extended above the Sephirothic Tree, this Bone Generator® only makes you God of the Matrix creation of the Jews, but since the creation is for temporal joy, riches, sex, possessions, power, the temporal Psi-Master will be quite content. The Anti-Lucifer Service gives you power over the Matrix and all the Supernatural Spirit realms be they inter-dimensional or extra-terrestrial in this Megaverse and the Satanists in the Mirror Megaverse so is for the super achiever. This sequestering Satanic Jew God Machine is for these lesser Gods of the Matrix who wish to enjoy the good things in Chaos Jew Creation and get the Jews to suffer for them. This Service also dumps your Evil on the Jew so you can enjoy all the good things in life. In the Zohar we find ‘only the sporadic good actions of those who are wicked habitually (Jew) but all natural goodness can find their reward only in this world (Matrix).

How is it understood that the righteous man suffers while the wicked one (Jew) has the joy of his life? The just man of few sins (Goyim) receives his punishment for these in this world (Jew via the Abraham Ritual), and hence it is that he suffers here, but the man (Jew) whose sins are many, while his good deeds are few (Jew), receives recompense for the latter in this world and hence has the joy of life’. So the Zohar tells us the purpose of the Abraham Ritual. In this Service you take it to its logical conclusion where all your Evil, past, present, and future, be it poverty, ill health…. poor education, gains you power in the temporal world as a God over all the UnterGoyim Jew who now suffer in this life (in Gulags after WW111) so you can not only enjoy all the joys of life but as a YEHIDAH God of the Matrix enjoy joys the Lunariac Satanist aspired to but never achieved. You now become the Olympian God Illuminati Master of the Matrix so God like powers are bestowed upon you to the extent you have suffered Evil (been a Goyim) and fuelled by the suffering of UnterGoyim… The Service is automatic so you need do nothing just enjoy becoming a God in the Matrix with a cornucopia of the good things in life flooding you with God-like joy.

Upgrade X: $1000, with Certificate, limited to 12 only