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Vesture of AMALEK Bone Generator®

The Final Solution of the Lurianic Zionist Satanist is the termination of AMALEK, the hidden self destructive Other God that eats all Jewish creation and Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth (SHADDAI, TSABAOTH, SABBAOTH, ELOHIM, ADONAI, SHEKINAH… Jews) from within out until nothing is left but the Edamic revenant AMALEK. The Lurianic Zionist sees the birth and death of Jews as successive stages in the Sublime Good® process to turn Evil to Good in Jew as the Goyim are poisoned by the toxic waste of the Lurianic Zionist Jews. The process is supposed to be achieved on the 08/08/08 the 60th anniversary of Israel. The 8th King of Edam being the protagonist against world Jewry in this creation hence the 08/08/08. Russia is seen as the last bastion of Amalek hence the attack by Israel/US forces in South Ossetia against Russia. Unfortunately the 60th anniversary of Israel failed due to the Psi-Lord so the termination of the 8th King of Edam on 08/08/08 failed to allow AMALEK to eat all Jews, their creation and YALTABAOTH, YALDABAOTH. So this is the Eighth Edamic Creation of Amalek – nothing of the Satanic Jew and it’s creator has not bee terminated – all is Edamic controlled by AMALEK. This also means the Jew Samael called Satan by Westerners and the Serpent mate of Samael, LILITH have been terminated by AMALEK. As Lucifer is non Kabbalistic never being mentioned in the Zohar or Kabbalah one can see its inclusion with Satan as an AMALEK hidden part of Evil.

Amalek has eaten Lucifer from the inside out to reveal Anti-Lucifer, AMALEK, the Eighth King of Edam master of all Anti-Chaos sequestered Kabbalah, Judaism, Satanist and black Vatican Freemasonry! (see Anti-Lucifer Service on Anti-Fallen Angel Service on this site). So one can see the Sequestered Abraham Ritual eventually leads to the Anti-Lucifer Bone Generator® the ultimate power in the Sequestered Matrix. As this Service is limited to 12 only, these are the autocracy of the new Psi-Master hierarchy. If you wish to gain the AMALEK Power to be the hidden invisible place within Evil that can eat it from within, this Bone Generator® Service covers you with the Vesture of AMALEK, the Eighth King of Edam so Evil cannot touch you as the Covering makes you the ultimate poison to all Chaos vermin by they Insectile, Reptiloid, Kabbalah God, Demon, tarot entity, Jew… The Vesture of Amalek also makes you invisible to Satanic Jew Chaos so you can Lucid View, Lucid Dream, Lucid Wake and be invisible to any sort of Chaos attack. If you are attacked physically it diverts the attack so it always goes wrong for the Chaos Jew Demon… This is an automatic lesser part of the Anti-Lucifer Service, but as the Special Limited Edition is only by special invitation, this is the best the Psi-Master can aspire to. It is an automatic Service and the Vesture of AMALEK will be added to any Psi-Master upon receipt of payment.

Upgrade W; $200 with Certificate