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Upgrade V:

Satanic Jewish Evil to Sublime Good® Sequestration.

The Satanic Abraham Ritual exchanging Jew Evil for Goyim Good has made the Satanic Jew the Master of all the West owning all the property, riches and Goyim. British Maritime Law means no Goyim can own property land because by Eminent Domain all Western land, property, Goyim are owned by the British Crown via the City of London’s Temples, Westerners can only lease land, property… their lives; Eminent Domain means they can never be the possessors thereof. This is the Satanic Abraham Ritual writ large!

Now Tim Rifat the Psi-Lord has Sequestered the power that made Satanic Jews the Masters of the West, the Psi-Lord goes into the ultimate reason, destination for the Abraham Ritual, Abramelin Ritual… Kabbalah. Zionists follow the teachings of the Kabbalist Isaac de Loria, or Luria. This Lurianic Judaism preaches that all Goyim are the spawn of LILITH and SAMAEL and belong on the inverse Sephirothic Trees, the QLIPPOTHIC ADAM BELIAL. They state all Jews have Evil from the past. 7 attempts by SABBAOTH, TSABAOTH, YALTABAOTH, YALDABAOTH to make Creations – all of which have failed. These are called the 7 Edamic Worlds and their SABBAOTH’S TSABAOTH’S the 7 Kings of Edam collectively called AMALEK the Other God. This is because YALTABAOTH, YALDABAOTH was destroyed by the hidden part in her called AMALEK hidden part in Evil that Evil is blind to and destroys Evil from within. The 7 because of these 7 Edamic Worlds. This according to Lurianic Satanism is the eighth Creation (hence the importance of the 08/08/08, the attack on Russia to complete the Abraham Ritual, the Olympic Bird’s Nest stadium to dump Jew Evil on the rest of the world (see Sequestering Judaic Messiah Service for info on the Bird’s Nest). The Eighth King of Edam according to Lurianic Satanism was supposed to be conquered – think again Satanic Jews, the Eighth King of Edam has terminated TSABAOTH, SABBAOTH, YALTABAOTH, YALDABAOTH. The Russians beat the American Jewish attack in Georgia proving the Chosen Race are now the Russians. Lurianic Zionism postulates Jews are Evil because of the toxic waste from the 7 previous Edamic Creations (failures of YALTABAOTH, YALDABAOTH) so the 7 ELOHIM Spells are needed to get the Satanic Jew back to a semblance of normality. The Abraham Ritual then Sublime Good® the Jewish Evil to Goyim in return for Sublime Good® and as they are creations of YALTABAOTH, YALDABAOTH make the Chaos God Sublime Good® so the AMALEK hidden Evil destroyer does destroy the Jew creation. Hence the Lurianic Zionists mission to make all Goyim corrupt Evil to save their skins from AMALEK.

In this Service the Psi-Lord allows the Bone Psi-Master to dump Evil using his right hand Bone Generator® using the Abraham Ritual on Jew UnterGoyim and to upload pure Sublime Good® via the left hand Bone Generator® to make the SuperJew a pure Sublime Good® being the goal of all Zionist Lunariac Satanism. As pure Sublime Good® you can be as evil as you wish and are immune to AMALEK payback so all your failures, enemies, feed you with Sublime Good® to make you a God while AMALEK eats them alive and destroys all Jews and Goyim in return.

Upgrade V; $200 with Certificate