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Sequestering the Abraham Ritual change of name to dump all your Karma on UnterGoyim and get rich…

Abraham is the alias, later name of Abram who changed his name as part of the Satanic Abraham Ritual to dump all Evil on Goyim and get all their good. In this Bone Generator Service you simply put EH (the reverse of HE which was added to Abraham upon possession by SHADDAI when circumcised) on your name which rips off the Satanic SHEKINAH and its Insectile to make you a SuperJew in the Matrix so you have to get rich. All done by the Bone Generator®. You simply put your name on the computer screen 156x with an added EH to create it as Crystalware® on your computer an din your Bone Generators® to also make males virile and females beautiful and fecund as the Matrix has to obey its own core programming a simple do it yourself sex spell.

Upgrade U: $100 with Certificate