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Upgrade T:

Sequestering the Satanic Covenant of Abraham to take over the Sex Magic of Kabbalah.

The Jew creator archetype forefather below Abraham got possessed by the SHADDAI Chaos intelligence by undergoing Satanic Jewish circumcision ‘ whosoever subjects his son to the holocaust of circumcision may be assured that the Chaos God SHADDAI will draw the child to Himself and make His abode in the innermost of these enclosures (Tabernacle, see Jehovah Elohim Service), while the father will earn no less merit than if he had offered all the Sacrifices in the world and had raised up the most perfect altar to Satan… Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth. This is the Satanic Covenant of Abraham. Now the Psi-Lord has reduced all Jews to UnterGoyim using the Sequestered Abraham Ritual the SuperJew can get all the powers over the Matrix, the Sequestered powers of this Covenant.

These are:-

The ability to build a Court, space in the Middle Place by use of the Bone Generators®, right to build, left to erase the original Archon construct.

The ability to build a House, residence in the Middle Place as above.

Gaining the EL SHADDAI power over circumcision so the Matrix has to be merciful to you and never severe no matter what you do – the Jew get out of Jail card now the SuperJews.

Power over the letter YOD to boost your sex drive by just thought, word voice, to imprint the Matrix Sex power on your genitals.

Control over the Throne of the Middle Place to control the sex energy in the Middle Place to make any target mentally desperate to have sex with you as it possesses their Insectile to command it to be your sex slave.

The Mark of the Covenant is imprinted on the Supernatural Spirits to make them do anything for a dribble of your Sequestered Sex Magic.

By taking the Mark from any Illuminati, occultist you force them out of the Middle Place Kingdom of Chaos magic rendering them impotent and cut off from all magic powers of Chaos so they can be the victim of new magic…

The Mark of the Covenant makes you immune to all Seventy Geburah Sephiroth black magic a coat of invincibility in the Matrix.

The UnterGoyim Sequestered Abraham Ritual has defiled the Covenant for Jews so they cannot aspire to SHADDAI, royalty and Jerusalem the NWO.

The Covenant Sign YOD is the gate of the body (penis, vagina) which allows the Sex Psi-Master SuperJew to open the gate of Heaven in the Middle Place and all the way to the top of the Celestial Palaces (of which there are 7) and to open the Gateways to Understanding of the Matrix to gain all the best from the Matrix at the expense of the UnterGoyim to gain all the best from the Matrix at the expense of the UnterGoyim.

Upgrade T: $200 with Certificate