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Upgrade S:

Sequestering the False Chaos Light of SHADDAI.

The Chaos Evil of the Jew God SHADDAI Lord of all Zionists, Satanists… Freemasons and the Black Vatican, Church of England (Elizabeth 11)… Mormons… is composed of the trinity of false light colours explained in the Abraham Ritual but in the upper realms of Chaos, this light is called YHVH. As the Psi-Lord has terminated Tetragrammaton (see Terminating Tetragrammaton Service) this light is now black. In this Bone Generator┬« Service your right hand gets the power to broadcast the Anti-Chaos version of the JEHOVAH light of Chaos.

You can surround yourself with this light, the Glory of the King by spinning the light around you in a clockwise direction with your right hand Bone Generator®. This King Light makes all the Matrix vermin, UnterGoyim, Demons bow down to you so is useful to gain mastery over them.

The First Light projected by your right hand makes all their Remote Viewing is contracted to being fixed on a point far away they cannot perceive while their physical vision is obsessed with a far away idea they go mad trying to perceive but never can – this is the glamour of SHADDAI.

The Second Light is a bright luminous flash which blinds and renders all psychic sight erased and blinds the physical targets eyes to anything you clothe in this light so hiding it in the glare so it is ignored.
The White Light of Chaos Spirit makes your Tulpas and you appear as a God to the Target so is good for physical and Tulpa Control using religious obsession.

The Light of Mercy from which other lights emanate gives you and your Tulpas Sacred qualities and virtue in the Matrix, giving you power of the Divine Order and affects all Second Sight.

Upgrade S: $200 with Certificate