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Upgrade R:

Terminating Jew Power to get Rich and Powerful.

Since the Satanic male (female in reality( principle of SAMAEL the Judaic Satan archetype is the Archangel of BEURAH (Evil as Good) and the HOD of the infernal hierarchy of Kabbalah Gods (Evil as Evil), while YESOD of the infernal hierarchy is LILITH by latter Kabbalism, the SuperJew Psi-Lord has totally broken the Chaos Abraham Ritual. This is because the Red Line is YESOD to GEBURAH for Goyim and now UnterGoyim so sucking in LILITH who is transmogrified by the Red Line to GEBURAH (SAMUEL). But the SAMAEL to LILITH Service reversed this so the LILITH SAMAEL LILITH new red line iterates again and again destroying Chaos. Unfortunately for the Kabbalah SAMAEL is also the HOD of the infernal hierarchy. So the Green Line: HOD to CHOKMAH and hence onto KETHER (Red of HOD + Yellow of CHOKMAH = Green of KETHER) as circular force line is now linked to LILITH by the SAMAEL to LILITH Service and the GEBURAH SEPHIROTH of SAMAEL is the Evil as Good realm of BRIAH.

So the Red Line is now linked to the Green Line and pulled down to LILITH again and again so draining the Green Line that gives Jews their Sublime Good® wealth, power, sex, good times to the Red Line of the Goyim. This releases all the Sublime Good® wealth, power, sex, good times to the Psi-Lord and renders the Abraham Ritual real, Green Line, terminated to the Jews. This gives you the opportunity of the Century in purchasing all the past Green Line Sublime Good® the Jews enjoyed and retroactively dumping all Jews into Hell, Sheol. ABADDON then Omega Hell the Ultimate temporal Superweapon to turn all Jewish reality to Hell and all your reality to heaven as they pay the price. This is an automatic Service that as a Bone Generator® give you their stolen Sublime Good® from Goyim and they get the payback, blowback damnation they deserve!

Upgrade R: $200 with Certificate