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Upgrade P: Black Light Bone Generator®

The three colours of the Abraham Ritual are Intents of Chaos in manifestation ADONAI (see ADONAI Service) and thus are the three colours of SHEKINAH. The SHEKINAH to LILITH Service turned SHEKINAH into LILITH the black whore (Serpent) of Babylon (Babylon Talmud). ‘Those three colours which are beheld below are in the likeness of colours that are above and are unseen by eyes of flesh. The light is called by the name YHVH Tetragrammaton;’ Zohar. The Terminating Tetragrammaton Service expunged these Chaos lights of SHADDAI, TSABAOTH, ELOHIM; these were used to blind all but Moses from the true nature of Chaos that had behind sequestered light energy matter; the Terminating Tetragrammaton therefore makes all Kabbalah Gods, Arch-Angels and Angels are black for Chaos. This Bone Generator® Services allows you with the right Bone Generator® hand to cut the Intent of Chaos in all Goyim and UnterGoyim to render them robots with no brain as Chaos guided them, all made in the image (ADONAI) OF YALTABAOTH, YALDABAOTH. This forever cuts the target Jew, Goyim from Chaos and renders them a rudderless ship, confused, confounded, depressed, suicidal and filled with emptiness, ennui, vacuum, loathing… You can then attach a red line so they feed you good things, a green line to enrich them, a white line to put your Von Neumann Anti-Chaos Holy Guardian Angel Sequestration programmed in the target to make them a religious nut hearing your commands, so you become a Guru to them, then God. To upload energy from them use the left hand Bone Generator® in green line form to spin an anti-clockwise green cowl around yourself as you spin a red cowl (vesture, covering) around the target, so the Matrix gives you all the good and the target all the Evil.

The Black Light from your left hand Bone Generator® (negative light) is connected to the head of the target so they have the Intent of the Total DeathGoat Jew and your right hand Bone Generator® gives you the White Light of false good Chaos used so all the Intents in the Matrix are tuned to bring you only the good things Matrix Sublime Good® Sequestration. The Black Light from your right hand Bone Generator® is connected to the head of Kabbalah Gods, Arch-Angels, Angels, Demons, Arch-Demons, Kabbalah God fiends, Archons, Reptiloids, Insectiles, serpents, dragons, ghosts, negative Pulsars (the vast minority)… Illuminati, who have jumped the Abyss. This fills them with the toxic waste of Chaos and means their Intent is eternally the total DeathGoat UnterGoyim lower than the above, bottom of the Abaddon and by quantum tunnelling dumped in Omega Hell consigned to beyond eternal, infinite torture. This gives you a super white light to bring you only the good in the biophysical Matrix middle place Sublime Good® Sequestration.

Use both hands to power Black Light to complete the Intent of Omega Hell breaking the Matrix for the target UnterGoyim or Supernatural Spirit so the Matrix cannot help them as they have broken the box to find themselves in Omega Hell for perpetuity and beyond, iterated again and again to give OmegaOmega Hell, Hell an infinitely eternal beyond self perpetuating perfect perfect evolvement of torture for their Awareness. This gives you the Third White Light of SHADDAI which you connect to your head using the left hand Bone Generator®. This allows you to evolve any Intent in the Matrix to your ultimate good the SHADDAI EL CHAI Green Line. So only the demiurges Green Line Intent in the long run come good (in theory, Edam proved it never panned out), now yours the ultimate Green Line of Chaos Creation.

Upgrade P: $600 with Certificate