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Upgrade O: Sequester the Rothschild Illuminati power of the Abraham Ritual

As the Abraham Ritual can be repeated on the Goyim again and again: iterated, as long as you have a sacrifice for each repetition. So the Thirty Years War began the rise of the Rothschild’s to rapidly devolve the Goyim to the damned trapped in Abaddon held there by the Angel of Vindication Duma. This Upgrade allows you to do a Total Power Set of iterations of the Red-line of the Abraham Ritual on any Jew or Goyim to terminate them while still alive and guarantee their eternal damnation for all time. In return for every Total DeathGoat Jew you consign to eternal damnation in Abaddon tortured by Duma, you get a further Upgrade of your Rothschild Illuminati sequestered power to ascend the Jacob’s Ladder of Godhood to the higher levels of the Matrix as God over these higher levels BRIAH, you in effect become a living ArchAngel Michael with those powers in the real world Matrix as you damn your enemies. To use simply inject the Total Power Set Red-line into the target Jew, Goyim, spinning an anti-clockwise read thread around them to put them in an Abaddon Caul, inject a Duma Tulpa into them and draw out extended Godhood with the left hand Bone Generator┬«.

Upgrade O: $200 with Certificate