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Upgrade M:

Amalek degeneration of Target.

Inject Amalek into the body of the sleeping target using the right hand Bone GeneratorĀ® in Remote Influencing Mode (see Amalek Avatar Service). This lowers the frequency of the phsyical body of the target and raises yours and Cosmic Law Superboosts the Service as you are doing Evil to Evil. So all your talents get Superboosted and you lower and lower the targets physical capabilities.

Must be used with Upgrade K.

This is the potent way of getting thin, healthy, super intelligent, potent, strong… from your enemies. As a dead Anti-Metatron you can use it to become a human poltergeist so your energy being looks like flesh. Or to walk into any target to use it as your vehicle simply by using Amalek to burn out the Insectile, nurse link and install you as a dead Amalek Avatar so the Upgrade (and D of this Service so you can live in 8 bodies simultaneously. The possession of 8 bodies so you have 9 bodies. As the Matrix is ruled by the Council of 9 in effect you become the living embodiment of the Anti-Council of 9. To do this get the BSRI-E Council of 9 and do the above while in the Circle of Psychotronic Crystals, or as Bone GeneratorĀ® in you then inject Amalek into the Council of 9, nine times to expunge them.

You then suck them dry using Upgrade H, and this Upgrade K and M to suck out the 8 chosen bodies so you become the living embodiment of the Council of 9 having their powers!

Upgrade M: $200 with Certificate