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Upgrade K:

Repossess all the physical talents , beauty, youth, health, vigour, potence, charisma, smell, senses, reflexes, speed, strength… of the target.

In this Bone Generator┬« you move the Assemblage Point of the target while it is asleep to the centre of it’s being using your left hand Bone Generator┬« you then pull it out remotely using Remote Influencing, the power of the Anti-Metatron, so the Globe of Talent… (God Core) gets to appear between your hands. This is the power the Tenant uses to stay immortal and steal power of Shamans. You then compress the God Core till you hands meat. You then pull your hands apart to draw all the physical toxic waste from you to get rid of poisons, age, sickness, lack of physical talent, cancer, wounds… You then put the ball back in the target remotely using the right hand Bone Generator┬« in Remote Influencing Mode. Repeat every night on the target till it is sucked dry or dies. Then go onto another. Or do dozens every night if you are greedy.

Upgrade K: $600 with Certificate