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Upgrade K: The SuperJew as the new Abraham founder of his own Tribe of SuperJews (12 Only)

This Upgrade allows you to use the original Abraham Ritual now sequestered eternally by Psi-Lord Ltd to make your friends family the new 12th Tribe of SuperJews so that the Matrix has to put you in the position of the Rothschild Illuminati Cabal now deposed and Total DeathGoat Jews UnterGoyim in the Matrix and screaming in Hell (Sheol) and Omega Hell. Once you are one of the 13 Families of Illuminati SuperJews in the Matrix, the Matrix automatically has to push you to the top of the heap in the Matrix. It’s as simple as that so automatically your Family becomes the Illuminati SuperJew overmasters of the Matrix. The Gods, Olympians, Illuminated ones that control the Matrix.

Upgrade K; $200 with Certificate