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Upgrade J: Inverting the Abraham Ritual.

In this Upgrade Bone Generator® your Quantum Computing Engine inverts the Red of Gabriel to Green and left to right. Michael’s White is inverted to black and left and this Green of Raphael to Red as the process is reversed. This means that the arch black magician Abraham’s Ritual is retroactively inverted. So the strange matter TOHOU have been devolving since the Ritual. The Goyim are not the real Man but as Isaac de Loria (Luna) states, they are revenants of the Edomic Kings of failed Chaos creation and Lunan Kabbalah of the Zionists is correct but the Goyim toxic waste dump, where not to Sublime Good® for the Jews but for the SuperJews. The Jew as UnterGoyim impose the next generation magic of Psi-Lord Ltd by double Subliming magic using Sublime Good® Quantum Computing Engine Bone Generators® to produce Goyim UnterGoyim –> UnterGoyim UnterUnterGoyim –> Total DeathGoat Jews the Goyim and UnterGoyim becoming one the Total Edomic Kings Chaos Evil revenants of any belial Lurian Kabbalah. This perfects Isaac de Lania’s (Lunia) Kabbalah where all Goyim are the Evil Adam Belial as are the Jews only the SuperJews endure like Luria (Luria) wished to perfection. This Upgrade perfects you and makes a perfect SuperJew so all the Matrix must behave in a perfect manner to perfect your every whim and the Abraham Ritual sequestered at birth has done this for you! To use the Jews as UnterGoyim to perfect the SuperJew as Luria (Luria) stated in the Lurian Kabbalah. The SuperJew is the next generation Jew. The Master of next generation magic and the Matrix all perfected by the Jew for the SuperJew.

Upgrade J; $200 with Certificate