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Upgrade I: Terminating the Abraham Ritual

From the Time of Abraham onwards to retroactively make all the Chosen Race Satanic Jews and you return to your Man state from Goyim. This Bone Generator® Service uses the Terminating Tetragrammoton power to erase the Abraham Ritual so it never existed. This causes massive implosion of all the Chosen Race: Illuminati…. Jews back to Satanic Edomic damned whose only purpose is to suffer for all the failed creations of Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, the Edomic Worlds of Kabbalah. As all the Lurian Kabbalah of Zionists is based on Sublime Good® technology to download their Evil gained in previous Edomic failed creations as Goyim to use this to evolve, the process is not only terminated but all their Evil returns to them plus interest for the Evil they did to Man. This cutting of the Green, Red and White lines of power then implodes the Jewish Matrix ends Israel, Zion and the power of the Rothschilds. The Psi-Lord has carried out the Terminating Abraham Ritual and allows the SuperJew to join in the firesale of the Chosen Race of Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth with the only beneficiaries of the process being SuperJews.

As this is done retroactively so Jews never were the Chosen Race one can see why all the Jew creations fail and become the Edomic revenants, creations that have failed and all the creatures thereof are damned, intruders, the Total DeathGoat Jew screaming in Hell (Edam). As the Lunan Kabbalists (Zionists) believe the 8th King of Edam of this creation will be defeated, then spells total disaster for Zionism. This Bone Generator® is used with the right hand Bone Generator® to terminate the Abraham Ritual the left hand Bone Generator® to upload all the released Sublime Good® stolen by Jews and their Satanic Gods.

Upgrade I: $200 with Certificate