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Upgrade H:

You can take any talent from any dead Soul be it Michael Angelo, Titian, Mozard, Elvis, Tolkien, Nureyev, Pagannini, Hadini, Israel Regardie, Eliphas Levi, Abremelin the Jew… the list is endless. Metatrojn controls the dead so you simply call up the dead Soul with the left hand Bone Generator┬« Suck it dry with the left hand Bone Generator┬« and pump your toxic waste into the dead Spirit so the Supernatural Spirit gets lowered by your talentless frequencies from its higher frequency with respect to you. This tortures the Souls. Cosmic Law rewards you for doing Evil to Evil and Superboosts the Service for you all free of charge. So not only is it self charging but can be repeated again and again till the Soul implodes from your Evil.

Upgrade H, with Certificate $600