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Upgrade H: Getting rich with the Abraham Ritual

The Green Lines in the process of changing Evil of the Satanic Jew to good by transferring all Evil to the Goyim and taking all their good, an extreme form of Sublime Good® technology. This process is also the movement of Evil Satanic Jews from GEBURAH God) the place of Satan and up to Kether to be the Green Line that encircles the world. So the control of this process allows the Satanic Jew to be Master of the world. The Rothschild Satanic Jew prints money to carry out their process the Green banknotes downloading this ritual inot them to make them super rich and more importantly Gods in the Matrix from the power, Hyperinfinity, Agglutinising Force, Souls, lifeforce, sexual energy, Awareness of all the Goyim who use their Green banknotes, hence all US currency is green, the 100 Euro note is Green…. This Bone Generator® Service burns out the Rothschild control of the money supply and funnels it all to you so the Green banknote ritual goes to you to make you richer and richer. Simple as that and the Rothschilds did all the work.

Upgrade H: $200 with Certificate (can be bought seperately without other parts of Service)