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Upgrade G: Sequestering the Abraham Ritual Day on the 60th Anniversay of Israel Service:

(can be bought on its own) To ruin Jews and make Jew ruin Jew such as Madoff, Rubria… Netanyanku.

As the 60th year of Israel Zion is the completion of the Matrix the Abraham Ritual to devolve Man to Goyim and Satanic Jew to Gods of the Goyim (NWO) has to be completed in the 60th year. The date of this if we are following the US calender is 7/10/8. The seven stands for Goyim 7 Satanic poison injected into Man to make him Goyim (see Elohim Service), so this is the day all Westerners are broken to be slaves of the Jew; conversely read the Hebrew way we have the 8 of ELCAH VA DAATH, JEHOVAH (JHVH) VA DAATH the DAATH being the Chaos wormhole to bring in Total Evil (see Jew Tarot). This is the Tiphareth of the Divine World of Satan which is raised to EL CHESED of the Yaltabaoth realm value 2; 2+8=10 the middle date. This 2 aded to the 7 of the Goyim (negative in GEMATRIA) really -2-7=9 or the Evil as Evil ELOHIM GIBOR, the red line completed to totally damn the Goyim forever. The Jew Tiphoreth to CHESED in the God realm jumps the Abyss in the God Realm so a God Realm Magister Templar, Anti-Christ Jew can be made by the white line of the Abraham Ritual. The Psi-Lord has Sequestered the Ritual to make the Psi-Lord the Anti-Anti-Christ and the Jew UnterGoyim as the Goyim are fully processed.

This Service enables you to be a fully completed SuperJew God of Goyim and UnterGoyim.

Upgrade G: $200 with Certificate