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Upgrade F; Demiurge God of Magic: IPISSIMUS SuperJew

Psi-Lord Ltd controls all magic so for the super ambitious Psi-Master you can rent the status of IPISSIMUS so you have total use of all Kaballah, Necromananicon Satanism, Enochian Magic, OTO, Kenneth Grants’ Typhonian Satanism, Rosy Coss, Book of Thoth Tarot Magic, Goetia, Crowley Satanism, Gold Dawn Magic, King Soloman’s Grimoires (the Keys of…) as well as Chaos Magick (now Anti-Chaos), Abramelin the Jews Grimoire (partially exposited by Matheis), Fremasonic occultism… All at the highest level so you can use it as the God of Magix in the Matrix, the Stanists, Jews who carry out the ritual the toxic waste dumps consigned to Omega Hell. Simple to use as the protocols are the same as the Sequestering Judaic Kabbalist Satanic Magic Rites Bone Generators┬« which you also need as this has the access codes.

Upgrade F: Rental only $1000 per annum (subject to approval and annual increases), only available if you have D and E plus Sequestering Abraham Ritual.