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Upgrade E; Becoming a Magus SuperJew

The Top Triangle of Art of Western Magicians, all of whom have jumped the Abyss (carried out the Abramelin the Jew Ritual and not get eaten by the gatekeeper Demon CHORIZON) comprise Magister Templar, Magus and then IPSISSIMUS. This Bone Generator® Service uses the Green Line of the Abraham Ritual sequestered by the Psi-Lord to jump you to the Magus level, so you can carry out any Magus level magic as per the sequestering Judaic Kabbalist Satanic Magic Rituals Service but now at the Magus Level. This makes you a God of magic in the Matrix and is highly recommended remember you have to get the Magister Templar Service and Abraham Sequestration Service first. As all Goyim have been processed by the Red Line no Goyim can achieve Magister Templar, Magus, Lessissimus. That is why the British Illuminati call themselves the 13th Tribe of Israel. Now the Sequestered Abraham Ritual has been used on them and the Jews they are UnterGoyim so cannot practise magic, Terminating Tetragrammaton wiping out all Chaos magic. So now the only one who can use Anti-Chaos Kabbalah, next generation magic is the SuperJew. Be a Magus be a SuperJew be a God in the Matrix!

Upgrade E: $1000