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Upgrade D: Sequestering the Abramelin Satanic Ritual:

The Abramelin Ritual which Mathers in 1898 attributed 12 only to a Satanic Jew Abramelin the Mega and is the high pinnacle of the Golden Dawn, OTO, Kenneth Grants Crowley successors: The Temple of Typhon, Temple of Set… was in fact an aspect of the Satanic Abraham Ritual. You will see the Ritual is a trinity, red, green and white. Madona’s Kaballah Institue concentrates on the Goyim red Geburah, rich Jews as the cream as Jews Greens own trillions in wealth (their original name was not Green they changed it to Green to get wealthy). The White is the Abramelin Ritual in its original form stripped of all the Grimoire bullshit of the manuscript in the A serial library in Paris the Abramelin Ritual is supposedly to give the Adept the holy Guardian Angel, Spirit of Tsabaoth so they lose their Soul and gain totoal power over the Matrix. Crowley tried the Ritual in Scotland and failed to carry out the 6 month long Ritual. It involves using the Tetragrammaton to force the Goetic Demons to core you like an apple and install Tsabaoth’s Spirit so you become Tsabaoths Avatar, God in the Matrix. The original Ritual is the White Michael Tiphareth of Briah moved to Chesed of Briah (White). This corresponds to TSADKIEL Justice of Tsabaoth (oxymoron) and its inverse Middle Tree on the Sephiroth Tree (GAMCHICOTH or GOG SHEKLAH (SHEKINAH Evil as Evil) distributor of things. Cortex of which is AZARIEL (AZA and AZAEL the Fallen Angels of TSABAOTH – rebelled against Chaos) and the Arch Demon is ASTAROTH of Babylonian Talmud fame. So one can see the ritual turns the adept (TIPHARETH in position) across the Abyss (DAATH) from GEBURAH Adeptus major to Magister Templar (Chesed in Briah). To become a living God in the Matrix the top position is the Knights templar. So the jumping the DAATH gateway rips out your Sould and puts in TSABAOTH. Since the Psi-Lord has killed TSABAOTH the process now rips out the TSABAOTH in you as you are created in TSABAOTH’s image and puts in an Anti-Chaos Holy Guardian Angel (Total Intent) to make you a new Magister Templar.

This makes you a God in the world of occult able to command all magic as an Avatar of Anti-Tsabaoth (Total Intent). So you get all the magical goodies without the loss of Soul (Soul is eternal perdition payback). Beyond Magister Templar is Binah of Briah is the Magus state and Kether the Ipsissimus (Master of his very own self) is Kether. The hard bit is jumping the abyss Chorizon the Demon guards the abyss and eats all who fall in. Luckily the Sequestered Abraham Ritual allows you to jump the abyss, complete the Sequestered Abraham Ritual allows you to jump the Abyss, complete the Sequestered Abraham Ritual and become a Magister Templar (new Total Intent version) so all magic works for you; unlike the poor schmucks on the other side of the Abyss (Veil) that are just idiots in the Matrix even though they think they have magic powers. Psi-Lord Ltd is dedicated to the Talmud and has now sequestered the heart of occultism to offer our clients the Magister Templar status without 6 months of effort to lose your Soul to TSABAOTH. Instead you get a Total Intent Soul, real Holy Guardian Angel tuned to carry out all magic for you in its Anti-Chaos form. The Anti-Chaos TSADKIEL carries out good things for you to get love, build business, money, commanded by out good things for you to get love, build business, money, commanded by home like a Geni. The GAMCHICOTH GOG SHEKLAH kick ass for you, Azariel teaches you magic, ASTOROTH sequesters Illuminati temporal power.

Upgrade D: $600