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Upgrade C:

As red is the toxic waste dump of the Abraham Ritual the red cross, the red blood of Satanic sacrifice, the red of sacrificed bodies in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine feeds this Upgrade. All the dead sacrificed to the Abraham Ritual now feeding your Green Sequestration as mandated by Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth now giving you all the good from the Abraham Ritual. As Gabriel (YESOD) controls sex, this Upgrade allows you to suck dry the Jews and Goyim to pump yourself full of sexual energy to heal, de-age and be a potent lover. As it is raised to CHOKMAH, it gives you the ultimate male energy of the Matrix (JOD) power over the Matrix Tetragrammaton and power over the exchange of Evil for Good (JAH).

An automatic Service to boost your health, youth sexual prowess as well as libido.

Upgrade C: $200