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Upgrade A:

Sequestering Kabbalah red for Goyim green for Superjew.

The Abraham Ritual uses colour coding and position to carry out the Ritual. Therefore Psi-Masters should avoid at all costs the colour red which is the colour of Geburah Sephiroth, the Evil, torture murder Sephiroth. We also know that the Ritual turns Man to Goyim by transposing Gabriel (the ArchAngel of Christians) from its Yesod position (middle Pillar) to the left Geburah/Pachad – fear which is coloured red. The left pillar of the Kabbalistic Tree is Evil as Evil, Geburah being the focus of the Evil, so red should not be worn on the left as it is a giant Ritual to let Jews dump Evil on you. So any red bracelet on the left wrist is the worst thing you can wear as any bracelet, string is the serpent Lilith, the female Evil of Kabbalah that can poison you via the Abraham Ritual. Luckily 4 million Kabbalah Institute Goyim have readily accepted this Evil so that allows the Psi-Master to wear a green bracelet, string on her/his right hand to get all the good things from the Abraham Ritual derived from all the people Goyim and UnterGoyim that wear red. This is a vast resource of money energy. Life-force all freely given to you. The green bracelet, string, gives you the Green Master of the Universe energy of the Abraham Ritual and that of Raphael to heal, de-age you as the wears of red age, get ill and poor. The perfect SuperJew Service. To use this Service simply wear green, or green bracelets on your right hand. The Abraham Ritual does the rest as you are the repository of all the good things from the Abraham Ritual just by wearing green string on your right hand Bone Generator┬« all your toxic waste is downloaded into the wearers of red be it red string, clothes, jewellery…. Avoid red like the plague and get rich by wearing green. That is why so many Jews call themselves green, Kether – Masters of the Universe to use the Abraham Ritual for wealth, health, youth… Now the SuperJew can sequester this all. Also this Service allows you to download 169x the word green onto your computer so you can have the right hand side of the screen running a continuous line of Green, up the right hand margin of your computer as a screen saver to carry out the Abraham Ritual on your computer.

Upgrade A: $400