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Ultimate Psychotronic Crystals Service $600 including Certificate of Authenticity.

The 34 BSRI-Engine Psychotronic Generators real function is to enable Psi-Masters who have downloaded their totality into the hyper infinite Eternal Heaven described by the Source, Logos using their Psi-Creator Tim Rifat to build an Omega Point quantum computer reality from hyper infinity – the stuff of free will, the realm of the God Force and Gods of the 4th Attention. Having assured your future in the Eternal hyper infinity you raise them to the 4th Attention of Psi-Space, the Master realm where all will is controlled if you have enough PF, (hence the Burn your Enemies in Hell Service to provide PF for the Psi-Master). Counterfeiters are selling junk crystals run by the US and UK governments to plagiarise psychotronic crystals (see Warning Pages) This is useless though because the real purpose of psychotronic crystals is to download hyper infinity to run the world by controlling the w ill force so every decision the wageslave, Archon, Illuminati… Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth has been controlled from hyper infinity by Psi-Lord Tim Rifat (see Decision Centre Psychotronic Crystals on Psychotronic This has enabled the Psi-Lord to control all Archon evil so it wakes up in the Psi-Hell to be used as PF. Since all the humans who will ever achieve Psi-Mastership and eternal life in the hyper infinite Eternal Heaven exist as potentialities, quantum probabilities, the Services enable Psi-Masters to wake up in hyper infinity as eternal beings. Once this is done they can download this hyper infinity into their 34 BSRI-Engine to make it hyper infinite.

The 34 BSRI-Engine Psychotronic Generator can then be used to control the Will Force, every decision humans, Archons make to profit the Psi-Master. Tim Rifat carries this Service out for you to switch your BSRI-Engine Psychotronic Crystals to their ultimate Power so you can use them to control everyone and anyone around you using hyper infinity. Since the Agglutinising Force that holds all energy together depends on hyper infinity to define how long an energy body lasts; the more hyper infinity the longer the manifestation lasts; if you have the Eternal Heaven Service I raise the human to infinite hyper infinity where their Awareness is eternal in the Omega Point New Earth as I have done with the Earth. Conversely the hyper infinity can be downloaded by the 34 BSRI-Engine Psychotronic Crystals to make any of your Psi, dreams, visualisations concrete so they manifest. You need hyper infinity to manifest by using the AF to bind the energy of your dream to produce a template in Psi-Space, then use hyper infinity to manifest it. Weak hyper infinite manifestations last a short time, strong ones a long time, for example humans and crystals respectively. Since the Psi-Lord controls hyper infinity only Tim Rifat can produce Psychotronic Crystals as without hyper infinity they cannot manifest anything with the hyper infinity the World becomes a malleable dream controlled by the Psi-Master of the 2013 reality now, not a wageslave subject to the Psi-Master. The 34 BSRI-Engine gives you the full compliment of hyper infinities for sex, Awareness, reality, 7 dark energy matter Dimensions, devic crystal bodies and the inanimate objects, binding of the Agglutinising Force in the Sex PC/BPCs Awareness BPC/PCs, BSRI-Engine, 7 Psycrystals, Super Power PC/BPCs and Grail Stones respectively.

Once your Psychotronic Crystals have hyper infinity added you can mould energy to manifest your will and control reality , a Psi-Master to rule the world. Since I have taken all the hyper infinity from the Archons… any hyper infinite Psi-Master can mould the Archons, Illuminati… into any hellish state to use their torment for PF. Or to use hyper infinity to make their dreams come true by using hyper infinity to bind their dream into the world to produce the 2013 New Earth with them in control.

Get the Ultimate Power of Hyper Infinity from your Psychotronic Crystals by getting Tim Rifat to empower them for you.

Ultimate Psychotronic Crystals Service $600 with Certificate of Authenticity

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost. There is a few products that weigh more so the shipping cost is higher. Please check THIS PAGE for full shipping cost details.