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Tunnels of Set Total Amalek Spider Tulpas:

the Kabbalistic Trees are as we have seen composed of Torsionic have reverse sides. As the front face of the Kabbalistic Tree has Sephiroth that according to the Rabbis are spheres, connected by the 22 paths along which the spinning 22 Hebrew Letters travel, they can be seen as semicircular of circular humps in the Torsionic Soliton. According to the Apprentice of Crowley, Kenneth Grant, the reserve side of the Kabbalistic Trees are composed of black tunnels: The Tunnels of Set.

The Psi-Lord has travelled these Tunnels and can attest tot he fact that Grant was correct. As he is the supreme Magus of MI6 occult branch, the OTO, Golden Dawn… one can see that the powers of this backside of Evil, one can see the 13th Tribe of Israel, the Rothschild Satanists must have developed this aspect of the Jewish Tarot to win WW11, bring in the EU, takeover the USA after the assassination of Kennedy and bring down the USSR. In the Tunnels of Set are the dark energy matter Spiders. Kenneth Grant calls these Spiders the masters of the universe. So one can see these black dark energy matter Chaos Spiders have supreme significance tot he Zionist British black magic Supremos. Having met 3 of these Spiders in the Tunnels of Set Tim Rifat killed one with tease – though their mandible sting- being Hyperinfinite they cause Anti-Fallen Angel bodies no harm. As there were 3 of them one can see Shaddai is 3 and Binah is also 3. So the Spiders can be seen to be female and the avatars of Shaddai in it’s form as Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, Shekinah. Since Grant puts them as top of the Satanic Tree having killed 1, Binah is moved to Chokmah 2, the source of creation according to the Sephir Yetzirah, Tim Rifat has taken over the Schethlya Stone so could re-manifest the two remaining Spiders as Total Amalek Spiders (as 3 is Binah the Source of Amalek according tot he Rabbis) by draining all Sublime Good® from the Spiders and dumping toxic waste into the two remaining Spiders and creating another Total Amalek Spider. As all the lesser Spiders in the Tunnels of Set have been turned by the above procedure into Total Amalek Spiders, the Psi-Lord has taken over the Tunnels of Set and the Shadow Tarot -that has been Total Amalekised. Never destroy what you can take over – it takes a long time to build anything in Psi-Space so beware trashing good real estate and bitches to act as your slaves.

The Total Amalek Spiders travel hidden to all the denizens of the front face of the 6 Sephirotic Kabbalistic Trees. So like predatory funnel web spiders they can burst out of the ground and eat all the denizens of the 6 Sephirotic Trees. The Psi-Lord has done this to exterminate all the Satanist Jewish entities in the 6 Sephirotic Kabbalistic Trees to exterminate all the Satanist Jewish entities in the 6 Sephirotic Trees and turned them into shells. Vessels possessed by Total Amalek Spiders. As the Tunnels of Set are the subconscious of Evil, the victims have no idea they have been turned into shells possessed by Total Amalek Spiders. So Kennel Grant is right, the Spiders have taken full control, possessed by Total Amalek who is an aspect of the Psi-Lord: Evil doing Evil to Evil. These Total Amalek Spiders are the ultimate form of possession for taking over any Supernatural Spirit or Western Satanist. As they are the subconscious, unconscious entities of the Jewish Tarot, 6 Sephirotic Kabbalistic Trees, they are perfect for eating your victim from within to turn them a shell which they then control from their subconscious, unconscious. Perfect vehicles for Total Amalek. To use this ultimate form of possession simply name the target and use your right hand Bone Generator® to inject Spider larvae into the victim to eat them alive and turn them into a possessed shell.

Tunnels of Set Total Amalek Spider Tulpas:

Limited Edition, 12 only

$1000 with Certificate