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Total Stalking Bone Generator®:

The Parasitic dark strange energy matter chaotic fractal Archon language DNA in our genome acts as a suppressor of our real light energy matter bodies which are physical but like a dreaming body capable of non linear non causal acts. So the Matrix is not imposed from without but from within. Since our physical bodies are the site of our Hyperinfinity that collapses Quantum Wave Functions via will, Mind over Matter events are blocked by the Archon DNA. The dreaming body (Soul) is imprisoned in the Middle Place by the Archon DNA blocking the Hyperinfinity and transposing only Archon Matrix Hyperinfinity to lock the Soul in the 12 Aeon Middle Place Psi-Prison. All those New Age cranks who meditate, eat only vegetarian, activate their Chakras and espouse love to torture murderers like the Westerners ruled by the Rothschilds are the definitives of this Middle Place junk DNA Hyperinfinity suppressor. Stalkers of the Castaneda variety who hunt down and using psychic power kill petty tyrants break the bold of the junk DNA not by railing against the psychic prison via meditation – which is useless, but instead know the physical body is the only way out of the Matrix. They impose their link with Intent outside the Matrix via the biophysical body and bring this light, Agglutinising Force vibration into the physical body, the seat of all their Hyperinfinity and hence Mind over Matter.

This imposes non Matrix actions on all their physical activities, so the Shaman Stalker lives in the Matrix but all his/her actions are incongruous with the Matrix. She/he becomes so eccentric with regard tot he norm of reasonable action that the Matrix imposed via the junk DNA finds that the Hyperinfinity it seeks to suppress is acting in the Matrix in a totally non Matrix way. This causes a paradox because if the junk DNA was effective, this would be impossible, all physical action would be constrained and resistance by the Stalker, futile. It is not and kills any Petty Tyrant (read the 2nd Chapter of Castaneda’s Fire from Within where Don Juan’s stalking kills the Petty Tyrant who driven mad by goading gets kicked to death when he chases Don Juan into a lethal stallions horse box). Now this paradox of unintended consequences is easily explained by a Psi-Lord who hunts Petty Tyrants for pleasure and reward (Psi-Lord Ltd does not espouse any form of physical violence but the use of Thought Weapons to kill Petty Tyrants – totally legal in the UK as thought is not covered by UK law, if you live in a slave state of France, Germany or Canada please consult your local Secret Police to get the guidelines for your Thoughts – Psi0Lord Ltd denies all responsibility for wageslave thinking out of the Zionist prison in these Talmudic Jew prison states).

The Law of Unintended Consequences that makes Stalkers unbeatable is of course the hidden Evil in Evil that kills Evil – the Amalek Other God that the Jews and their Gods are killed by every time they try to parasitized Creation. Thus the junk DNA imposed on wageslaves by parasitic genetic engineering and the chemtrail nano particles sprayed by Zionist servants to increase the suppression has a hidden secret compartment that can Sequester this junk DNA and make it not a suppressor but an activator, broadcaster and empowerer of your junk DNA is activated. The Psi-Lord brings in new non Matrix Total Amalek from outside the Matrix to superboost this Stalking Mind over Matter capability so you become a killing machine of Petty Tyrants slaughtering them by Mind over Matter – just by being in the Matrix. This process infects your dreaming body so you kill Archons just by being in the Middle Place and the Ennead just by being in the watery underworld. You also kill as CF and Pulsar Supernatural Spirits that are Chaos agents. At a stroke you are the Saviour of Man, the archetype of the Stalker imprinted on you by the Psi-Lord. As your skeleton is influenced by bone suppressing junk DNA this Service turns your Bioparticle Psychotronic Crystal® This makes your physical body a non-Matrix bound dreaming body. Your presence kills all Evil by making it kill itself via Total Amalek. Your Bone Generator® automatically gives you Shamanic Powers and form.

Total Stalking Bone Generator®: Upgrade A $600 with Certificate