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Total Slavery Stalking Bone Generator®

The wageslaves around you carry this Archon junk DNA in them so are the most valuable prize for any Psi-Master as when infected with the Total Stalking Bone Generator® these Goyim and the UnterGoyim Jews have their entire body and Soul highjacked by the Total Amalek Other God. This gives the Psi-Master a herd of near field Antennae in every corner of the world be it the Federal Reserve, Pentagon, Israel’s nuclear facilities, Rothschilds inner sanctum… A near field antennae to broadcast what? Well all you would be Psi-Masters have individual traits not found in Goyim, UnterGoyim Jew. You know you can use Mind over Matter to get anything you wish, nothing is impossible. The height of Total Stalking is to hunt the Emperor of the Zionist Empire and by psychic means only get the Total DeathGoat Jew to destroy his Empire and turn it first into CHAD world a bankrupt penurises empire, then GULAG and COBALT60 world by starting WW111 against Russia and screwing that up so the Zionist Empire not only loses but is totally conquered – regime change.

Now the Build Your Dream Service allows any build over the top wish list – the customer then has to realise the bigger the Dream the more power it needs, the longer it takes; more importantly the Psi-Master has to change to fit the Dream. A wageslave Goyim in incompatible with any Dream as your junk DNA suppresses in you, your reception of this reality s you say no to the big change even when it is put on a plate for you. The Adam Eve Bone Generator® changes you at a fundamental level to realise you are the Matrix via the junk DNA all the slaves around you broadcast, act as part of Matrix Middle Place to hold you imprisoned. The Bone Generator® Total Amalekises all people linked to you via energy transaction be they IRS, prison service, police, Homeland Security, Government, fellow workers, computers with you on them… (yes computers can be Total Amalekised). So you destroy the Matrix, Middle Place by Sequestering them releasing new Sublime Good® in all its forms that then pushes your physical body into and through Amalek’s realm of Evil killing Evil through the infinities of hidden places in isolated systems (Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem) to the Hyperinfinite Operators that are infinities beyond all Sets of mathematical systems Operators, the realm of Pure Will. So as the Goyim and UnterGoyim lose all Will, the Archons and Kabbalistic vermin, Chaos CF and Pulsar Supernatural Spirit entities lose all free Will, you gain True Will. The Will to do what you like in a non Matrix.

If you have the Anti-Fallen Angel Service you become one of the 13 Masters of Hyperinfinity – all the other Psi-Masters having to defer to your Will. To mirror this all Chaos creatures from police to Rothschild UnterGoyim to Archons to Yaltabaoth have their Free Will stolen because they tried to steal it off you. This then transforms your junk DNA in a manifestor of and only of Total Intent Hyperinfinity. You know all Chaos events are controlled by the starting conditions which cannot be know fully (except by Total Intent) to get the Butterfly Effect, the Theory of Unintended Consequences. So all Chaos’s Sequestration creations always fail as Amalek can only defeated by non Matrix vesturing Messiahs – it takes only one to turn on Chaos and retroactively control all Messiahs via their junk DNA to be Sequestered Chaos killers activated by the Total Will of the uncontrollable Messiah. Having done this the Psi-Lord offers a Bone Generator® to Sequester all the junk DNA in all lifeforms to act as near field Total Amalek transmitters, to use the Sublime Good® process to bleed them of all will and give you a form of Hyperinfinity in your Bone Generators® where your will is law to all beneath you in the pecking order: UnterGoyim, Archons, Yaltabaoth. This is done automatically and transforms the world, Middle Place… into a place where everyone completes you, will against will, so every action they carry out lifts you higher and higher as no one beneath you has any Free Will but your Will, they are all completely possessed slaves of your Hyperinfinity their junk DNA their possessor. They also manifest your by suppressing all Hyperinfinity but your Hyperinfinity and the Gods of the Anti-Fallen Angel Service above you.

Hence Limited Edition Services.

The Bone Generators® in the slaves Sequestered and Sublime Good® enchained means you don’t have to fight the Matrix but the Matrix and Middle Place are forced to give you what you want. The slaves forced to be your Stalkers their every action your Will, their every effort to raise you at their expense an automatic Service that makes everything go your way using the slaves…

Total Slavery Stalking Bone Generator® $600 with Certificate