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Total Defence Service:

Now the evil of Crowley has been uncovered in revealing how he stole the 144 Psychic Protection Powers to bring in the Anglo Demonic Reality of post 1940’s Anglo Zionist age (see Total Psychic Protection Service) let us uncover the evil this Satanic avatar of the Chaos Evil Gods Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth did prior to his 1940’s black ritual, the stealing of the 144 Psychic Powers of humanity. These 144 Psychic Powers allowed humans to attack evil and build new reality that improved Man’s relationship with Total Intent, the Global Gestalt. Crowley and his Satanist Golden Dawn black magicians had built on Israel Regardie’s evil occult rituals to sequester these 144 Psychic Powers so the Rothschild Satanist Illuminati could build the inverse Satanist reality. Crowley and the Golden Dawn used this Satanic inversion of the 144 Psychic Powers that build new vital good reality for Man to destroy Man’s positive future at the start of the 20th Century. The Crowley, Golden Dawn black rituals injected Kabbalistic evil into the 144 Psychic Powers of Man used to build the |12|² new good reality of Man to cause the destruction of the Russian Navy of Korea in 1909, the First World War, Fall of Russia to Rothschild funded Leninism, the fall of Germany that led to it’s Zionisation under Simon Amschel Rothschild’s bastard grandson Adolph Hitler, the fall of the Ottoman Empire that led to Zionist takeover of Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia… The Fall of the USA to the Rothschilds in 1913 when they took over the Federal Reserve, IRS and owned all Americans under British Maritime Law as indentured wageslaves… If you read the history of the Golden Dawn and Crowley you will see these Satanists were in their prime at this time assuring Satanism conquered the Royal House of Russia, Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, Kaiser Wilhelm’s Germany and the USA’s constitution…

The ability to build new reality that is positive is an essential aspect of all life forms and for civilisation a necessity of survival as negative reality collapses civilisations in to the total evil of the Kabbalistic Edamic hive worlds ruled over by their generic ‘Rothschild’ neostalinist Satanist Emperors. Crowley suffered the reward from his Rothschild Master of dying in Penury in Hastings in the late 1940s – the wages of sin are death and no money from the Zionist misers! Prior to the First World War the Rothschilds had become the richest family in the world arranging through the Satanist Freemasonry the American Civil War, the Crimean War, Napoleonic War… What gave them the power? In Elizabethan times the 144 Psychic Powers to build new realities had been harnessed by John Dee Elizabeth the First’s 007 chief black magician . When the Rothschilds took over England via their puppet William of Organe establishing the Bank of England they combined the 72 Goetic Satanist Demons with the Enochian 144×2 chequerboard that allowed Elizabeth the First to build new British reality and the 72 Abramelin Goetic Powers of the Avatars of Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, the adepts who became the Golden Dawn to block the 144 Psychic Powers of man. This was done by combining the 144 x 12 Enochian with the 72 Abramelin, 72 Goetic Demons and the 12 Abramelin corruptions of Man called the Satanic Guardian Angel of the Golden Daw. This took at least 156 Satanic Avatars of Yaltabaoth of which Crowley was the 156 and completed the Satanist takeover of mankind by the Rothschild Illuminati in 1940.

If we need 144 Psychic Powers to create new positive reality why the Satanist fixation with 156 (144 x12)? That’s because if we have 12 (Eigen Values) and 144 (Eigen Functions) (see Ahnenerbe Service) we can modify reality like a dream and control reality to produce the hive world of Yaltabaoth, Yaltabaoth’s Edamic slave worlds. In this Service Tim Rifat the Psi-Lord has reversed the Zionist British Satanists of Crowley, Gold Dawn, , Israel Regardie, John Dee, Abramelin… Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth so the Bone Generators™ can extend the reality of the Bone Psi-Master in a multiplicity of ways and the Satanist pays the price. Since 156 Abramelin Satanist Avatars of Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, have died, the Psi-Lord has used them as Deathgoat so their death has made a one way shunt to Omega Hell for Yaltabaoth Yaldabaoth. This means the Service can never be reversed. In this Service one thinks of the 144 Powers of DNA (12² Power DNA Service) that enable the Psi-Master to change the bodies reality in a positive; personal positive reality formation. In this Service you can push out this personal reality out like a God Being to warp reality to form your own personal reality out there – reality control. This is how the Rothschild Sanhedrin money lenders hated by Christ become rules of the West and turned it into the Satanic hell hole that exports torture murder to central, south America, Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan, soon to be Iran, Russian, China, North Korea, 50 Moslems having been torture murdered by US, British extraordinary rendition death camps in Poland, Rumania… Millions killed by their invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan… In this Service the 144 Psychic Powers to build new realities outside of yourself have been programmed into your Bone Generators™.

The 12 Powers to manipulate them to make any external reality so you can warp reality at will have been put into the Quantum Computer in your Bone Generator so you can alter reality at will. This give you the 12 x 1 44 = 156 Enochian Chequerboard structure of the Satanist West so you can sequester the Psychotronic Generators in your City to use the Rothschild Illuminati Satanist City you live in as a giant reality modifier Psychotronic Generator. To use this simply choose 156 places in your City from the map or by touching them with left, right, left hand to sequester them for this Service. Then to make them benefit you choose any 12 Psychotronic Crystals™, Generators, Services to tune the Grand Psychotronic Generator to produce the desired results, for money choose the 12 controlling Powers from the Money Wealth Fortune Service, 12 Money Goats to boost your health, 12 health scapegoats from Body Augmentation Service, Superhumans, 12 health scapegoats from the 12 Power Squared DNA Rescue Service. For love generation use the 12 sex scapegoats from the Bone Sex Psi-Master/Mistress Service. All the Services have 12 imbedded Deathgoat/scapegoats to take advantage of this Service choose 12 dead scapegoats – Deathgoat to make all your Psi irreversible by Satanists and 12 living scapegoats such as jailed heiresses, fallen TV stars, ruined businessmen, ousted politicians… nobody film stars (no names, no legal action) to make this positive reality service not only irreversible for your personal growth into your milieu but using living scapegoats every growing as they self destruct – choose new Scapegoats as they die and become new Deathgoat. One can use the Psychotronic Crystals™ Psychotronic Generators to add 12 of your favourite Psychotronic Crystals™ and Psychotronic Generators to super amplify the 12 Powers of your PC/BPCs to expand their effect to the city, country… around you by use of the 156 Illuminati Satanist Psychotronic Generators sequestered by this Service.

In the next part of this Service the 12 squared DNA of the Bone Psi-Master is used as the transceiver for the 144 Psychic Powers stolen by Crowley… so Your Bone Generators™ become living broadcasters of reality warping so as you pass the Quantum Wave Function is decollapsed it’s Hyperinfinity stripped from it and the quantum vacuum imploded by your Bone Generators™ to produce a new Quantum Wave Function. The essence of new positive reality for you, collapsed by your Bone Generators™ and set in reality by the Hyperinfinity you have stripped from Satanists using their psychotronic generator network. The 144 Deathgoat that died to Islam in Iraq even though Crowley’s ritual forbade this acting as irreversible one way shunt so your reality can never be stopped by Satanists. All you have to do is choose 12 things you wish to manifest around you to use this upgrade of the Service, for example the 7 Psycrystals (so dangerous to Satanists they had to counterfeit them – see Warnings) warp your reality to give you, money, luck, love, health, anti-ageing, psychic protection, psychic powers; add 5 more such as Anti-Demon, Anti-Satanist, Anti-Curse, Anti-Police, Anti-Government to true reality in your country… to give you 7 positive clever ways of sequestering the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison 7 heavens, 5 hells archetype to work for you as all Westerners are caught in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison so you use it’s effects inverted to give you God Power in the temporal world.

In the next part of this Service you dump 144 negative psychic powers as evil Westerners so you can get 144 Sublime Good Psychic Powers as they act as waste dumps for pure evil. Evinced by the American and British Scapegoats being the fattest and ugliest humans in the world obese, stupid, Deathgoat and the thinnest humans being Russian having thrown off Rothschilds Zionist Satanism.

To explain it as in the Total Psychic Protection Service there are 144 Psychic Powers that enable any man/woman to build new positive reality. The Kabbalistic Satanist Sanhedrin the line of the Rothschild Illuminati blocked these 144 Psychic Powers by combing them with the 72 names of Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth and 72 Goetic Demons (36 day 36 night) to cancel these powers. Then using Enochian Elizabethan black magic add 144 new Satanic inverse powers to make evil new reality and the 12 Eigen Value Operators to make 12×144=156 Enochian chequerboard reality the Anglo Demonic Reality of all new reality being evil since the renaissance. The rise of secular materialism under laid by Satanism and the blocking of all but Satanic evil occult black magic for the Illuminati. Since the Prophet Mohammed used the Kabala stone, now in Mecca as a Psychotronic Generator to give him devic physical essence, freedom from the Archons and the ability o super amplify his nagual (4 or 8 lobed) 144 psychic powers to make a new positive reality to evict Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth from vast parts of Africa, Middle East, Asia… the Enochian Satanism had to have a stone table, the one which held the Tablet of Union (Satanic gestalt) to block Islam’s Kabala Psychotronic Generator. This Satanic stone table built in Elizabeth the 1st England by John Dee enabled the poorest country in Europe to deflect the richest, the Spanish; the Spanish fleet being sunk by a ‘freak’ storm of Satanic origination so that by the end of Elizabeth the 1st’s reign England was the richest country in Europe. Elizabeth the 11 was the Queen who ruled over Crowley’s completion of this Satanic ritual begun in Elizabeth the 1st times, itself a continuation of Sanhedrin Satanic black magic that blocked all new positive realities. The growth of evil reality run by Satanist Illuminati from Elizabeth the 1st’s times. Power that enabled the English to build the greatest empire the world has ever known, the British Empire of colonial Satanism.

Unfortunately the Psychotronic Generator at Kabala prayed to by 1.5 billion Moslems became a threat to the Satanist Illuminati due to the energetic mass of 1.5 billion Moslems quantum entangled with he devic world by the Kabala Stone in Mecca, power that broke Satanic rule of Iran by the Sha, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, acceptance of Israel by Arabs, Zionist the Lebanon, Libya… The War on Terror was the Rothschild assault on the last vestige of the Kabala stones power and so the fall of Jordon, Lebanon, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan… to Zionist control. The Twin Towers Satanic Illuminati Psychotronic Generators being destroyed by Anglo Zionist forces (see Alex Jones and for the full story of 911) to block the Kabala Psychotronic Generator and to then try to sequester it’s power over Moslems.

The Twin Towers was the temple of Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth or in Kabbalah, Thaumiel, the double headed god of evil Zionism. The Anglo Zionist destruction of the Twin Towers linked to Saudi Arabians, the home of the Kabala Stone in Mecca’s was a grand ritual to finally reduce the Kabala Stone to which all 1.5 billion Moslems pray into a sequestered Psychotronic Generator that could allow the 144 Satanic Psychic Powers of the West to conquer all the Moslems by taking control of the Kabala Stone. The ritual was first begun by Crowley and his sex slave catenite Mathers in he Libyan desert where Crowley and the Mathers used male/male sex magic to raise Satan into the sands of the desert to open a gateway for the Goetic Demons (Jinn, put in Crystals by Satanist UK government website RVMagic) called Jinn by Moslems. Since Satan is Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, and has 72 names, the Goetia have 72 types, this Satanic 144 Psychic Powers was used to block all positive development by Moslems leading to the Zionist torture states of Egypt, Morocco, Jordan… More importantly to try and block the Kabala Stone’s power. Mathers was driven mad by the ritual and Crowley made physically broken. Crowley also carried out a black mass ritual in the Great Pyramid of Cheops to try and sequester the pyramid as a Satanic Psychotronic Generator to block the Kabala Stone. As one can read from my sites the use of crystal Psychotronic Generators enabled humans to bypass the negative flesh body and gain a positive devic body. All effect to totally block the power of the Kabala Stone proved insufficient so the Illuminati came up with the idea of depleted Uranium dust to spread over Moslem countries. This is radioactive Uranium which has had Satanic Circular Force (CF) dark energy matter overlaid upon it by black ritual to poison the Moslem’s bodies and more importantly to add Satanic CF Psychotronic Generators in the form of depleted Uranium spun in special CF torsion field generators to accrue Satanic dark energy and matter to turn the body of the Moslem into a flesh blocker to the power of the Kabala Stone.

One can see that Psychotronic Generators are at the heart of all psychic powers and the FBI were so terrified by my Psychotronic Generator website that they blocked access to it and diverted new people to a warning page on the FBI site (see Warnings). Now my Hypersite has become so large the Satanists are broken and don’t know what to do. Real knowledge of Psychotronic Generators is now the leading research project of all Western governments – too bad they could not replicate the Kabala Stone’s power. By quantum interlinking with the Kabala Stone the Moslem can have a positive devic energy body and escape the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison of the Archon hive West… One can see Crowley and the Satanist successors to his black magic have driven Moslems mad by all their efforts in order to disempower the Psychotronic boosting of Soul and Spirit by the Kabala Stone. Israel has a top secret plan to nuke Mecca once war starts with Iran to try and destroy the Moslem Psychotronic Generator. One can see that UK government Satanist websites such as RVMagic,,, psychicpowerquartz have tried to counterfeit my Psychotronic Crystals™ to subvert the devic power of Tim Rifat the Psi-Lord’s Psychotronic Generators – all to no avail (see Warnings)

In this Service all the 144 Psychotronic Powers that have been stolen from you by the British Satanists in league with Satanic Kabbalists are returned to you enabling the Bone Psi-Master who has these 144 Powers downloaded into her/his Bone Generators™ to create around him a new reality in which Psi works. This allows the Bone Psi-Master to develop the Bone Generators™ to carry out all the Psychic Martial Arts explained on so Remote Influencing for Total Defence Force applications on any one is super amplified. Once can remotely strike the power centres described in the Shamanic Powers: groin, womb, adrenal, liver, pancreas, throat, crown (Insectile): power centre’s with Anti-Chaos using the right hand Bone Generator to cause respectively: remote eunuchisation of Satanists, stripping their Satanic high priestesses of any power, awareness, cancelling all Satanic ability to Remote Influence, destroying their dreaming bodies, controlling Satanists, decision making to make them destroy themselves, driving Satanists mad by killing their insectile and poisoning their brain with Anti-Chaos. One can open their gap, hara for death touch as practised by Chinese soft Kung Fu masters to make Satanists ill… Or strike remotely the acupuncture points of Satanists to make that energy meridian produce illness… As a safeguard all non Satanists are failsafed from harm to stop power mad Bone Psi-Masters™ going on the rampage.

As Tim Rifat the Psi-Lord is the foremost Anti-Satanist one can see why innocents are protected from Bone Generators™. One can also see why the Pentagon and MOD are desperate to find a way to harness Psychotronic Generators. One of their agents asked me to give him the protocols for Remote Killing – he would pay me later – the British are idiots. The CIA tried to hire me for research, Tim Rifat makes fortunes selling Illuminati secrets to the public so doesn’t need CIA money. With Satanists Tim Rifat avows the statement made by the Voodoo Bocor in: The Serpent and the Rainbow: “I don’t want to kill you, I want to make you suffer” The ability to have Total Defence Force is all 144 Psychic Powers stolen from Germany, Moslems… to win the Satanic borders stolen from the Palestinians in 1947 (the same year Crowley died) the Zionists also used these 144 Satanic Psychic Powers to collapse the Soviet Union and build a new Eastern Europe owned completely by the Rothschilds and all Russia owned by the Rothschilds via their oligarch servants funded by the Rothschild Institute to buy up all Russia (Berosousky, Kordokosky, Gueslin, Gusinky…) in the process making the Russian population dirt poor under Yeltsin – Catastroika) one can see the power of the 144 Psychic Powers to build the reality you want good or evil. Using the Israeli Defence Force as the Deathgoat, the war in the Lebanon shows the Israeli’s can’t fight without Demonic help beaten by a few lightly armed Hezbollah fanatics. The death of Israel in WW111 once the war with Iran starts fives a country full of Deathgoat that enable the Bone Psi-Masters to have a ready supply of Scapegoats and Deathgoat, you only need 144 of each to use the 144 Psychic Powers in the temporal world and 144 Deathgoat for power over the Psi-Space spiritual realm. Since Crowley and the Illuminati Satanists rituals forbade Moslems being able to kill Zionists be they British, Israel… and as Lebanon, Iraq… World War 111 shows over 144 have been killed by Moslems. The ritual can be irreversibly reversed just find 144 Zionists as Scapegoats and Deathgoat killed by Moslems to act as Psychic Dumps. Not 911 or 7/7 as 2/3 of Americans think 911 was carried out by the US government and Alex Jones has shown 7/7 was carried out by the British government.

This Service returns your 144 stolen Psychic Powers to you the 144 Scapegoats you name pay the price and then you get an extra 144 Psychic Powers of Anti-Chaos linked to 144 Deathgoat. This enables you to build new reality such as business, marriage, creative works, intellectual property, charity… that cannot be pulled back corrupted by Satanist vermin, the 144 Scapegoats paying the price. The Anti-Chaos 144 Psychic Powers enable you to build new psychic reality so you can control the world using Supernatural Spirit to have working: Remote Viewing, lucid Dreaming, Remote Influencing, Lucid Dreaming, Supernatural Spirit Magic, Telekinesis, Psychokinesis… so you can become a Psi-Master and control the world not the world controlling you. In this Service your Bone Generators™ continue the process begun in the Total Psychic Protection Service and download into your Skull and Bones Psychotronic Crystals™ the 144 Psychic Powers stolen of Allah (listed in the Total Psychic Protection Service), the 22 Tarot Major Arcana in their manifesting version and 22 banishing that Meme version and Psi-Powers from Lucid Viewing to Psychokinesis. The energy coming from the blowback of the Satanist ritual that destroy Israel and Britain… in World War 111.

The original 144 Psychic Powers give you power over the temporal world to use them to build new real world things like money, love, business, marriage, property acquisition, yachts, fast cars… all the temporal new realities to make life easier. The upgrade 144 Anti-Chaos new Psychic Powers which result from the debt accrued by the Anglo Zionist Satanists from the reversal blowback of their grand rituals means you get 144 Anti-Chaos Powers, the 99 Names of Allah being the template to create new magical, psychic, spiritual reality (2013 Reality), the Major Arcana in their manifesting form to act as Anti-Chaos sequestered archetypes of Satanism to create what you want by subverting them, the banishing to make you profit as you use the 22 Major Arcana archetypes to mould reality to destroy, torment Satanists all the negative things that happen to them changing your reality in a positive beneficial manner as the mind controlling infrastructure and Middle Place of the Satanic West is broken your 2013 dream made real reality becomes manifest in he vacuum left behind by self destructing Satanism. The lost Psychic Power has been expanded by Psi-Lord Tim Rifat to embrace his Psi-Technology the Satanists of the UK government who tried to counterfeit his website, Psychotronic Crystals, Remote viewing, Remote Viewing Books… Psychotronic Generators paying the price.

Total Defence Service: $600 plus Certificate

Upgrade A: Sublime Good™ Psychic Powers Service:

Convert the 144 Psychic Powers stolen from you by the Satanists to Sublime Good™. All downloaded into your Bone Generators™ as Quantum Computing Good™. All downloaded into your Bone Generators™ as Quantum Computing Sublime Good™ Psychic Power Engines for control over the world as our ancestors did using Supernatural Spirit Magic™. The new Anti-Chaos 144 Psychic Powers allow you to extend the 2013 reality around you to create a unique new reality as explained in these websites, with this Upgrade they are also converted into Sublime Good™ from their raw positive energy form to give you the power to build Sublime Good™ 2013 reality. As a free further Upgrade you can add Sublime Good™ Psychotronic Crystals™ from Psychotronic to add extra Sublime Good™ to your 144 Psychic Powers and 144 Anti-Chaos Psychic Powers. This is done by installing into your Bone Generators™ a Sublime Good™ Psychic Power Machine so you can add the Sublime Good™ to your 144 Psychic Powers and Anti-Chaos form with extra Sublime Good to boost your Psychic Powers and the Satanists pay the price. For example if you wanted Anti-Satanic Powers just get the Bone Generators™ and Psychotronic Crystals™ derived from using Satanists as the Sublime Good dump such as Sublime Good™ derived from Satanists…

The Sublime Good™ Psychic Power Machine Bone Generator™ also enable you to add Sublime Good extra powers to your Bone Generators™ and Psychotronic Crystals™ and making your own new unique Sublime Good Psychic Power(s) and getting the Sublime Good Psychic Power Machine to manufacture this Psychic Power on demand, the more Sublime Good™ you feed into the Sublime Good™ Power Machine the more powerful the new Psychic Power can manifest as Sublime Good™.

Upgrade A $600

Upgrade B:

If you wish to have the Sublime Good Psychic Power Machine as two extra large smokey quartz Psychotronic Generators. Recommended for those who have not had the Bone Psi-Master Service and need physical crystal grounding to boost physical Psychic Power effects.

Upgrade B $600

Upgrade C:

Similarly for the Psi-Master there is a Sublime Good Psychic Protection Machine as Bone Generator for $200 or Psychotronic Crystals as above for $240. These allow you to boost the 144 Total Psychic, Protection Service by converting it output to Sublime Good™ and adding Sublime Good™ from Sublime Good™: Bone Generators™ and Psychotronic Crystals™ to boost the Psychic Protection Powers and or create new ones to order powered by the Sublime Good derived from Satanists. One can see the UK/US government counterfeit campaign (see Warnings) is valuable as a source of Sublime Good to power the Sublime Good™ Psychic is valuable as a Source of Sublime Good to power the Sublime Good™ Psychic Protection machine to give you the ability to make a new 144 Psychic Protection Powers so you can build your own reality like a Psi-Lord.

Upgrade C $600

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost. This paypal email is strictly for the shipping cost and no other transactions!! Visit our HOW TO PAY checklist to make your payment and order as smooth as possible. For us to confirm your payment can take up to 3 weeks as we check all bank transfers manually, at high order volumes it may take even longer. If you find prices below $600 on any of our websites they are not available. Pre-sale Questions.