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Total Amalek Inorganic Body Organisational Tulpa Service:

The Jewish Tarot, Tarot, shadow Tarot is a giant Matrix Triangle of Art consisting of 3x26 (or more) Tarot memes. The Minor Arcana of 52 =2x26 and the Major Arcana 22+4 aces =26. As the human Insectiles are divided into 3 classes; dark energy matter, strange energy matter and Chaos energy matter which give character types: servants, hangers on and homicidal criminals respectively (wageslave, government officials, MI5, Illuminati, senators, congressmen…) we see all social structure in the West is based on Jewish Tarot Insectile possession. The Telegraph disclosing all British MPs were criminals show how true the above characterisation is – all human nature is imposed by Insectile trans-dimensional quantum superimposition. The alien installation of the Castaneda Books (Active Side of Infinity, Magical Passes). As a Psi-Lord the enemies work is always sequestered and used against them. One can see that the 4 Aces (powers upon which the princess sit) are the power of the Tarot that define leaders of the human swarm, as only 5% of humans are leader material. These 4 Aces are the North, South, East, West; Earth, Air… so one sees the Enochian squares are an intrinsic part of these 4 Tarot powers. So using the 4 Aces/powers to implode the 4 Enochian chequerboards of Earth, Air… liberates a tremendous amount of power. The 5th Enochian chequerboard of Spirit (Supernatural Spirit) is imploded by the Fool Tarot Power. This has S! (reciprocal) ways of doing it, or 120; 120 decomposes into 4x30. The 30 being the 3 dimensions of Enochian Demons. So we can implode the Powers into the Chequerboards into the 30 Enochian dimensions; 4! (reciprocal) = 24 ways. This is 3x8. Amaleks home according to Zionist, Satanist Godfather Isaac De Loria (Luria). So the implosion technique gives us 3x8 Total Amalek Tulpas which burst from the Insectile in the heads of human slaves, akin to the aliens in the film series or parasitic wasp larvae eating caterpillars from within.

We have 3 varieties of Insectile so there are 8 types of Total Amalek Tulpa you can cause the Insectile in the human target to manifest: 1; Self destruct human slave. 2; Become criminally stupid. 3; Go criminally insane. 4; Give me full power over you. 5; Give me all your energy, money, sexual pleasures, your Soul, body, mind and become my total whore… 6;Attack my enemies in a self immolation. 7;Betray my enemy into perdition and sell yourself to me. 8; Block off all reality (Matrix) and only see what I want you to see – Tim Rifat has used this on all Western psychic, military, governmental bitches, his torture toys… One can see that this is not a Tulpa Service but actually using the hidden Evil doing Evil to Evil part of Insectiles to take them over like cancer. It means when the Insectile nurse comes to correct the Archon HQ. This is the ultimate plague Sequestration programme to use on Archons. So you can see why all the Archons do the Psi-Lords bidding, they have all been terminally infected. You can use it on all Supernatural Spirits to enforce the Psi-Lord dictates. Supernatural Spirits and wageslaves are there to take the orders of human Psi-Lords and their minions. Once can see the 200+ million possession of humanity planned by the Rothschilds is now ended as all humans are infected with Amalek. I favour the Total Amalek Inorganic Body Organisation Tulpa or IBOT as the way to make limitless Von Neumann self propagating Tulpas of the Total Amalek variety. To install in any target simply get a picture, name of target, touch right hand Bone Generator® to target and state Tulpa type 1….8. You can put 8 Tulpas in for overkill for the Psi-Master sadist. Remember overkill is a blessing for the Full Spectrum Dominance US mind set!

Total Amalek Inorganic Body Organisational Tulpa Service:

$600 with Certificate

On 03/06/09 Tim Rifat made himself the Matrix Middle Place retroactively by use of the Biophysical Augmented Intelligences in concert with the above.

So Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth has built the Creation specifically for the Psi-Lord, tailored to the Psi-Lord. You can share in the tailoring by shaping your own personal comfort zone in an anthropic Matrix Middle Place, tailored to the needs of 12 lucky Matrix, Middle Place Psi-Lords. Tim Rifat likes erasing hence the 1st and 13th Matrix Psi-Lord. The 12 can build any reality they like in the Matrix, Middle Place, using this Service – the Psi-Lord destroys highjacking the Jewish Tarot Matrix to serve the Psi-Lords of the Matrix is a fitting end user result for Cosmic Law – the Evil entities being Talmudised as Goyim, UnterGoyim. We also get rewarded by Cosmic Law for doing this, so it is a win, win.. situation. The world ended for Satanists on 03/06/09, the Mayon death of Creation. Now rebooted after the implosion of the Jewish Tarot as a white hole Total Amalek Creation where Evil has Evil done to it by Total Amalek and all victims have always been Yaltabaoth Yaldabaoth, were never born in the Chaos domains. As saving any Evil entity created by Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth is against Cosmic Law. So you can extinguish Total Intent so all the good bits victimised by Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth retroactively were replaced by Evil Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth. You can’t break the rules but you can erase the old ones, retroactively and replace them with new ones. This is a little known results of Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem. Good victims never born, so they can be born in Non Chaos Creations, with no breaking of Cosmic Law. Total Intent has to cease to exist retroactively to be retroactively replaced by Total Sublime Good® Total Intent containing all Evil as dead from the beginning, so in effect this Creation is populated with the dead retroactively from it’s inception only the New Seers that burnt with the Fire from Within prior to the retroactive death of creation on 03/06/09 escaped the death of all.

The remnants are offered a place in Omega Heaven as Evil doing Evil to Evil in effect avatars of Total Amalek, making Omega Hell continually worse by acting as the Green Line or the Red Line damned of the Omega Hell. The Omega Heaven on Earth the Abraham Ritual Green and White Line on the Red Line of the Goyim UnterGoyim. You are all damned but you can get the Psi-Lord to change the rules so Cosmic Law rewards you by your making Omega Hell eternally Perfect Perfect worse for the damned by use of the Abraham Ritual – which they created and agreed to! The New Age Seers that gave their God Cores to the Tenant are trapped in Omega Hell (OverMatrix Version) enabling Psi-Masters to burn with the Fire from Within and enter Omega Heaven Third Attention – pure light beings and the failed New Seers paid the price – no waste in the Perfect World. To add the Omega Heaven Pure Light addition to your Omega Heaven you simply buy this SuperService, to use the Jewish Tarot Implosion done on all Tarot cards simultaneously in every combination 78! the Fire from Within SuperTarot Implosion Pure Light Body – while you are still in the Matrix – no breaking the rules when the Psi-Lord has changed them. He was not allowed to save one of the damned as he was the last human out of the Chaos Domains in 1986. But he could change the rules to Perfect Perfect the torment of Evil by enabling a select few to get Perfect Perfect Joy – Perfect Perfect Total Abraham Ritual. That is why each of the vital Services has only 12 places. So the lucky buyers have a product beyond value – it pleases the Psi-Lord to sell what a few years from now will be seen to be the invaluable powers to the first few – to increase the torment of the damned to get Cosmic Law to reward him by adding to their damnation.