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The Bone Generator Service:

The entire Western world built on the Serpent Cult of ancient Babylon evolved and synergised with the worship of Set by the black magicians of Egypt and built upon real scientific knowledge of Chaos evil from previous civilisations called Atlantis, Lemuria… Martian hegonomany, is all around the people in the West but they do not see it as they are dumb, deaf and blind to anything of import and terminally stupid by design. Psi-Lord Ltd caters to the cognoscenti, the free thinking, intelligent rebels who do not believe anything, the Anglo Zionist authorities purport to be truth but is in fact disinformation. Unlike all other so called experts on the internet, in fact Anglo Zionist Satanic conmen such as,,, (see Warnings) Psi-Lord gives you the truth because we do not have any links, connections with Western Satanic Illuminati. To this end we are now going to describe what the West really is.

All the West is built on British Maritime Law called the Uniform Commercial Code by the US Court System. US Code Title 18B7 states British Maritime Law applies to the high seas, American ships, the USA and all its dominions be they Iraq, Afghanistan, Costa Rica, Canada, Mexico… The USA flag has to have a gold fringe on all US carts because they sit under British maritime law. All North American citizens are cattle of the British Crown and their parents are the informant on the birth certificates of North American babies of to inform the British Crown that new property (babies) have been issued to the British Crown. What this means is that North Americans, the Amero cattle of NAFTA are the property, slaves of the British Crown. A bench in US court is Maritime Law denotes the bank or slave black valuation, judgement on the slave (see Tales from the Time Loop by David Icke, pages 63 and 64). British Maritime Law is directed from the City of London, the preserve of the Rothschild Illuminati owners of the West.

Such a sophisticated thing as ownership of the USA, the commonwealth, the Middle East (formerly British) and the UK by British Maritime Law (BML) that makes all people and land property of the British Crown may seem strange to a wageslave but the Psi-Master tutored by Psi-Lord Ltd will be taken step by step through what really is gone on.

Hyperinfinity the mathematical operator that collapses the Quantum Wave Function to manifest or vice versa is stored and used in the skeleton. Hence Psi-Lord Ltd has ownership of Bone Generators™ and Bone Generator™ applications of all Hyperinfinity usage. This gives Tim Rifat the Psi-Lord Full Spectrum Dominance of all reality as Hyperinfinity is the basis of what becomes reality (see Anti-Fallen Angel Service). The Bone Generators™ control all Hyperinfinity at source, the bones past, present and future that are the reservoirs of Hyperinfinity in higher animals. By controlling Hyperinfinity the Psi-Lord decides what is and is not. One can see why dark energy matter Supernatural Spirit of the evil and not so evil variety cultivate human cattle to grow the Hyperinfinity and have leached out of them till they die, their bones being used to make Satanic Spirit by cremation of the buried bones used for necromantic black magic as seen in Cenotaphs, Obelisks, Churches, Masonic Temples… pyramids. Now Hyperinfinity is the mathematical operator that as an aspect in free will a Satanic contract called British Maritime Law that from birth to eternal perdition has sold your Hyperinfinity…. Awareness to evil. This is embodied in the birth certificate where the information on your birth certificate tells your owners, the Illuminati that new property, you, has been born. School, Courts, and authority are there not only to reinforce this giving of your free will to Illuminati but to train your Awareness for your Souls after life in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison. Your Hyperinfinity is bled off you by the parasites and download into local churches via Obelisks and Cenotaphs and the subverted ley line system, Hyperinfinity channels in the Earths outer surface. One finds British Maritime Law gives ownership of USA, Commonwealth… Australia, New Zealand to the City of London, the domain of the Rothschild Illuminati. This is the headquarters of the Knights Templar Church of Satan – Crown Temple of the City.

The Knights Templar are the Christian version of the Greater Brethren of the Judaic Illuminati Satanism destroyed in Malta by the Vatican but transplanted to Britain and Scotland to continue the takeover of Christianity to Judaic Satanism. The Crown Temple controls all Western bar associations so controls the Law, the imposed will of Judaic Satanism on the cattle of the Zionist Empire. All financial affairs are subservient to the Crown Temple be they the Federal Reserve, Bank of England, or IMF. The Crown Temple has to channel the Hyperinfinity into the squares of the Archon Chequerboard to manifest the Archon Middle Place as the Anglo Demonic Reality. This is done by the four inner Crown Temples in the City: Inner Temple, Middle Temple, Lincoln’s and Gray’s Inne, the Queen being an automatic member of the temples. The Temples are for manifesting the Anglo Demonic Reality and Middle Place (Middle Temple) and for feeding Archons and other vermin. By use of Gray’s Inn… The robbing of the rich in Hyperinfinity cattle giving it to the poor in Hyperinfinity Archons and giving the cattle ad debt of negative Hyperinfinity by making them crave things from the Anglo Zionist Reality like mansions, models, Ferraris, fame, fortune – things they can never have, carried out by the Robin Hoods of Lincoln’s (Green) Inn enables the City to export toxic waste of negative Hyperinfinity to the Zionist zombie so even after death they are paying off the interest on their Hyperinfinity debt. The same process is seen in the toxic waste of derivatives, sub prime vehicles… which are the same thing, Hyperinfinity debt machines to enable the Archons to take much more Hyperinfinity from humans than they can give in a lifetime so their Souls have to suffer eternally to pay off the debt of Hyperinfinity imposed on the zombie in life by the Illuminati.

The Crown Temple of the City is not part of they UK which was given to the Vatican by King John on May 15th 1213. The Crown Temple rules the UK for the Vatican which is the repository, centre of a vortex as the Churches worldwide direct their Hyperinfinity to the Vatican. The Hyperinfinity is then directed to a huge Triangle of Art defined by the three obelisks of: Piazza Del Populo, Pantheon, St Peters Obelisk in Sacred Cross Piazza to make the Demon that is the Anglo Demonic Reality. In this triangle of art in the: Star Fortress, Castel Saint Angelo, the centre of the Hyperinfinity process that is celestially linked to the Triangle of Art formed by Pleiades and Orion and the inverted cross of Satan, stars seen from the Popes ritual place where he stands at 6.00pm on 25th December. One can see that the Vatican Church is a big con to get all the Christians worldwide to willingly give their Hyperinfinity to invoke the Anglo Demonic Reality by a huge Triangle of Art in Rome linked by the Star Fortress in the middle to celestial Luciferic Triangle of Art and inverted cross of Satanism to make the higher Matrices of the Matrix, Over Matrix and the Archon hell realms. All done by leaching Hyperinfinity of zombie human cattle. The celestial Triangle of Art points down tot he Star Fortress to manifest the out of this world Demons onto the Rome Triangle of Art that points to the Pope who embodies the Archon Demon in human form. The Satanic inverted cross is aligned to the left (left hand path of Satan) to re-align human cattle with the Circular Force axis of dark matter to block out the Pulsar aspect of the dark matter that is the key to psychic powers. One can see this as the Celestial Satanic Engine to turn the magical world, mechanistic while leaching you of all your Hyperinfinity and possessing you with the Demons of Satanism that render you into cattle.

The Illuminati are the Sanhedrin, Jerusalem Temple money lenders that Christ threw out of the Temple. They did their money lending in the Temple as the poor Jews who gave them credence were lent money on sacred ground thus cutting themselves off from Rabbinical purity, the Sanhedrin demanding interest, they failed to tell their borrowers that not only interest but Hyperinfinity. Giving free will to do something in exchange for something you don’t have…. barter. The Sanhedrin Judaic Satanists knew this and expanded their Gram Temple (worshipping Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth) to all Jews by killing Christ. Then the Knights Templar the Christian proponents of Judaic Satanism based on the Key of Solomon spread this secret theft of Hyperinfinity to Christendom. They were called at Malta but under the Rothschilds in Britain spread so in the 1960’s the entire Vatican was taken over by Judaic Satanism under Vatican 11. The monuments built in Rome were built by Freemasons such as P2, bodies completely controlled by the Illuminati Satanists as well as the Jewish Cardinals that infiltrated the Vatican.

It will be a horror to the Illuminati to see that their Hyperinfinity pipeline, acquisition Satanic Engine is made public. From the Anti-Fallen Angel Service one can see Hyperinfinity is the body of angels. It is also the legacy of humans that could be raised above Angels hence Lucifer to test the humans to destruction – the survivors became Psi-matter bodies. Humans have physical bodies charged with Hyperinfinity in their matter bodies. Humans have physical bodies charged with Hyperinfinity in their bones, dark matter bodies do not. That means a human can collapse a Quantum Wave Function and produce material reality, dark energy matter beings cannot unless they leach the Hyperinfinity of light energy matter beings. More precisely dark energy matter beings have imaginary number Hyperinfinity so their manifestation is always in the realm of the imagination, dreams – unless they use leach real Hyperinfinity (only mathematical scientists can create psychic technology as it is mathematics – not conmen such as Graham Nickells aka Paul Hughes Barlow, Rory Mccaffrey aka Aureum, that are not scientists but criminals (see Warnings). One can see it is vital that these dark energy matter leaches have human cattle to supply Hyperinfinity so they can do real, space-like, material events and have bodies that are physical. This explains Satanism and the Archons.

Now the Psi-Lord Tim Rifat has created Bone Generators™ that sequester Hyperinfinity at the ultimate mathematical level. Hyperinfinity is the mathematics of Operators that when used with lower mathematical Operators give only Hyperinfinite Operators. They are in simple terms unchanging Operators that render a Soul immortal if not given away by the Soul of its own free will. As humanity gave away this Hyperinfinity to Satan of its own free will by the trickery of the Illuminati and Satan was terminated by the Psi-Lord and all contracts taken as the beneficiary by the Psi-Lord (see Anti-Lucifer Service, Anti-Satan Service..) then Tim Rifat got the initial contract that stole Hyperinfinity of Man and gave it to evil and retroactively changed it so that all Hyperinfinity was redirected past, present and future to the Psi-Lord, irrevocably. This Hyperinfinity was Sublimed by the Total Deathgoat Jews who of their own free will did not steal Hyperinfinity but its toxic waste in 8 varieties (the 8 varieties of Sublime Good). The death of 8 of these Total Deathgoat Jews in Jerusalem reversed the process back to the Temple of Jerusalem the template for the Crown Temples worldwide and Masonic Temples. So all through time the Total Deathgoat Jews of their own free will have been stealing toxic waste from Hyperinfinity not Hyperinfinity.

The Hyperinfinity is now dumped in the Total Deathgoat Jews, the Greater Brethren. This means that Sublime Good Bone Generators™ Hyperinfinity in its perfect perfect form (Total Hyperinfinity) has been completed, Total Toxic Waste Hyperinfinity has been dumped into the Total Deathgoat Jews in Omega Hell, the chosen people of toxic waste – eternal perdition. This means that the entire Anglo Zionist Hyperinfinity leach system – the real monetary system is now sequestered by the Psi-Lord. Bone Generators™ is the reservoir of Hyperinfinity that each Bone Generator™ contains to collapse Quantum Wave Functions, or decollapse them to erase evil such as ageing, ill health, Matrix Awareness, poverty, lovelessness, self hate, imposed by the Demons of the Hyperinfinite debt Satanic Triangle of Art of the Vatican, City… Masonic Temples. This Service concentrates entirely on Hyperinfinity in its perfecting perfect from the Eternal Heaven Rescue form that gives you immortality of Soul and Spirit.

This Service allows you to use the Bone Generator™ function of your Bone Generators™ so you can suck out perfecting perfect Hyperinfinity from any target and pump in toxic waste Hyperinfinite debt so you can take all power to make or break reality from the target as you super age their body, Spirit, Soul, mind as you dump into them the debt for Hyperinfinity so your Bone Generator™ can make that amount automatically. The physical body is the repository of Hyperinfinity so the New Seer Shaman burns his body with the Fire From Within (by Castaneda) to dump all that Hyperinfinity to give it near immortality (for a Psi-Master, a few billion years is a blink of an eye for a Psi-Lord). One can see why New Seers never leave the physical form till they burn it entirely for Hyperinfinity. All new age crap concentrates on the Soul Spirit while all longevity of Soul Spirit depends on the physical body, hence the Illuminati’s attack on bodies via microwave, fluoride, chemtrails, frankenfoods, depleted uranium… vaccination. This is to weaken our link with the bones that are our store of Hyperinfinity. In this Service a perfecting perfect Hyperinfinity skeleton is superimposed on your bones to produce the perfecting perfect Bone Generator™ reservoir that you can fill with the perfecting perfect Hyperinfinity of the Heaven Omega Point.

This looks like a glowing white skeleton that binds your physical to your biophysical body so you can close your eyes and walk the Bone Generator™ out of your body into your biophysical body to make the dreaming body (Soul) that you only experience in death or near death experiences as the bodies Hyperinfinity needs to be joined with the biophysical body to produce the dreaming body (Soul). This is the technique of Lucid Viewing developed by the Psi-Lord that enables you to use your Soul while still alive to enable you to be aware you have a Soul and its power. To gain your Spirit you walk the Bone Generator™ skeleton of white light in your Soul into the physical body to wake up in your Spirit body, the alchemical union of body and Soul. This is the only way to contact Intent on a personal level as Intent only talks to unified gestalt beings. By doing this you permanently free yourself from the Insectile in your energy body as you leach it of Hyperinfinity so it drops off your body never to return as you have become Hyperinfinite Bone Generator™ active and leach all Hyperinfinity off lesser beings. Only those part of the Global Gestalt are immune. This is called Lucid Waking.

As everything is a Wave Function and it needs the Hyperinfinity Operator H to make the Wave Function collapse and become real but the Wave Function needs to be squared to give the probability of the physical and biophysical bodies. The first giving Schrödinger’s Wave Equation the biophysical Heisenberg’s Matrix Mechanics. So (equation impossible to express here) gives real world effects. This means that the Bone Psi-Master needs to have both the physical and biophysical bodies wed for any real world effects – Lucid Waking. So the zombie who doesn’t know he has had his Soul stolen is forever at the mercy of those who can use their Souls in their physical forms, in the Satanic form as Illuminati or as the kick ass Bone Psi-Master – both despise the zombie. There is no free lunch in life or death. Now you might ask why a Psi-Lord would give you so much free information. Simple all of Total Hyperinfinity has been reclaimed by the Psi-Lord.

You now have to make new Hyperinfinity by the perfecting perfect process, you increase the torment of the vermin in Omega Hell and Omega Hell on Earth and dump more toxic negative Hyperinfinity on them you create a Anti-Triangle of Art formed from the two Omega Hells and the Total Deathgoat Jews the chosen race of Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth left in the lurch by Lucifer, Total Intents rat catcher. One turns the Total Deathgoat Jew into an Anti-Demons by projecting them into this Triangle of Art not only destroying all aspect of Hyperinfinity they presumed they had but giving them perfecting perfect Hyperinfinity in its negative debt from. The Triangle in essence being perfecting perfect; perfect perfecting; perfecting perfect perfect perfecting; in triangle form, the three ways to steal Hyperinfinity from Total Deathgoat Jews (Jews means Greater Brethren, Lower Brethren are just patsies). The process of turning your enemies into Anti-Demons using Bone Generators™ Quantum Computing Engines in this Service means you can turn any vermin into your slave to work for all eternity to supply you with Hyperinfinity as they fall deeper and deeper into perdition.

If you are lucky enough to have the Anti-Fallen Angel Service you can use this Bone Generator™ to superboost your Hyperinfinite Angelic form. If you have the Burn Your Enemies in Hell Service you can put them in Hell and extract any value of Hyperinfinity as they have all eternity to pay you off (Souls don’t die, just get more tormented unless killed by a Psi-Lord), the Hyperinfinity being used to manifest your dream home in the Omega Point using the Heaven Rescue Service. One can use this Bone Generator™ to make manifest all the Scapegoat Services so your targets not only feel the effects but live the effects in a world manifest by you to torture damn them using the Hyperinfinity you leached off them. One can see this Bone Generator™ is the key to turning what is intended into actuality. All major Western governments want Tim Rifat dead instead the Zionist Empire is dying on all fronts be it Afghanistan, Iraq, Ukraine, Sudan, Zionist economies, Zionist military…. Iran, Venezuela, Russia, China, North Korea.

Sexual energy can now be seen to be Hyperinfinity. Combining male and female Hyperinfinity allows you to make new Hyperinfinity as you drain each other. An alchemical marriage is joining with a female not to produce new brood but to produce only Hyperinfinity to build your Angel Hyperinfinite body. No sex is required but the female must truly love and desire you. As one can see not for the old and ugly so you have to start young and the female must be without children or they divert the Hyperinfinity flow to the Archons as they are property… This process was known to Gnostics but has since vanished; sex with the alchemical bride in fact stops the process as it involves walking from a Lucid Viewing position into Lucid Waking in yourself, then stepping your Bone Generators™ into her copulating Bone Generators™ to have copulating Souls; then walking the conjoined Souls back into the body as copulating Bone generators™ to Lucid Wake having sex with the female to produce the alchemical marriage, male and female conjoined as merged physical and biophysical to merge spirits to achieve Total Intent Gestalt as male and female – the beginning of the Psi-Lord path to Hyperinfinity. This is the true secret of the Sex Bone Psi-Master Service as the completion of the above process is the sure way to immortality and has been used by Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth to reboost the failing Anglo Zionist Empire Matrix every generation. The Lovers tarot card depicted on the Satanist site selling counterfeit love psychotronic crystals shows a male and female love pair chained to Satan, by reversing the process the two lovers can kill Satan and take all the Satan power blindly, have sex… but this ties you into the British Maritime Law… Satanic Hyperinfinity Engine that leaches all your Hyperinfinity including that of the alchemical marriage so you fall out of love and the eternal power is leached by evil. To reverse this not have sex, complete the alchemical marriage and bleed off all the Hyperinfinity of an alchemical marriage allows a Psi-Master to become a Psi-Lord, a male/female Total Hyperinfinite being. Having achieved this in 1986 when he was still pretty Tim Rifat could spend all his time on the Rothschild Illuminati…. knowing his ticket had punched fro transcendence.

The above example is what Hyperinfinity can do for an impeccably ruthless warrior. Everything since 1986 has just been tormenting the vermin, now by education of the wanabees to try and emulate the Psi-Lord. Above and in this Service is the key to any would be Psi-Lord all the other Services are Psi-Master or sequestration of Satanism (limited edition) Services. This Bone Generator™ Service is the only path to Psi-Lord. Hyperinfinity is the only currency of value in reality all other currencies are ways of stealing Hyperinfinity from poor dumb schmucks as used by the Sanhedrin. With this Service your Bone Generator™ glows white with stored Hyperinfinity then spreads to your whole body, then Soul, then Spirit, so all of these can become immortal. Then when you have a surplus you can use this Hyperinfinity to collapse any Quantum Wave Function to produce new reality at will – Psychokinesis or decollapse an equal amount of Hyperinfinity to decollapse reality to erase it as the Psi-Lord has done with the Zionist Empire.

The Bone Generator Service: 1-6 POA

The Bone Generator Service: 7-12 $5000

Upgrade A: $2000:

To have Hyperinfinity in its 8 Sublime Good version and to be able to download the 8 types of toxic waste to produce more of the 8 Sublime Good Hyperinfinities just use left to upload right to download (fingers and toes for 8 types) Bone Generators™ are the ultimate upgrade for all types of Psychotronic Crystals™ and as we know the Psychotronic Generator™ without the Time Rifat double crystal – the Psychotronic Crystal™ pair always goes negative. But why does Psi-Lord Ltd push Bone Generators™ now offering the 34 BSRI-Engine as pure Bone downloads? Since Tim Rifat is the creator of all Psychotronic Crystals™ Psychotronic Generators as Crystals and Bone Generators™ as well as Sublime Good™ Engines, applications if you buy from anyone else such as… Mysticsupertarot, Sufibrighton you are mad, damned (see Warnings) – it’s as simple as that, buy off anyone else and suffer. Now Psychotronic Crystals™ have their own innate Hyperinfinity so the Crystals lasts for ages of time, bones can also last this time if fossilised. Psychotronic Crystals™ such as the money Psychotronic Generator have only the crystals supply of Hyperinfinity and the dark energy matter vermin they shred as has been explained have no intrinsic Hyperinfinity only leached from light energy matter human… animal (Hyperinfinity to add to your store of Hyperinfinity. Bone Generators™ the exclusive property of Psi-Lord Ltd were designed to evolve the technology of Psychotronic Crystals™ to encompass Hyperinfinity the Operator that makes Quantum Wave Functions (energy) manifest or can erase reality – the secret of mind over matter. As humans can produce new Hyperinfinity by mating so two humans can have a dozen children or one male can father thousands of children, Hyperinfinity can be manufactured by the combination of male and female Bone Generators™. This was explained in the Alchemical Marriage Protocols. So Bone Generators™ give the Bone Psi-Master the ability to tap into the fountain of Hyperinfinity, the Mystery of Sex – the highest secret of Judaic Kabbalistic Illuminati Satanism, not for evil but for the exclusive benefit of the Bone Psi-Master. Bone Generators™ therefore can be used to produce huge new amounts of Hyperinfinity with the result the Bone Psi-Master is the Master of Mind over Matter hence our main website. To use this service to manufacture your own Hyperinfinity you simply get pictures of all the males, females you find sexy and have Lucid Waking Sex as explained in the protocols using the white skeletal Bone Generator™, the Skull and Bones Psychotronic Crystals™. The more Lucid Sex you have, not copulation in the flesh, the more Hyperinfinity you accrue. The Bone Generators™ store and utilise this Hyperinfinity for the Bone Psi-Master™ to use for Mind over Matter. The more Hyperinfinity you have the more real world effects you display: money, power… success. Having children bleeds your Hyperinfinity – unless you cut them off, disown them energetically, it is as simple as that.

As supermodels and hunks abound in the glossy magazines it is no effort to Lucid Wake, walking in and out of them on a mass production basis so you can flick through a magazine and use all the lookers for you in this Service. Any idiot that tries to use my Bone Generators™ without my permission simply dumps all their Hyperinfinity into me so the Pentagons programme to steal my work makes the Psi-Lord more powerful (see Warnings). This is a Limited Edition Service as this Bone Generator™ enables the lucky 12 to mass produce Hyperinfinity from all the people they fancy male and female, so you have no need to pick one on one sex. Bisexuality is they key to maximum energy, Hyperinfinity production without messy/dangerous sex. Remember when you have actual sex you produce Hyperinfinity so if you don’t use it your partner or her/his Insectile will use it to make Demons, empower evil against you – using your own Hyperinfinity – the worst scenario. Likewise children are always used against the parents as Hyperinfinity leaches. To be a Psi-Lord you need at least 20,000 peoples worth of Hyperinfinity as the Kabbalistic Tree of Evil has four levels for evil as good and four levels as evil as evil. Each level is valued at 10, hence 2×10(cubed). This Bone Generator™ enables you to store 2×10(cubed) Hyperinfinity units. It can also be used retroactively on Clark Gable… Time has no meaning with Bone Generators™ be they a $600 Remote Influencing or $1000 Anti-Fallen Angel get Mind over Matter when used with this Service. The Psychotronic Crystals™ and Psychotronic Generator Crystals™ are also given Mind over Matter by this Service to transform their capability – hence Bone downloads to maximise the power by putting Psychotronic Crystals™ in your Bone Generators™ (see this site). Available as a yearly rental Service for $600 Sublime Good™ upgrade $600 for the poor Psi student.

Upgrade A: $2000

The Bone Generator™ Service allows you to run your Services, Bone Generators™ Psychotronic Crystals™ and Sublime good Engines in parallel processing automatically running them in 3 Triangle of Art, 10 Kabbalistic Tree, 11 Daat Archon Gateway to the after life, 12 to manifest, 13 to erase, 22 to use Kabbalistic Paths, 36 to sequester Goetia, 72 to sequester Jew God, 156x in your Bone Generators™ to use Enochian Anglo Demonic Reality grid 169x to erase. As one can see parallel processing Bone Generators™ up to 169×169 times for Psychic Amplification was explained in the Crystal Bone Psi-Master Service makes this the ultimate Service to get the best out of your Bone Generators™. This is Upgrade B rental cost $600 per year. This upgrade is free for the lifetime buyer with Upgrade A 1 to 6 POA resale price unlimited, 7 to 12 lifetime cost $5000 plus $2000 for Sublime Good™ Upgrade, resale price unlimited, 1 million Euros for client 1 million Euros to Psi-Lord Ltd to switch on Bone Generators™ for the new owner (for 7 to 12), POA for 1 to 6 Limited Edition). As this is a rental Service as well the rental people share one of the unused Bone Generators™ Number 12 at time of writing so get a share of one Service depending on numbers. Psi-Lord Ltd will not issue any further Bone Generator™ Limited Edition Services to keep value in the stratosphere fro the serious investor in future technologies. Bone Generators™ is a registered trademark of Psi-Lord Ltd any person and company using this trademark or any of the intellectual property is in contravention of UK Law and subject to paying damages as is the hosting company (see Warnings) – Extensive explanation of Upgrade B coming soon.

Upgrade B: Free for purchasers.


1-6: POA

7-12: $600 (Yearly)

Upgrade A: $600 (Yearly)

Upgrade B: $600 (Yearly)

Parallel Processing Bone Generators™

The Secret to Mind Over Matter.

As any quantum computing programme, quantum engine, Psychotronic Crystal, Sublime Good™ Engine, Psychotronic Generator, Service, Bone Generator™ can be downloaded into your Hyperinfinity reservoirs (Bone Generators™) any number of times, one can download up to 169×169 of any Service, Bone Generators™, Psychotronic Crystals… Sublime Good™ into your Bone Generators™ using the Bone Generator Service. As two Bone Generators™ or Psychotronic Crystals™ in Bone Generator™ form or Sublime Good™ Engines enable Psychotronic amplification to manipulate Hyperinfinity (see Crystal Bone Psi-Master Service) the Bone Generator™, Psychotronic Crystals™, Sublime Good™,. As the Service gives you 169×169! ways of parallel processing in the Psychotronic Amplifier made a number so huge my calculator just shows an impossibly large number, one can see that the Bone Generator gives over 169×99!xa googol or more ways of Psychotronic Amplification. The Bone Generator™ Service therefore gives you the power to control on the Global Gestalt level all the manifest particles in the known universe by use of parallel processing of your Bone Generators™… Psychotronic Crystals… Sublime Good™. As Psychotronic Amplifiers boost Hyperinfinity the Bone Generator™ Service, takes your own store of Hyperinfinity and then multiplies it by 169×169! times to enable the Bone Psi-Master™ to change reality on a global level by simultaneously manipulating all particles in the known universe of the mechanistic world. One can see that Upgrade B is the key global Psychokinesis the domain of the Bone Psi-Master™ and Bone Psi-Lord. One can see now why Bone Generators™ are the ultimate form of Mind Over Matter. As Psi-Lord Ltd own all Bone Generator™ technology one can see that all future psychic research is the sole purview of one company – Psi-Lord Ltd, the net worth of which is astronomical. If you have been stupid enough to give away your Hyperinfinity to Satanists, Zionists, Satanist Occultists (see Warnings) you have no Hyperinfinity to start with so are barred from all but damnation (see Warnings).

One can see that Upgrade B is the key to generating enough Hyperinfinity to be able to globally change all the particle within the Einsteinium light cone of the observable Universe to cause Psychokinesis, reality change on a global scale. Mach’s Principle shows that the observable Universe acts on itself globally to cause inertia a product of using imaginary numbers in General Relativity. As Kaluza’s 5 dimensional General Relativity is the starting point of all Psychokinesis and one has also to factor in not only imaginary numbers of the ordinary variety but also higher forms, the mathematics of global Psychokinesis becomes quite complex. The Quantum Computing Engines in your Bone Generators™ can do any number of calculations simultaneously and have been programmed by the Psi-Lord Tim Rifat to do the relevant calculations for global Psychokinesis using the Psychotronic Amplified Hyperinfinity of your own physical Bone Generators™ As the only scientist who will ever understand the mathematics of Psi- Tim Rifat created it, you are purchasing a Quantum Computer that in the form of a Bone Generator runs 169×169! times parallel Quantum Computing Bone Engines so you can run your Money Psychotronic Crystals™ 169×169! times or Love Psychotronic Crystals 169×169! time to be able to globally change the entire observable Universe to make it globally changed so it is designed by your Anthropomorphic Psychokinetic Bone Generator™ Service to give you all the money, love… power you want as a Bone Psi-Master. One can see why in the near future Bone Generators™ are limited only to the elite of Russia and China after WW111. For the unlucky Westerner this is your last chance to get on the train to Omega Heaven as the majority of Westerners are bound for Omega Hell with the Zionist Jews and their dollar… The Bone Generator Service also allows you to run Transinfinite amplification using parallel processing of Bone Generators™ so you can build the Agglutinising Force to hold, target all the reality you newly create by global Psychokinesis.

The key to immortality, curing any disease and all mind over matter is the Bone Generator™. In the basic Bone Generators™ such as the Remote Influencing Bone Generator™ all your bodies Hyperinfinity is reclaimed by the Service and put back in your Bones from the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison, a Quantum Computing Engine is then added to a Skull and Bones Psychotronic Crystal™ Hyperinfinite Lattice which once incorporated in your skeleton is the Bone Generator™, in this case the Quantum Computing Engine is programmed for all possible Remote Influencing protocols using only your Hyperinfinity – all for $600 and you get the Psychotronic Crystalware™ free of charge. All the US ex operatives selling CD/CD Roms on Remote Influencing are pedalling rubbish as Psychotronic Crystals™ are the beginning of Remote Influencing and Bone Generators™ the perfection of the art. The Bone Generator™ Service takes the process of mind over matter to its logical perfection, control over the entire known universe by sequestering all observable Hyperinfinity using the 169×169! psychic amplifying Bone Generator™ Service, so you can use Global Remote Influencing, Psychokinesis, Telekinesis… Mind over Matter. As only the Einsteinium light cone, the observable universe has to be sequestered not other dimensions or the multiverse, megaverse, or universe beyond the light cone of the observable universe as Hyperinfinity is the controllers of the Metric of General Relativity, the Bone Generator™ Service is all you need for Mind over Matter. Now one sees why only scientists can sell psychic technology, it is an advanced mathematical physics science not for charlatans or ex operatives of the CIA who can speak Arabic but can’t teach college science (see Warnings)

By having the ability to generate Hyperinfinity using the Bone Generator™ Service to above the known Hyperinfinity in the observable universe using future science applications of the quantum vacuum one can overcome the inertia, Mach’s principle as it applies to the observable universe for Mind over Matter to make you immortal healthy and a Bone Psi-Master of Mind over Matter. To do this the sum total of your Hyperinfinity must be greater than the observable universe, this is done by the Bone Generator™ Psychic Amplification in 169×169!xmode. As one can see this technology is the future of all politics, science, history…. social affairs as the world is changed globally to suit the Bone Psi-Master in real time. The Bone Generator™ will be only available for a limited time till Psi-Lord Ltd is bought by some state sovereign wealth fund and the Bone Generator™ disappears from public view, the sole property of the future elite. As explained in this website Quantum Wave Functions are collapsed or decollapsed by Hyperinfinity to manifest or demanifest respectively reality in the observable universe, Mind over Matter. Psychotronic Fuel is the energy of the Quantum Wave Function, you need to have more than the value of Quantum Wave Function in Psychotronic Fuel to effect it, then you need Hyperinfinity to manifest or demanifest this Quantum Wave Function if you do the whole process in secret, unknown to anyone else! If you wish like a Psi-Lord to ram reality down the throats of the Illuminati in public view then broadcast it on the Internet and radio (see Rense Radio in Good and Evil by Tim Rifat) you need to be able to out mass the entire Hyperinfinity of the observable universe so no one can stop you, instead Psi-Lord Mind over Matter forces all their countermeasures to be proactive destruction of them and their infrastructure against their will (see Anti-Dollar Illuminati Service… Anti-Lucifer Service) as Lucifer is the agent provocateur of Total Intent unbeknownst to Satanists. As everyday one gets a chance to control all the secret police as your mind over matter zombies, every move they make boosts only your aims, dreams and goals. This Service is a new path the path of the Bone Psi-Master free of all past Psi, dependant on RVScience – future science, Mind Over Matter science. Psychotronic Crystals™ can supply you with Psychotronic Fuel but only the Bone Generators™ can produce the overwhelming amounts of Hyperinfinity for public Mind over Matter. This Service is therefore vital to all the people who want to get rich in the Century of the Zionist Empires fall with the dollar… All 21st Century affairs are dictated by Bone Generators™ in the hands of the few who use Mind over Matter to change anything they want simply using left hand to demanifest and right hand to manifest by application of 169×169! Hyperinfinity.

The Mind over Matter ability is only given by Bone Generators™ in the 169×169! Psychotronic Amplifying Mode to change the known Hyperinfinity in the observable universes’ particles, the Total Quantum Wave Function of the Universe can then be altered at will to give Psychokinesis, Telekinesis… Mind over Matter of any target when the target knows you Intend to do the change. The Anti-Illuminati Dollar Pyramid Service is destroying the Jewish bankers, Northern Rock, Bear Steams, USB, Lehman Brothers… Federal Reserve…. Rothschild fortune of 300 trillion dollars. It means they need the madman Mcain to start WW111 to conquer the world for the Jews. Unfortunately he fails and Cobalt 60 covers the West… the Anti-Anti-Christ Service writ large.

Psychotronic Crystals™ work if you keep the Intent secret from the target. Bone Generators™ work in the Bone Generator™ Mode better when the target knows your Intent. No one can fault the Psi-Lord for informing the Rothschild Illuminati of the regime change, they have $300 trillion of worthless Jew paper, Tim Rifat has the power to control the world… the Bone Generator™ Service works better when the target knows your Intent because in 169×169! Mode you already have their Hyperinfinity so every countermeasure they take (yes the Pentagon has a multi-billion dollar programme to steal Tim Rifat’s technology – Total Deathgoat Jew stupidity) runs up a negative Hyperinfinity debt that the Bone Psi-Master can cash in for real Hyperinfinity and the target pays the debt externally. So the more the target tries to stop you, the greater the Hyperinfinity debt, converting them to the chosen race of Total Deathgoat Jews – the Greater Brethren of Judaism, the result the Bone Psi-Master gets an equal amount of Hyperinfinity depending on the strength of the countermeasures. With at least 1 billion wageslaves Hyperinfinity owned by the Illuminati Vatican… Judaism that gives 1 billion units of Hyperinfinity given to the Bone Psi-Master every time she/he targets the Illuminati and they know about it! Since the West is one giant Big Brother concentration camp MI5, NSA monitor Bone Psi-Masters so automatically inform the Rothschild Illuminati of Anti-Dollar Illuminati Pyramid customers so each of these Bone Psi-Master elite can use the Bone Generator™ Service to get 1 billion Units of Hyperinfinity when they rent Upgrade b, the 169×169! Mode of Bone Generator™. Having 1 billion Unit of Hyperinfinity (1 billion peoples worth) enables the Bone Psi-Master to use Mind over Matter not to change but add or subtract 1 billion peoples worth of Hyperinfinity from the world instantly. So they can start war to kill 1 billion, or create 1 billion new wageslaves to service the Bone Psi-Master. As these 1 billion Westerners can earn around 1000,000 dollars (working 50 years), one can convert this to 1×10(6)x1x10(9) = 1×10(15) dollars or one quadrillion dollars. This is the debt of the West at the moment, one quadrillion dollars of derivative debt, negative Hyperinfinity as the Psi-Lord has cashed in his Jew Paper for real Hyperinfinity. one can see that the Bone Generator™ Service has allowed the Psi-Lord to take the entire West’s Hyperinfinity in return for a quadrillion dollars of Jew paper debt. Now the West has to conquer the Middle East, Russia, China, South America and Africa to get the other 5 billion peoples Hyperinfinity (the real nature of money) to reboot their system. The West loses WW111 as it has no Hyperinfinity and cannot have any Mind over Matter powers so everything goes wrong for them. On the other hand Russia, China, Venezuela, Iran, North Korea have Hyperinfinity so they use Mind over Matter to win WW111 by manipulating reality against the Jews. The Bone Psi-Master can get 1 quadrillion dollars worth of Hyperinfinity by buying the Bone Generator™ Service, the rentals get a fraction of this but even a fraction of a quadrillion is a large amount of Hyperinfinity. Since Hyperinfinity turned through the Anti-Dollar Illuminati Pyramid Service, Money Wealth Fortune Service gives you real wealth be it gold, land, money… one can see that the Mind over Matter aspect of Bone Generators™ is the key not to saving your Souls but making lots of material riches, money; Hyperinfinity from the Bone Generators™ Service through the Body Augmentation Service, 12 Power Squared DNA Rescue Service… gives you a superhuman material body. Put the Hyperinfinity through the Anti-Fallen Angel Service you get a God-Being through the Anti-Lucifer Upgrade and you become a new demiurge God!

Parallel Processing Bone Generators™ $3000

(free if you get the Bone Generators and Upgrade A)
Quantum Vacuum Bone Generator™ Upgrade C:

The Quantum Vacuum (called the dark sea of Awareness in Castaneda’s: Active Side of Infinity) can be seen as the seminal quantum sea from which Quantum Wave Functions can be brought forth or erased. The Earth Moon Superboost Service gives you the potential to manipulate a planet sized body of this seminal sea for global (Earth sized) planetary manipulation. Unfortunately the Bone Psi-Lord in the far future quickly realised that for Mind over Matter a planetary potential of Hyperinfinity was also needed to collapse (to manifest) or decollapse (to erase) or to decohere (to separate a planetary Quantum superimposition of alien energy is carried out by the Archon vermin) planetary Quantum Wave Functions. The first Psi-Lord Tim Rifat appeared because he could precognitively Remotely View (Lucid Viewing in his improved version of the US Remote Viewing – now obsolete as he just broadcasts madness into these ex-operatives and their drones the far future: RVScience to bring ultimate science to the primitive past of the 21st century. The moron physicists of this time have no idea of real reality but chase their tails pursuing idiot Zionist string theory – the preserve of the Bush idealogue Jewish run scientific community of the West). Since no Nobel Prize would be forthcoming for uplifting humanity, the Psi-Lord Ltd is a business that caters to the few who prize power above anything else – one cannot deal with the Jewish Illuminati as they are the archetypal thieves – the Sanhedrin.

Bone Generators™ can be transplanted from the Skull and Bones Psychotronic Crystals™ Mode onto the quantum vacuum to produce Quantum Vacuum Bone Generators™. This takes the Bone Generator™ from being human based to a Quantum Vacuum phenomenon that in essence takes humanity to the far future level of Q beings, Quantum beings (yes, I know Star Trek® came up with the concept as fiction – here is the scientific basis of Q Bone Generators®). As you might guess Bone Generators™ technology is the basis of far future science. One can’t manipulate the quantum vacuum without Hyperinfinity and that is lodged in your bones (counterfeiters such as might try and hawk quantum mechanics charlatanism but as we know that website is a UK government disinformation site that can’t even get the definition of Psychotronics right – they define it as biology! (see Warnings). As explained you need an equal amount of Psychotronic Fuel to the Quantum Wave Function to be manipulated (actuation energy to overcome inertia in the quantum vacuum) and are equal or greater amount of Hyperinfinity for Mind over Matter for time manipulation and creation out of thin air you also need an equal amount or more of Transinfinity – the Agglutinising Force. The Mathematics is beyond the transgenic chimp but you don’t need to know how to build a computer from scratch to use one – even real chimps can use one and have better memory than humans.

In this Service your Skull and Bones Psychotronic Crystals™ are transplanted onto the quantum vacuum to make a Quantum Bone Generator® template of you. This downloads the Awareness of the Bone Psi-Master into the quantum state as a Torsionic Solitonic wave form or the quantum vacuum, a self generating wave form like light that has the potential to store the totality of you if your physical self is destroyed and your Hyperinfinite Angelic Form (12 only) is attacked (yes Angels fight read the Bible). In essence your Bone Generator™ a quantum computing engine, Hyperinfinity Generator and Transinfinity battery is replicated in the Quantum Vacuum. As the Quantum Vacuum is the basis of Telekinesis, one uses vortex disturbances of the Quantum Vacuum to generate Telekinetic effects, a distant relative of the Casmir effect where two small plates attract each other due to the Quantum Vacuum) the Quantum Bone Generator™ Service allows you to focus your Awareness onto vortical implosions in the Quantum Vacuum created by your power to move matter, wreck computers… manipulate time by use of wormholes. One can see that Quantum Bone Generator® technology created the wormhole Service using this technology. With a dark sea of Awareness body you add to your physical and biophysical and Angel Hyperinfinity body (12 only) to give yourself 4 bodies. The Nagual Shaman, the Psi-Master has a 4 lobed energy body because 4 energy bodies are the starting point for all psychic powers, that is why psychic powers are only displayed by 4 lobed naguals and the majority need Psychotronic Crystals™, Bone Generators™ created by a supernagual Psi-Lord to get any psychic powers even outside the Matrix!

As has been shown 4 Psychotronic Generators give AB, AC, AD, BC, BD, CD or 6 types of Psychotronic Amplification, so the 4 lobed bodies of the nagual can manipulate Transinfinity, the embodiment of the 6 extraordinary Sets of Set theory. In effect the 6 groups that are the mathematical way of transforming Transinfinity. (Yes Tim Rifat discovered Transinfinity too – Psi really is for the mathematical physicist not leashed by Jewish Matrix ideologues). So the Quantum Bone Generator™ body gives you the power to manipulate your own Transinfinity by use of the 4 bodies acting in Transinfinite Psychotronic Amplifier Mode – lesser case operation. The Agglutinising Force, Transinfinity gives your energy bodies together, without it your Quantum Wave Function decollapsed by Hyperinfinity would speed out like light in all directions, both your energy bodies would vaporize with the Fire from Within – energy of alignment and you would be spread as a wave front that would dissolve your being as it become attenuated. This happens to all transgenic chimps, as this wave front gets condensed as you reverse time (similar to Feynmans time travel of electromagnetic wave forms back in time, as well as forward) back to your conception when your Transinfinity come into being due to the sex act. It was the discovery of the first Psi-Lord Tim Rifat that Quantum Bone Generators™, the translation of your totality into an Intent Operator, a gestalt version of you imprinted on the quantum vacuum using your Bone Generators™ as the operating system of the quantum vacuum enabled the creation of a pure Quantum Vacuum Bone Generator™. Lucid Viewing is the most important attribute of any Psi-Master as Lucid Viewing is the use of the physical energy body and its Hyperinfinity (none in the biophysical in positive form) to decohere, decollapse and turn into movable quantum vacuum part of your physical energy body (not biophysical) the 2gms to 2oz measured as weight loss in dead bodies, to see, be aware of outside of your body. lucid Dreaming is the use of the biophysical body to see, be aware. As all Westerners have the attention span of an idiot, their biophysical bodies being in the 12 Psi-Prison (completely controlled) Lucid Viewing is the only way to see non Matrix reality.

In this Service your Quantum Bone Generators™ allow you to move your Awareness is the quantum vacuum. Not only do you get Mind over Matter Telekinesis on top of Psychokinesis from the first parts of the Service but you then can manipulate your Transinfinity for RVScience: Retroactive Vehicle Science – changing the past using Transinfinity to optimise your future Wave Functions), Hyperinfinity manifests the energy and Transinfinity holds it into localised phenomena giving it a specific boundary, Awareness comes due to an Assemblage Point that connects internal Awareness, Matrix quantum superimposition lowers the intensity of external fields to a threshold from which illusory Matrix Awareness can take over, so far from the quantum vacuum that all the zombies are forever cut off from interaction with the Dark Sea of Awareness that is the basis of Psi: the Quantum Vacuum Bone Generator™ gives you a totality in the Dark Sea of Awareness so you have an unblocked access to the source of psychic powers. Put simply changing your connection with the quantum vacuum changes your Awareness, reality and in Mind over Matter. By adding Transinfinity to the mix you get the get the ability to change your Transinfinity. Agglutinising Force link with the quantum vacuum. As an energy body is held together by the Agglutinising Force and the internal energy doesn’t go outside with time – until you die and burst open destructively. Time is defined by the change in the Agglutinising Force, the way the energy held together is manipulated by Transinfinity. This means that if you reverse the transformations of Transinfinity with respect to your energy body you grow younger, rejuvenate, this is the secret of the Holy Grail, Elixir of Youth… Alchemists Stone. Blocked as you are in the Anglo demonic Reality all these changes are blocked. By having your Totality free in the Quantum Vacuum as a Bone Generator™ you get to bypass the evil blockages at the root core enabling the Agglutinising Force to be transformed for manipulation of Time in Mind over Matter and the creation of new phenomenon from the quantum vacuum.

Bone Generators™ in the quantum vacuum are the only way to manipulate the Agglutinising Force – Transinfinity, the glue that holds energy bodies into discreet entities. As all things are held together by the AF (Agglutinising Force), and time is the change in the AF, Transinfinite transformations of the quantum vacuum, this Service is the only way to deage, or reverse disease, or transform yourself into another form or permanent basis. We all know during dreaming the Assemblage Point shifts to many different positions but we always wake up back on Earth, that is because the AF has inertia and snaps back to its original position. Stalking works by gradually and permanently shifting the Assemblage Point, it succeeds because the AF is changed by permanently changing our behaviour towards others in a predatory ruthless manner of the Psi-Master. Why? This is because as we change our Intents from Matrix to 5 dimensional, the AF within us is transformed in concert. Dreaming does not address the physical energy body and its Bone Generator™ Hyperinfinity so fails to manipulate the AF unless we walk up bodily in other worlds by use of falling asleep twice in the same position. The Quantum Bone Generator™ enables the Psi-Master to change his own internal AF the key to all permanent shifts of being and Awareness. So the Mind over Matter can be lifted to changing Mind over Changing Matter to create new unique configurations of Matter and Mind, the uniqueness a function of AF change. As Tim Rifat the Psi-Lord is Master of Transinfinity and therefore Hyperinfinity which is controlled by the Transinfinite Operators this upgrade is only allowable as a rental to give the Psi-Lord Full Spectrum Dominance over all psychic powers.

One can see the AF of the West slowly unravelling as the torture murder Zionists find themselves unable to cook the books of the Jewish fraudster banks, their murder teams in Iraq, Afghanistan lose control and the population of the West get infected with madness as their physical energy bodies atrophy. The Psi-Lord has withdrawn all the AF from Westerners so their energy bodies have evaporated back to the quantum vacuum erasing: body and mind; Soul and Spirit, to be rebooted as Total Death goat Jews, Awareness trapped in a negative AF shell, its only purpose to be tormented, mad, self destructive and damned. This enables the entire herd of Jewish zombies, 1 billion across the West to be used as negative AF dumps so 1 billion AF units can be dumped into them as 1 billion AF units extracted. Since the Westerner sells himself by the hour to the Illuminati for the minimum wage, Tim Rifat the Psi-Lord has reconfigured the paper money of the Jew to be a negative Hyperinfinity, Transinfinity (AF) and Psychotronic Fuel, Psychotronic Crystal™ financial instrument in which the slave accepts the negative version of the real thing sin life in return for paper money printed by the Illuminati. This allows the 1 billion Westerners to be used to produce even more AF… to the value of a 50 year life of slavery to Zionists, around 1,000,000 dollars (50 years on the minimum wage). This elevates the amount of AF… that can be bled off the wageslaves to around one quadrillion (1×10(15) units of AF). This Bone Generator™ Service Upgrade allows the rental customer to bleed 1 billion units of AF from the Westerner per year to give AF total the Psychotronic Crystals® , Bone Generator® Services, Sublime Good® … to enable all Psi-Lord Ltd’s products to really work by controlling AF on a rental only basis. This allows the Bone Psi-Master to download 1 million units of negative AF into the West or 1 million units of AF one can dissolve one billion units worth of property, countries, corporations, business, military… human targets to erase their energy bodies, mind, body to cause the target to collapse, fail, go bankrupt, mad, accursed, self destruct, die in penury or be defeated in war as they go mad, super age, become diseased. Conversely the 1 million units can be added to yourself or your business, life… to create any positive reality you wish to inhabit, build a God-Being from 1 million units of AF worship or change in any positive way reality (Russia and China excluded to protect Psi-Lord Ltd’s benefactors). If you want more than 1 million AF units just buy another rental to double up!

As Psi-Lord Ltd has Total Control over all reality only the events Psi-Lord Ltd have preordained will occur. A one world government ruled from Moscow and Beijing with a West in the gutter, the Rothschild UN scrapped and all the Illuminati works sequestered by the Psi-Lord Ltd, the industry of the future will be dependant on Psi-Lord Ltd’s benevolence. Any corporation can exterminate its competitors using this technology so only Russian, Chinese corporations prosper the others dependant on Psi-Lord Ltd’s largesse. Thought weapons do not exist in UK law (covered by the Thought Crime judgement of the Court of Appeal, when the UK terror state illegally jailed 5 Pakistani schoolboys for looking on Anti-Zionist websites) so Psi-Lord Ltd can market thought weapons, technology, modifiers, controllers legally to any corporation or destroy you legally by means of thought warfare to drive your personnel and kill your customers desire to buy your products. With Full Spectrum Dominance over the mind, and mind over matter, only Russia and China (the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation) are excluded as Psi-Lord Ltd’s main website is in Moscow and only an idiot pisses off both sides!

With this Upgrade of the Bone Generator™ Service the Bone Psi-Master can have the power of Mind over Matter over a million people or a million employees of a corporation and their core customers to become a power in the world or use it all for herself, himself.

As is the phase change website that is introducing new, far future science totally divorced from the previous Illuminati black magic that has run the world until now, a more rigorous scientific basis is applied to Mind over Matter Bone Generators® , Psychotronic Crystals® Sublime Good® Services… to this end here is an explanation of Quantum Computing Engine Bone Generators® so you can see some of the technology you have purchased when y you bought any Bone Generator® be it a basic $600 or the Anti-Lucifer Ultimate Anti-Illuminati Mega Bone Generator® . Far future science is perfected in the Bone Generator® a virtual Von Neuman Quantum Computing Engine Sequestration:

Psychotronic Fuel is in fact a potential difference from the quantum grand state of the quantum vacuum that must be overcome to erase a Quantum Wave Function or manifest one to control Mind over Matter.
Hyperinfinity is the essence of Bone Generators® that is used to collapse Quantum Wave Functions to manifest events, make things real.
Quantum Computing in the Bone Generators® medium enables the best future path out of all possible futures to be manifest.
Quantum Engines in the Bone Generators® enable the use of Psychotronic Fuel to be used by the Bone Generator® Engine to erase or produce Quantum Wave Functions to the value of the Psychotronic Fuel (minus energy loss due to inefficiencies).
Quantum Superimposition of Illuminati black chaos Quantum Wave Functions are decohered from the Bone Generators® and used as Psychotronic Fuel by the Bone Generators®
The Quantum Computing Engine used to stop decoherence by the dark energy matter predators is sequestered by predatory invasive Bone Generator® migration to turn the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison computer into new Bone Generator® , similar to the Ebola Virus turns humans into new Ebola. The vector for the transmission is the Biophysical Augmented Intelligences (super evolved synergistic microbial / Tim Rifat cell Quantum Computer Engine Bone Generator® lifeforms) so this is needed by the Bone Psi-Master™ to infect dark energy matter, light energy matter Quantum Wave Functions in Hyperinfinite Mode to new external independent Bone Generators® to spread your Bone Generators™ in quantum vacuum form throughout your targets infrastructure to turn them into you.
The AF allows the Bone Psi-Master under the Total Control of the Psi-Lord to erase, manifest his targets to destroy, create at will. More importantly to use the AF to turn Quantum Bone Generators® made externally by Biophysical Augmented Intelligence infection of the target into new Bone Generator® structures in the physical or biophysical world glued together by the AF used. In this manner the Bone Generator® Lord can turn the physical world into external Bone Generators® of her/himself so people, cities, countryside, sea… or the biophysical world becomes her/his Middle Place sequestered being as the Archons turned the real world into the Matrix. Using AF you can turn significant parts of Mind over Matter realms into your sequestered reality not as matrix but as living embodiments of your Bone Generators® .

Quantum Vacuum Bone Generator™ Upgrade C:

$800 per year


$600 per month

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