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The 12 Aeons are:

Top level down: 1: Desert, chain gang, hard labour, torture murder hell (as seen in Guantanomo Bay, Abugrave torture prison, Polish death camps for Moslems, all Iraqi torture prisons, Extraordinary rendition torture murder camps… Yes the West does run these places and yes they have their concomitant in the Aeon Psi-prison of the upper level for the dissident, seditionist, terrorist, non believer in the West… non Zionist, Moslem, Chinese, Russian, North Korean and Iranian… It is here the Archons kill the human that never gives in to evil for the second time to make them a Grey.

Torture Hell Level PC/BPC $600.

2: Prison Aeon. Here we find the filth of Awareness found in earthly prisons be it the incarceration, and, oral rape of bitches, brutality, hopelessness, pain, torment of soul, loss of loved ones, loss of respectability, added to the mind control of drugged food and water, implantation of psychic devices in the Soul to mimic electronic implants used by all the Western security police on the brains of the political prisoners, psychic torment to mimic microwave and RF psycho pharmaceutical harassment as found in every western City. Demon prison guards… This is a great place to burn for PF as it contains most of the rebellious Westerners who can be broken by the Archon system. A great source of PF for the Psi-Master.
Prison Aeon PC/BPC $600.

3: Homeless Destitute Aeon. The place of the tormented Soul without a cent, homeless, cold, hungry, destitute, reviled, spat upon, beaten up, moved on by police, stinking, ill, lice ridden, alcoholic, deranged, weighed down by carrying their worthless clothes. Unable to sleep at night, woken up at dawn by Demons to ceaselessly walk, cut off from the riches around them forever – lost to the Western dream of material riches. a useful Aeon to burn for PF to supply the Psi-Master with power for manifesting his dreams using the material damned to provide counterbalance.

Homeless Aeon PC/BPC $600.

4: Ghetto Aeon. This Psychotronic Generator feeds off the damned Souls caught in an afterlife of cockroach, rat infested, damp fungus ridden hovels, surrounded by abusive screaming neighbours, violent thieving thugs on the streets, death from drive by shootings, knifings, beatings, disease, drug addiction that leads to an unbearable need for more, demon police that keep you in the ghetto, no hope, no sharing in the riches, 20 hour days of minimum wage work… I have a fervent imagination – just visit any U.S. inner city, Washington, Chicago, East LA… How the impoverished are trained in life to suffer in death to feed the Archons. A super source of PF for the Psi-Master that links into he worldwide ghetto that the majority of humanity lives in. A supremely powerful Aeon for burning human damned for PF.

Ghetto Aeon PC/BPC $600.

5: Riches to Rags. The Ruination Aeon. A particularly nasty Psi-prison here the damned Soul experiences all their material successes, career, houses, cars, trophy wife, children, money, business, investments, achievements, honours being taken away from them by the: IRS, Government, enemies, competitors, traitors, themselves, children, wives… leaving them poor and helpless to rebuild their dream as they grow old. As their emotional energy fades they are then processed into the ghetto Aeon for full processing to the Torture Hell Aeon that is the top N°1 Aeon the destination for all human Souls that do not sell their Souls to the Archons. Only the 5 Aeon hells can be escaped from as the 7 Aeon heavens are for human damned who have sold or given away their Souls to any authority figure rather than being their own person. The Tibetan Book of the Dead talks about these realms as do the Gnostic teachings. For the majority of people who always give in to authority to get along, prosper, keep what they have or destroy others; the good Western Citizen in the total torture, Police state that is the West – ask any Iraqi, Iranian… the 7 Archon ‘heaven’ Aeons beckon.

Riches to Rags Aeon PC/BPC $600.

6: The School Aeon. Where human’s Souls relive their school/college days and the bullying, ragging, discipline, boredom of useless lesson. This is then replaced by tuition in the Archon dictate of obeying authority without question. Surrendering of all emotion to the Archon authority/teacher or else no rewards will be forthcoming. The Archon authority knows best so can mould the human Soul dictate (rather like Western governments – the British ‘Nanny’ state) Lessons in how to enter human babies to guide them and open them up to Archon channelling. Surrendering the Soul’s will to the Archon teachers so the Soul can get advanced in the strictly regimented Archon order of things. Archons appear as cowled, cloaked figures. They really look like black dark energy matter entities, the Archon finds it impossible to hold any appearance as they are total Avatars of the Chaos Source of all evil Yaltabaoth Archon godforce. Like all zealots the Archons enforce total compliance and plunge recalcitrant Soul’s into the hell Aeons for any – infraction of their law. Rather like any Western society where freedom democracy means total compliance to laws set up to enrich the Archon possessed Illuminati.

School Aeon PC/BPC $600.

7: Wage Slave Aeon. Here the Soul relives it’s work experiences, the petty jealous, office politics, backstabbing, gossip, sycophancy, grovelling, whining, incompetence of Western wage slavery. Longing for higher pay, promotion, praise. Slowly the past experiences are replaced by Archon jobs where the Soul is retrained in the jobs it must do inside the human baby, teenager… when it enters the new born Soul, spirit of the living. How to deceive, coerce, cause pain, madness, illness, organ damage to inflict misery on the human’s suffering is equated by the Archon with spiritual advancement, so the human possessors are doing good by this twisted Archon evil logic. Here the good team member is retrained to serve the Archon as a damned spirit to infect the new born to lock them into the Illuminati ADR, to stop humanity advancing out of the evil straits enforced upon them by the Archons with the coming of 2013 and the Pulsar realities.

Wage Slave Aeon PC/BPC $600.

8: Authority Aeon. Here the human damned Soul is shown that all their life they gave over their will to authority, parents, teachers, government… The obedience encumbered by the belief that they had free will which they gave freely to democracy, government, civil rights, the police, the media, church is now used to entrain these damned spirits into a secular obedience to the higher aims of helping humanity by possessing new born humans to show them the right way to Archon damnation. Church goers see angels, preachers cowled monks all telling them to enter the new born to make them follow the right path. The Archon something they have been trained to do all their life. Remember only good citizens enter the heavenly Aeons because they give away all free will to authority. These yes people are the perfect fodder for the Archons to recreate them as Greys – the eternal damned, once human non human demons.

Authority Aeon PC/BPC $600.

9: Hotel Aeon. The Aeon where humans who have possessed new borns stay between missions to be restrained and rewarded for leading their human hosts into the path of the Archons and away from distorting the Archon Consensus. Here the human can relive the travels past and in possessed Souls. Here sport is god where the damned relive past sporting events which are gradually replaced with Archon sports where humans in the world are used in complex games of damnation their fates changed to ruin them; compelling turns of Archons see who can foul up a human the most with participating damned and demon possessors. Here the chattering class of the wage slave can see how important they are being the loyal servant of the Archons – self importance being the chains that bind the human to the Archon evil.

Hotel Aeon PC/BPC $600.

10: Family Aeon. Here the energy interaction with family, friends, humans is relived and the emotions you went through humans are first tied to the ADR by their parents who have given up their will to the West, Illuminati, authority… They then train children to give up their will to the authorities so they can be sucked into the hell of the ADR. Children like myself who rebel at anything and everything are admonished by parents until they obey, conform are wageslaves – I never conformed because anyone can see that humans in authority are evil, politicians are criminals and thieves now genocidal killers and the police enforce this milieu of total evil. All conform or get put in the hell Aeons before death so after death they get trapped there. Once you realise your parents are damned and only the fighters escape the Matrix, ADR by never giving in to evil, then the way is clear, all life is designed to train you to lose your Soul to the Soul Stealers – Archons.

Family Aeon PC/BPC $600.

11: The Mall Aeon. Here the damned Soul can relive all their shopping trips, women can buy countless shoes, men can buy the new sports shirt… All the things you could not afford in life are now yours to enjoy; though since you are a damned Soul it is just an illusion. Your attention can be focused on looking for all the bargains, dream car, dream home… The Archon then says you can keep all these treasures if you give them your Soul, no big deal, it isn’t as if it is worthy anything, there is no value in a Soul. In the West a Soul doesn’t exist; only in Moslem countries is the Soul valued above all things – so the West has to bomb them into submission. The nuclear war with Iran is a result of the Iranians being religious not secular like the West – Archonic, materialistic, where only Mammon is worshipped because Westerners are in the ADR with no escape.

Mall Aeon PC/BPC $600.

12: The Room/Cell. Here the damned Soul having given up it’s Soul is consigned to a room/cell where it will stay to provide emotional energy as it analyses itself to see the total barrenness of spirit/soul that has brought it to the ultimate Psi-prison of it’s own self importance, now seen to be totally false. Trapped in it’s cell the despair/torment is used by the Archons to make demons that are the image of those trapped Souls who always backed down to authority and give in to evil. The demon generated from their torment can then be used to inject new born humans to warp them to become good Archon wageslaves, compliant to their road to damnation. The cell is the basic unit of a Psi-prison and the energy generating component of the Archon hive.

Room/Cell Aeon PC/BPC $600.

It can be seen only the rebel becomes a Grey as she /he is broken to become a forced damned Soul. The normal Westerner who always goes along with authority find themselves in the Cell Psi-prison to generate from their torment demons (Archon Tulpas) to infect humanity for the Archons. Faced with the choices a Psi-Master has no compunction choosing to go against all authority and making their own rules to always give them more and more energy. One cannot help the normal person because they have to help themselves. The 12 Aeon PC/BPCs are used to burn the 12 Aeons for PF to empower the Psi-Master. Simply hold the BPC in your left hand, PC in your right to enter the Aeon of your choice, LV the Aeon to recollect your life and cut your links then return to your body bringing all the PF to the BPC. Reversing the PC, BPC means the Aeon PC/BPC enables you to LV the ADR component of the Psi-prison in the real world to burn the ADR for PF. For example the Mall Aeon in BPC mode enables you to LV all the shopping centres in a country – they all look the same, concrete boxes with the same Illuminati owned stores, burn all the shops, shoppers for PF and pump up your biophysical body by use of the PC in your left h and. The right hand BPC adds Anti-CF poison to the ADR Malls to nine that component of the real world ADR. Similarly with all the other 12 physical Aeons of the Western ADR. In PC mode you travel to the Psi-prison of the dead, the PC pumps Anti-CF poison in to the Aeon of choice that releases PF that is collected by the BPC in your left hand to pump up your physical today.

All 12 $7200 plus $60 Immediate postage
By putting all 12 Aeon PCs (point inwards) then the 12 BPCs inside (point inwards) in a double concentric circle you can feed your bodies physical and biophysical as you burn the Psi-prison of the ADR dead and the real world ADR of the West simultaneously for PF. This enables you to live in a milieu of total evil that is the ADR and burn it for PF to become a Psi-Master. Putting them around your bed allows your dreaming body to burn both dead and alive ADR Psi-prison , while your biophysical body recollects your past experiences that have been training you to enter the 12 Aeon Psi-prison. Now those experiences, energistic links, filaments are used by the 12 Aeon PC/BPCs as links to the Archon ADR to burn the Psi-prison of dead and living for PF. This burns the filaments, the emotional energy you exchange with people that binds you to them and the Archon hell. The core of living after death according to Castaneda is recollecting all your life’s experiences and giving the alien filaments from all the people you have met back to them as you recollect, while taking back all the energy lost to them. This is done over many years and requires special breathing regimens. Westerners don’t have the time, so the 12 Aeon PC/BPCs naturally does this while you sleep. I have found it works perfectly making you emotionally divorced from all the humans around you so you don’t lose energy to them but instead can see them for what they are, poor damned Souls destined for the ADR Psi-prison by the very socialisation they take for granted. You know you are free when you can regard family with quiet dispassion so they either follow your lead or enter the ADR Psi-prison it makes no difference to the Psi-Master. Only Psi-Lords have the power to save others a power they use dispassionately.

12 Psi crosses available as double smokey quartz PC/BPCs available with the 12 Aeons PC/BPCs $7000 as one package

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