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Terminating Tetragrammaton on the 60th Anniversary of Israel: Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth’s Kingdom on Earth: Erasing Chaos and the Matrix Superweapon.

Tetragrammaton the God of Israel is in fact the demiurge Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth the Chaos evil Kabbalah God. It is a hive Insectile queen, female dark energy matter Chaos entities. The Kabbalistic Tree is the parthogenetic mating of Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, the 5 lower He with the 5 upper He, the female Satanic essence in macrocosm and microcosm to produce the 10 of the Kabbalistic Tree. This 10 gives the false male power of YOD (10) which is the unbalanced masculinity of the female dyke not true masculinity. The Kabbalistic Tree has 4 levels or the 4 Dimensions of the Matrix or 4 x (HE+HE; Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth 4×10=40), the infrastructure of the Matrix, the box. The 4 He’s of the 4 Archon female dark energy matter rulers of each of the 4 levels to control the 4 levels of the Matrix gives us the 60 of the Matrix 40 + (4×5) = 60. The last two VAU male principles are the male principle of the light energy matter cattle with respect to the Soul and Spirit of the male Goyim. Female cattle are just there to keep the real valuable male Goyim cattle docile so they can be vivisected during life and slaughtered to supply the two VAU’s of microcosm and macrocosm, the 6+6 to add to the 60 of the Matrix to give the 72, the number of Tetragrammaton, half the wave function of true reality |12²| = 144. So one can see the whole process is to utilise the male Spirit and Soul, female energy is so common in the dark energy matter realities it is worthless, the males are the prize as they are needed for alchemical marriage to Satan, Chaos, Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth. Once the 60 is achieved the Sephirothic Tree of 6x Kabbalistic Trees (10 Sephiroth) can be built and the Matrix is complete.

The Psi-Lord dumped negative female Satanic energy on Israel, Zion, to turn the 60 of Israel to the 50 of Samael the male demonic form of Zionist Satanism, the Spirit of Israel’s torture murder state, but Samael is in fact female as seen in my Services, eg; Samael to Lilith Service as it consists of (5) Hex10 (YOD) or 50 the number of Samael. As 5 HE+5 HE we get Samael is really female 5 HE x (5 HE+5 HE) all female Satanic HE or Lilith in its negative form. The Psi-Lord turned all Western female wombs into breeders of negative Anti-Chaos HE, Lilith Demons, the effect of which is to flood the hive worlds of the Archons with negative – 5 Anti-Chaos Lilith (Anti-Chaos HE). The reality of which is |12xHE|² or |60|² reality, the 60th Anniversary of Israel when all the Lilith Demons in Anti-Chaos form bred by the Psi-Lord in the wombs of all the Western Souls quenched the Satanic female Insectile of Yaldabaoth, Yaltabaoth. The Termination of the programme was the use by the Zionist Empire of the Australian weather, earthquake weapons in Western Australia and perhaps in Pine Gap for command and control to destroy the Chinese Empire to steal male energy from the Chinese 2 x VAU (6) or 12 to complete the Tetragrammaton of Israel 60th Anniversary 60 + 12 Male Principle of China’s Soul and Spirit stolen by mass sacrifice = 72 Tetragrammaton, the number of Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth to manifest the New World Order and the Zionist Empire as a world empire. Unfortunately the Psi-Lord dumped negative VAU into Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, 2x(-6) VAU from Burma and China which added to the Anti-Chaos Lilith he had pumped into the Chaos God via the Western Demon womb sequestration of sows terminated the Tetragrammaton: 2x(-6VAU) 10x (HE 5) of Lilith Anti-Chaos Demon sequestration) = -72+ the 72 of the Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, Tetragrammaton gives 0. Having terminated the Chaos God on the 60th Anniversary of Israel using the Judaic Satanist to do it enabled the Psi-Lord to give the Psi-Master the power of the Killing Field in his right Bone Generator® to kill all Chaos in any target and to upload the energy inherent in the target or you kill its Chaos connection with the left hand Bone Generator®. As the Chaos God is the infrastructure of the Matrix this Bone Generator® Service allows you to erase the Matrix like a black board rubber to wipe out all or any of the Matrix for profit or power on your part. So the right kills Chaos, left hand erases it as you feed on it!

As all Demons are made from Chaos the Killing Field super weapon enables the SuperJew Psi-Master to erase all Demons be they Shekinah or Azriel… So it gives the SuperJew Full Spectrum Dominance over Chaos. Since the Archons are ruled by Chaos Archons (black Chaos Archons not the usual urine colour, as are the shit coloured TOHOU strange matter Jews) this super weapon leaves the Archons rudderless and Satanic Jews mindless zombies to be possessed by your Remote Influencing, Biophysical Augmented Intelligences, Tulpas, Elohim letters now owned, controlled and created by the Psi-Lord or destroyed with the Jewish Tarot, or turned into Golems with your Golem Service. So one can see the super weapon erases the tableau of the Sephirothic Tree from it’s Source, Shaddai, Tsabaoth, Elohim Triangle of Art hence to the Daath Chaos wormhole at Ain Soph which drops down via Ain Soph Aour to Kether and hence to its fourth position under Chokmah, Binah, (4 positions) to build the Sephirothic Tree, the 4 positions being YOD, HE, VAU, HE: Tetragrammaton. Since the superweapon erases all Chaos it allows the entire Chaos system from Shaddai downwards to be re-written for your Service to benefit the SuperJew and damn all other Goyim and unterGoyim down to the Total DeathGoat Jew uber unterGoyim in Abaddon held there by DUMA the Angel of Vindication, who traps Goyim in hell eternally.

Terminating Tetragrammaton on the 60th Anniversary of Israel: $600 with Certificate

Upgrade A:

Controlling Anti-Tetragrammaton for the SuperJew

Having terminated Tetragrammaton the Psi-Lord extinguished all Western black magic because it is all based on Tetragrammaton. All the power of Occultists past, present and future now goes to the Psi-Lord. In this Service he doles out rations to the Psi-Master who wishes to get occult power – magic use in the Matrix. The Elohim Sequestration explains how the Matrix is composed of the 12 Hebrew letters, these form the 3×4 boxes of the Matrix strange, dark and light energy matter possessed by Chaos. The master letters in the Matrix being YOD, HE, VAU, HE. The sex energy of the Goyim used to blind and deafen them as they are made female chaotic (last HE) to become the Sow, eunuch and piglets that are Goyim and unter Goyim (Jews). Likewise the Satanic Tetragrammaton HE VAU HE YOD (of Eliphas Levi the Jew Satanic godfather of black magic Freemasonry) controls the 3×4 boxes (ABADDON) of the 3 lower qlippothic Satanic shell cortices Trees of the Kabbalah. As all Psi-Masters need control over the Goyim and unter Goyim (Jews) the Elohim Service is a must.

In this Bone Generator® Service the Psi-Master gains control of the ABADDON boxes of the Matrix to trap Goyim, unter Goyim (Jews), Demons. We know the Goyim are trapped from birth to death in ABADDON boxes so their Souls are always in the 12 Aeons Psi-Prison (12 variations of YOD, HE, VAU, HE). The use of YOD, HE, VAU, HE is called YAHWEH: YHWH or YAHAWEH as the vowel pronunciations are known only to the Illuminati. Having erased Tetragrammaton the whole process is terminated and the ADONAI process of saying YOD, HE, VAU, HE sequestered (see Sequestering Adonai process).

To use YOD, HE, VAU, HE now you must put Shaddai, Tsabaoth, Elohim as a Triangle, the YOD, HE, VAU, HE a box in the Triangle (a sequestered Abaddon Box) Then simply put the target name in the box be it a Goyim, unter Goyim, Western: country, corporation… (not Russian as they are the new chosen race). This traps the beginning (birth) of the target in your Abaddon box, to put their death in Omega Hell (as is their birth) make the Triangle Shaddai SABBAOTH ELOHIM and put the YOD, HE, VAU, HE box inside plus the targets name, picture… This then defines all positive conditions in the Matrix which you draw off with the left hand Bone Generator® hand to give you all the good they ever had in life. You then redraw the above but instead of drawing the boxes in an anti-clockwise YOD, HE, VAU, HE, you draw clockwise the box HE, VAU, HE YOD (Satan) to turn all in their box to Anti-Chaos Evil which makes them self destructive, criminally insane, criminally stupid. The Triangle of Art of all Total Deathgoat Jews. You then use your left hand Bone Generator® to upload the good released by damning them and right hand Bone Generator® to download your toxic waste, repeat to torment your rats trapped in the Sequestered Abaddon box.

Truly for the malicious vigilante Psi-Master!

Upgrade A:

Controlling Anti-Tetragrammaton for the SuperJew $600 with Certificate

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost. This paypal email is strictly for the shipping cost and no other transactions!! Visit our HOW TO PAY checklist to make your payment and order as smooth as possible. For us to confirm your payment can take up to 3 weeks as we check all bank transfers manually, at high order volumes it may take even longer. If you find prices below $600 on any of our websites they are not available. Pre-sale Questions.