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Psychic Protection, Banishment Exorcism Service:

Phase 1: Tim Rifat prepares a Psychotronic PC/BPC Crystal to your exact specification. You inform us by e-mail or on the PayPal form your exact requirements. The Psychotronic Generator is designed exactly to your tailored specification to end your supernatural problem.

All you do is carry the PC/BPC in your left pocket for effect. The Psi-Lord will also terminate the evil entity: supernatural spirit, Satanist, Illuminati, at the same time.

Cost $220 inc P&P + $40 Immediate Postage.

Phase 2: Tim Rifat will follow the entity back to it’s homeworld and shred the hive of the supernatural entities, terminating that source of attack, evil upon you. Having done this for 30 years the Psi-Lord has become expert at search and destroy missions in different dimensions. If it is a satanist(s), Illuminati, the Psi-Lord will shred them and their controlling entities as well as terminating their hive. Then take away their biophysical bodies to leave torture shells, the shells are then programmed with an augmented biophysical intelligence of the Psi-Lord’s creation that gets them hell-bent so they destroy themselves, rather like the British Intelligence vermin who have fully processed – just look at the trouble the British military is having! Comes with Certificate of Authenticity.

Cost $220 inc P&P + $40 Immediate Postage.

Phase 3: Psi-Lord Tim Rifat can then give you a year long protection. If any supernatural influence comes to fill the vacuum, then Tim Rifat will terminate it, it’s hive and all the Satanists, Illuminati involved. Simply e-mail, or leave a voice mail message for instant Psychic response, a Psychic 911 – emergency line for the psychically vulnerable. All our PC/BPCs offer protection but some frailer people need to have someone to psychically overlook them and keep them safe. The Service is for one calendar year and is designed to keep you and your home free of supernatural evil. For those who want the ultimate protection for the entire year. The Psi-Lord will also get Blue Pulsar Superbeings the natural enemies of CF evil entities: demons, Arch demons, Satanists, Illuminati… to guard you all day and while you are sleeping. Only a Psi-Lord can command the Blue Pulsar Superbeings who get PF from eating your evil CF entities – sounds bizarre until you are cursed by these evil supernatural spirits – then you don’t need convincing. Without help it is too late to stop them ruining your life and taking your soul. Now you can get the Ultimate Psychic Protection 24/7 for a whole year.

Cost $220 inc P&P + $40 Immediate Postage.

Phases 1 to 3 $500 inc P&P for Total Psychic Security