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Sublime Good Taliban Pashtun SuperSoldier Bone Generators®:

The Afghan Pashtuns have defeated all enemies. The British Empire was defeated at the North West Frontier by the Pashtuns. Then the Russian Soviet invasion. Now the US/Nato invasion has ground to a halt facing poorly armed Pashtun tribesmen. These Pashtuns can fight in slippers in intense cold or heat on poor diet in hostile mountainous territory having a willingness to fight to the death and never give up. Mission Monomaniacs – the Pashtun live to kill invaders and have no distractions except completing the mission. Western soldiers are so distracted by their computer games, media, drugs, booze, smoking, gambling, arguing, desperate to get home, seeing no sense in the war except for big business and the Rothschild heroine druglords… this degrades their fighting capability. Their soft upbringing makes them go mad, shell-shocked, depressed… almost instantly. The Pashtun lives for Jihad and is in Bliss killing and dying to kill the enemy. In this Bone Generator® the Pashtun tribesman is Sublime Good® processed to dump all toxic waste on their enemy to degrade the enemy by dumping cowardice, madness, heat shock, exposure, mission creep, depression, dementia, fatigue, impotence, inaccuracy, death on the enemy and upload the Sublime Good® from their enemy. This stage 1 to V1 SuperSoldier Bone Generator® duplicates the above using 5D Kline Bottle far future technology (see far future gallery) in you. Downloading your toxic waste, in the categories below, into your enemies:

Stage I: Heat resistance so you can live in super hot conditions and not lose efficiency even though you are very hot to get Pashtun hardiness in you.

Stage II: Cold resistance so you can live and perform superlatively in freezing conditions at above normal efficiency which is Morphogenically part of the Pashtuns.

Stage III: Mission Monomania, total fixation on the mission you have planned. Total takeover of the subconscious and conscious mind by the reptilian brain to make you ignore anything but completing the mission so pain, is ignored, stress controlled by:-

Stage IV: The Locus Coruleus part of the reptilian brain that ignites the brain stress system is modified by this Bone Generator® to never ignite in hunting, stressful, combat conditions so you become a stone cold killer who never suffers from stress. Vital to be an excellent hunter of deer, complete the sale, accomplish your mission, kill your enemy Cursing Thought Weapons – physical means are illegal, use Men Staring at Goats Bone Generators® for Remote Killing or the Anti-Lucifer Service for Strategic Remote Killing). Being able to switch the Brain Stress System on and off at will using this Bone Generator® enables you to control and utilise stress to accomplish mission, not having stress control you. If you are a top executive this is vital for you to perform at a top level: special forces operators need this Bone Generator® now available to the military (minimum order of $500,000). The hypothalamus is modified to lower ACTH, pituitary and adrenals to lower cortisol to make you cool and collected at all times. Look on for the diagrams of the Brain Stress System. Use a mental red button to detonate your Brain Stress System at will to flood your body with adrenaline… to boost your body for physical combat or flight. To switch off use a mental white button. The ability to control your Brain Stress System is the key to becoming the SuperSoldier like my former (now dead) MI6 assassin friend, to be a top hunter executive, winner, poker player (switching off Brain Stress System vital to erasing nervous signals that tell your opponents your hand), fighter, athlete, winner.

Stave V: Ability to live off poor food and sleep rough for days like the Pashtun.

Stage VI: Aggressive warrior nature, born to fight, willing to fight and trained to fight like the Pashtun and able to Sublime Good® your fighting spirit to make your enemies cowards and give up as you upload their bravery to make yourself a Super Warrior.

Sublime Good Taliban Pashtun SuperSoldier Bone Generators®: $600 with Certificate