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The SuperZionist Service: First 12 get Abraham SuperZionist status.

The Whip of Fire kills Jews and Goyim who go against Chaos. There is an even more pernicious ritual to swap the dead Soul of a Satanic Jew with a Goyim so the Goyim suffers for the Evil of the Satanic Jew. This is fully explained in the Zohar, ‘A righteous gentile who was chastised for the atonement of the world (Satanic Jews)… How is it understood that the righteous man suffers while the wicked one (Jew) has a joy of his life? ‘The prophet Elijah answered: ‘the just man of few sins receives his punishment for those in this world and hence it is the he suffers here; but the man whose sins are many (Satanic Jews), while his good man of few sins receives his punishment for those in this world and hence it is that he suffers here; but the man whose sins are many (Satanic Jews), while his good deeds are few receives recompense for the latter in this world and hence has the joy of life!!! God (Tsabaoth) surrenders a righteous man into the power of the accuser (Satan) for the salvation of the generation (Jews) through him. But when such a one is strong like Jacob (President Obama) it is said: ‘A man wrestled with him but he (Satan) will be unable to prevail and in the end he will supplicate the righteous man to release him, for the righteous man, chosen by the Holy Blessed one (Tsabaoth), is too strong for the evil one (racism) and bears the most cruel afflictions willingly (gets his brains blow out of his head) for the redemption of his generation (Jews); whence also he is held as their Saviour (Messiah Obama) and the Holy Blessed One (Tsabaoth) constitutes him shepherd over all the flock (Goyim), to feed them in this world (emotional frenzy) and to rule over them in the world to come ‘ (Tsabaoth 12 Aeon Psi-Prison Hell, 7 Heaven levels for the willing damned); Zohar.

‘Jehovah created the non-Jew in human form so that the Jew would not have to be served by beasts. The non-Jew is consequently an animal (Goyim) in human form, and condemned to serve the Jew day and night;’ Midrasch Talpioth, p 225-L. ‘All Israelites will have a part in the future world… The Goyim at the end of the world (WW111) will be handed over to the Angel Duma and sent down to Hell’, Zohar. ‘Extermination of the Christians is a necessary sacrifice’; Zohar. ‘Even the best of Goyim (Gentiles) should be killed.’

‘To communicate anything to a Goy about our religious relations would be equal to the killing of all Jews, for if the Goyim knew what we teach about them (Man to dead zombie Goyim ritual), they would kill us openly;’ Libbre David 37.

It is clear the Satanic Jews have a ritual to turn light energy matter Man to the dead zombie Goyim trapped in Sheol (Jew Hell, the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison). As the ultimate SuperJew Tim Rifat has sequestered this ritual of Man to Goyim to enable you to turn Jew, Illuminati to UnterGoyim. Since the entire Matrix is designed to strip all the good things of the Goyim and give them to the Jew, the Jew is now UnterGoyim so all good things come to you the SuperJew., Even better: ‘When the righteous are afflicted by disease or other sufferings in atonement for the sins of the world, it is so ordered that all sinners of their generation (Jews) may attain redemption (a clean slate). When the Holy Blessed One (Tsabaoth) willeth health of the world, He afflicts a just man therein with pain and sickness and heals the rest through him,’ Zohar.

So Kennedy was set up for assassination so the Jews could prosper, now Obama. ‘Those who are oppressed with sin need a change of place, a change of name and a change in their actions…’ Zohar so Jews change their names to Christian ones to cover up their evil sin so they can prosper like Eisenhauer, Miliband, Sarkozy, Stalin, Hitler, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, OBama, Osama… So the ritual to this Man to Goyim and Satanic Jew to the chosen race needs: a) A Goyim to fight Satan, b) be assassinated c) form a tunnel (wormhole to Jew sheol, hell, the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison for all Goyim Souls while they are still alive; conversely the other, the Jew, doesn’t fight but lives in luxury, b) bad things pass him by c) the Satanic Jew doesn’t go to Sheol because he dumps all his evil on the Souls of Goyim and extracts the Sublime Good® the ineffable beauty of Soul from Man to leave the disfigured zombie Goyim.

The Bone Generator® has been configured to allow the Psi-Master to turn himself into a SuperJew so everything goes his way, evil is dumped on others, his health is always good, bad things happen to Goyim not him and all the riches of the world are his, in converse all Jews are turned into Goyim! Then UnterGoyim beneath the Goyim.

The SuperJew Tim Rifat now explains the Jew ritual. The Triangle of Art that converts Jews into Goyim is composed of Adonai, Elohenu, Adonai and is composed of 14 Hebrew letters. This Triangle of Art carries out the exchange of Good for Bad with the Goyim, denoted by the 7 double letters of the Hebrew alphabet 2×7=14 (see the Elohim Service.) So Adonai Elohenu Adonai is the Triangle of Art to put around the Jew so the 7 Satanic Jew Elohim spells give the Jew the shit and you the SuperJew all her/his goodness, wealth, health. Denoted by money, anti-ageing, luck, love, psychic powers, psychic protection, health and takes from the Hebrew: life, peace, knowledge, wealth, grace, fruitfulness, dominion; in converse the Jew now a Goyim,TsBAUTh, gets death, strife, ignorance, poverty, sin, sterility and slavery plus anti-money, ageing, bad luck, hate, negative psychic powers, and negative psychic protection. The Psi-Lord has doubled the process so the Jew becomes a sub Goyim UnterGoyim cursed 14 not 7 times as is normal Goy, so the order is Jew (sub Goy), Goyim then their Master the SuperJew Psi-Master.

The negative Triangle of Art that poisoned the Goy was connected to the Adonai Elohenu Adonai Triangle of Art by Elohenu being connected to Jehovah. So the downlink Triangle of Art from Chaos to light energy matter is JHVH TsBAUTh, JHVH TsDQNV and JHVH VDATH which are 9+9+8=26 and there are 3 forms so we get the 3×26=78 forms of the Jewish Tarot the infrastructure of Chaos Evil – the Matrix these correspond to YESOD(9), HOD(8). JHVH TsDQNV links to ALHIM GBVR the God name of GEBURAH and YESOD(9). TIPHARETH’s God name is (ALVH V DATH) which links by value (both 8) to JHVH VDATH; 8 HOD to TIPHARETH.

In the ArchAngelic this is Michael Tiphareth (white) going to the left HOD; red Gabriel YESOD going to the left GEBURAH; and Raphael Hod green moves to the centre YESOD to link with SHADDAI ELCHAI. Shaddai being the source of all Chaos Evil. KETHER being a green line encompassing all other SEPHIROTH, so it encircles the universe of the Matrix. So one can see the ADONAI ELOHENU ADONAI Triangle of Art links to the JEHOVAH Triangle of Art (light energy matter to Chaos) JHVH TsBAVTH, JHVIH TSDQNV and JHVH VDATH which is a dynamic triangle charging Man to Goy, Satanic Jew to the chosen race of the Matrix by change to ALHIM GBVR; JHVH VDATH changes to ALVH VDATH, finally HOD Raphael in creation is ALHIM TSBAUTH in the Kabbalistic God realm that is also 10 in value which is Tetragrammaton which is Jehovah.

So for the first time we see the ADONAI ELOHENU ADONAI Triangle of Art to process Goy linked to JEHOVAH TSBAOTH, JEHOVAH TsDQNV and JEHOVAH VA DAATH which then wormholes to ELOHIM GEBURAH, ELOHIM VA DAATH and ELOHIM TSABAOTH. So we see the ADONAI Triangle of Art which to the JEHOVAH triangle of Art wormhole to the ELOHIM Triangle of Art which wormhole is a chaos quantum engine. The 9; 3 Triangles of Art: turning Man to Goy; Satanic Jew to God in the Matrix. Now sequestered by the Psi-Lord to turn Jew to subGoy: Psi-Master to SuperJew. All by carrying out the 3 Triangles of Art above. One is reminded that the ADONAI to JEHOVAH Triangle of Art move 3 SEPHIROTHIC powers along three of the 22 paths of the Kabbalistic tree to another SEPHIROTH to steal the Goys’ goodness and give it to the Satanic Jew. While the JEHOVAH to ELOHIM Triangles of Art change 3 SEPHIROTHIC power, TIPHARETH, HOD YESOD, the TIPHARETH moved to GEBURAH the SEPHIROTH of doing evil to Goyim so we know the Second Set of Triangle of Art Transformations gives the Goy the evil of the Satanic Jew. So we have a two stage process, steal all goodness of the Man to turn it to a Goy; then kill it by taking its Soul and poisoning it with Chaos Evil from JEHOVAH.

ELOHIM GIBOR the God names of GEBURAH being the ultimate evil injected into the Goy. A superb system of stealing the good to serve the evil, Judaism at its best, now the property of Psi-Lord Ltd, thank you Satanic Jews!

Now this is called the Rainbow Triangle of Art as the three Archangels that appeared to Abraham the founder of the Satanic Jew sect (Jews have no racial homogeneity, Palestinians are the Semitic Judaists and Judeans, the Jew is in fact Canaanites descended from Tubal Coin and hence to Esau the elder brother of Jacob, worshippers of BAAL, BAPHOMET, SATAN. (Canaanites are reviled and condemned to perpetual Hell by their own Jew Kabbalah.) These three ArchAngels showed Abraham how to make Goyim and turn Satanic Jew into the chosen race of the Matrix. The ArchAngels were Michael, the white ray moved from the centre pillar to the right side, Gabriel, red moved from the centre to the left side (of Evil), Raphael from the left to the middle and denoted green. So we see the 3 ArchAngels are moved out of position as originally Michael who is like unto God, corresponds to TIPHARETH; GABRIEL, Man God corresponding to YESOD and RAPHAEL divine physician corresponding to HOD. So the Rainbow Triangle of Art: white, red and green gives the Satanic Jew God Power, makes him God over Man and blesses him with health and long life while the Goy gets dumped in Hell, is slave, lives a short brutal life thanks to the Abraham necromancy, turning Man to Goy undead. A beautiful ritual that is the core of all Jew power in the Matrix, now yours. America shows how this worked the Jews owning everything, the Goyim poor and homeless.

The three colours together equate to SHEKINAH but are written YOD HE VAU HE, JEHOVAH; hence ADONAI to JEHOVAH Triangle of Art, HOD GABRIEL in God form is ELOHIM TSABAOTH, and Michael TIPHORETH ELOAH VA DAATH, hence the JEHOVAH to ELOHIM Triangle of Art. Once can see Kabbalism is a very complex chaos magic of secrets known only to the inner circle of Rabbi, now Psi-Lord Ltd’s power. Your left hand Bone Generator® is used to grab any target in Psi-Space, your right hand Bone Generator® is used to place them in the ADONAI ELOHENU ADONAI Triangle of Art; grab target with left hand Bone Generators® again place in the JEHOVAH TSBAOTH, JEHOVAH TSDQNV, JEHOVAH VDAATH (the latter connection to ELOHIM as ELOHIM VDAATH) with your right hand Bone Generator®.

Repeat again for the ELOHIM Triangle of Art ELOHIM GIBOR, ELOHIM VADAATH, ELOHIM TSBAOTH. Finally pull with your left hand Bone Generator® the SuperJew vesture from the slaughtered SHADDAI by forming a final Triangle of Art of ELOHIM, JEHOVAH, ADONAI, the 4th Triangle of Art needed to pull pure white SuperJew power from the Goyim Jew, Goyim as the white light is YOD, HE, VAU, HE the twelve permutations thereof being the 4×3 Triangles of Art. This final Triangle which you don’t step in, but just pull energy till the Triangle collapses gives you the power of the SuperJew. Tim Rifat the Psi-Lord carried out the ritual on all Jews so all Jews are now the lowest form of Goyim, Unter-Goyim. The process needs sacrifice so Abraham had to sacrifice his son, but SHADDAI let him kill Goy in the place of Jews (Obama acts as a super sacrifice or Sacrificer like Abraham when he starts WW111 by his death or near death). Luckily a Palestinian bull dozered to death 3 Israelis in Jerusalem (the Holy City of Jews) at the time of writing so the 3 sacrifices (ELOHIM, ADONAI, JEHOVAH) were carried out to seal this magic ritual by sacrificing unterGoyim Jews.

You can put any number of Jews in the process again and again to get more and more SuperJew power. Raphael, Gabriel and Michael are your personal bitches, to use on all Goyim now they have been sequestered from Satanic Abraham and his descendents, Rabbis of the Holy Temple… They are ArchAngels, Michaels good for fighting Evil, punishing, making you beautiful, Gabriel is in command of all sex, sex magic, procreation in the Matrix so all you sex maniacs can use Gabriel for any sex magic, Raphael controls healing anti-ageing. So is vital to keep young and fit in the Matrix. Together they form JEHOVAH and give you the power of the Man God SuperJew in the Satanic Jew Matrix.

The Hebrew letter Aleph is the Abraham letter of prohibition as it blocks the power of the Jew Rainbow Ritual as the Rabbi do so they can’t become undead. Use the Aleph letter on yourself to ungoyimise yourself and use the Aleph letter to block all other Psi-Masters Goyimising you, the letter no longer works for Jews! The Rothschilds are so panicked by Tim Rifat taking over the Abraham Ritual that they have decided to start a depression then WW111 which ends in all Jews being Unter-UnterGoyim after they lose WW111 cattle for real men the Russians….

The SuperJew Service: $800 with Certificate – Limited to 12 only

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost. This paypal email is strictly for the shipping cost and no other transactions!! Visit our HOW TO PAY checklist to make your payment and order as smooth as possible. For us to confirm your payment can take up to 3 weeks as we check all bank transfers manually, at high order volumes it may take even longer. If you find prices below $600 on any of our websites they are not available. Pre-sale Questions.