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Supernatural Spirit Tulpa Service:

In this Bone Generator┬« you can tap into the fact that the Psi-Lord has made all Supernatural Spirits, retroactively his Tulpas. So in this Service you can call up any Supernatural Spirit (except the Shekinah, 42 Handmaidens and Jewish Tarot) be it Goetia, Enochians, Abramelin, Crowley’s pantheon of Demons and his Tarot Demons (these are hollow images of the real Jewish Tarot monsters)… any mythical or memetic being, be it a comic or tv hero (they all exist in the noosphere-group mind). You then use the left hand to evicerate it and the right to install your Tulpa; so it is now a Tulpa with respect to you.

That is all you need to do to then gain Total Command over it.

If your wish is not carried out simply say Total Amalek Torture Shell you are now and it places the Awareness of the Supernatural Spirit in Total Amalek’s Torture dungeons in the Omega Hells, where it is tortured eternally to supply you with power so you can carry out your wish by yourself.

The perfect situation, non compliance means death and eternal torture, the mission statement of Talmudic Satanists, now your property and power to use at your discretion to save the world for yourself.

Supernatural Spirit Tulpa Service: $1000 (Includes 1 & 2 – Limited to 12 only.