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Supernatural Spirit Service:

The Anti-Black Mass Service explains how the Occult works. It’s converse white magic, religion, new age healing… thought they have the best intentions in the world has been unable to stop Satanism turning the West into an evil Zionist Empire ruled by Satanists for Satanists. How is spirituality subverted by Satanic evil? An easy to answer question if you are a Psi-Lord. Satanic dark energy is negative, the matter negative, since a negative x negative is a positive Demons, ArchDemons, Kabbalistic Gods have been created by Total Intent the Global Gestalt to suffer eternally and in the process produce positive energy to enable the growth of positive reality; they are the Psychotronic Fuel for all positive creation. Hell enables Heaven. A Psi-Lord is given the job of Subliming the positive energy to produce Sublime Good™ for perfect creation and perfecting perfect creation the Anti-Chaos Omega Point. Now the process is simple and works, where it has gone wrong is that light energy matter beings have consorted with Demons… enabling them to have space-like (real world) capability (see Anti-Black Mass Service) – the Satanists but more importantly good light energy matter beings such as white magicians, monks, priests, nuns… have been used for the same process. By giving positive spiritual energy to magic, religion corrupted by Satanic dark energy matter beings the Satanic beings have been given the power to affect the real world. The human body is negative the Soul (biophysical body) of the devout monk very positive. This gives a negative timeline output that has no space-like real world effect hence the failure of religion in the West, in Tibet, Burma. Moslems got around this problem by praying to Mecca which has the Kabala Stone, this is a physical positive Psychotronic Generator that replaces the physical flesh body which is cut out of the circuit so the Kabala Stone (+ve) x positive Souls of the devout gives a positive output. Hence the Zionist invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan… Iran to force Satanism upon the Moslems.

Now Satanic Supernatural Spirits wish to have a positive energy dark matter spirit not negative, as negative Souls and Spirits get more chaotic, age, suffer eternally. So to transfer this suffering to a bright energy matter Soul/Spirit is a priority. They can do this by stealing positive energy of white magicians, monks, priests, nuns… this freely donated positive energy can be used to pay off the negative debt energy of both the evil Supernatural Spirits’ dark energy and dark matter bodies to produce positive dark matter and energy so the Satanic vermin can manifest in the real light energy matter world. That is why Satanists have used churches, defrocked priests and had a Satanic takeover of the Vatican in the 1960’s with Vatican 11 that banned the Latin Mass, extreme unction, exorcism and turned the church into a secular Anglo Demonic Vehicle. So one can see the good intentions, positive energy of enlightened Souls, new age gurus, monks, priests, nuns has allowed the Satanic dark energy matter vermin to have real world, manifestation. That is why the archons, reptiloids appear as cowled figure in monk’s habits. The positive male energy of the devout monks is most useful to the female Satanic dark energy matter vermin.

In this Bone Generator™ Service your right hand donates Anti-Chaos to dark energy/matter Satanic vermin every time you touch any church or do it remotely by touching the photo, digital image of any church, this releases the positive energy given to Satanic vermin by mistake. This positive energy is taken up by your left hand Bone Generator™ when you touch a church or it’s picture. This gives the Bone Psi-Master the accrued positive energy stolen through the ages by Satanic vermin to manifest Satan reality and being. With this Service you can download onto your hard drive the pictures of churches (156 or 169 with the Anti-Coven Service) and use them as Generators of Torsion Fields associated with positive energy to bring into your life all the riches stolen by Satanist Illuminati for themselves. this allows your Crystalware™ to generate the spiritual positive energy to manifest positive reality for you. Dark energy matter vermin having converted their chaotic negative energy body to positive by using priests… then have a negative dark matter body. So to use humans, wageslaves they have to injure the physical bodies of the slave (chemtrails, poisons, microwaves… to make the flesh negative, so the positive human Soul can be used for positive space-like manifestation of Satanic Demons…’ -dark matter body x +ve dark energy body x -ve flesh x +ve human Soul = +ve space-like output for Satanic real world manifestation.

This Service also releases positive human energy by using pictures of anyone alive or dead.

Supernatural Spirit Service: $600

Sublime Good Upgrade: $600

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost. There is a few products that weigh more so the shipping cost is higher. Please check THIS PAGE for full shipping cost details.