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Superman Bone Generator® Sublime Good® Psychotronic Crystal®:

We all know the Superman® (Trademark of DC Comics) comic book hero. The Heroes TV series gives an injection of hero producing serum. We have a billion dollar industry of TV games based on superheroes, villains and anti-heroes. As a scientist Tim Rifat loved DC and Marvel Comics and as a hobby tried to develop a scientific way of making a superhero. Some were doable, warp shifting for the Flash, Super Psychotronic Crystals® for the Green Lantern but Superman was just too powerful! Now with the Mind over Matter science one could use the two Psychotronic Crystals® to remanifest the Bone Psi-Lord not as a human in a world that does everything he wants, but as a Superman, an out of the box body so far removed from the human flesh vehicle imposed on us but an archetype in the Matrix. So we need not use Mind to will it into being. As we have seen using Mind to try and get Mind over Matter does not work. It needs to be automatic. That is why pre-packaged Superheroes are important. They need no thought. All comic aficionados or film buffs know all the powers of Spiderman® the Hulk® the Fantastic Four® (Trademark of Marvel Comics) Blade® the X Men® … There are so many comic book heroes that only the truly dedicated comic buff knows the majority. Also for women the old Super Girl® Wonder Woman® (blonde or brunette super babes) are hard to beat as archetypes.

As the less Mind that is involved the more efficiently the Mind over Matter Bone Generator® Sublime Good® Psychotronic Crystals® work. It was a giant step for Tim Rifat to develop the science to enable Superman manifestation. Using Sublime Good® one can even filter out the Kryptonite weakness as exposure to yellow kryptonite for the old style Superman ends his superpowers (Schethlya Stone, yellow stone) In this Bone Generator® the archetype comic book character of your choice is used to remanifest your body. This means every time you are remanifested by this upgrade your body diverges more and more from your human form to the comic book character of your choice (that can even be the other sex) As it is automatic and the archetype is embedded in your psyche it is perfect for the Mindless mode needed for Mind over Matter Bone Generators®.

Tim Rifat always loved Green Lantern – hence my love of Psychotronic Crystals®, Power Rings, Psychotronic Generators®. This then automatically brings in that Green Lantern destroyed the entire DC universe in rebellion against the pacifist mode of heroes, and became a cold blooded killer who eliminated all other Green Lanterns, took all the power for himself then recreated the DC universe to evolve it in the process ending his existence. So one must caution you in your choice of Superhero as they all came with baggage that will effect your Mind over Matter as the archetype is set by the readers and the writes in the Matrix. Superman® is ideal as he is the ultimate do-gooder and the only hero whose normal self is the hero, Clark Kent being his alter ego. You might get the urge to be a reporter and marry a black haired career woman! If you are already are a reporter you can be sure this is the hero for you.

To use this Mind over Matter Bone Generator® you do nothing. Just choose the hero of your choice, the two Sublime Good® Psychotronic Crystals® have their Hyperinfinity downloaded into you before shipping. So when they arrive they will both be negative and stop possession by Demons as well as acting like a power source for Hyperinfinity, Agglutinising Force, Psychotronic fuel, sexual energy…Orgone. Your Hyperinfinity can then be downloaded into them simultaneously to keep it negative for any Demons, Supernatural Spirit, but positive for you. This is all incorporated in the Hyperinfinite Quantum Computing Engine downloading automatically in your Bone Generators® that remanifests the Sublime Good® Psychotronic Crystals® prior to the inverse bone download to cease all parasitic programmes.

The Sublime Good® Psychotronic Crystals® then have the Bone Generator® for Mind over Matter downloaded into them and remanifest you every time you relax, go to sleep, doze, thoughts wander have a momentary lapse of thought… The process is gradual in the wageslave as you have an entire Mind conditioned to your limitations trained into you by life, education. For quick results one must use the alter multiple mind split personality NSA conditioning where they erase the mind by drug induced comas and reboot a Mind that 100% believes it is Superhuman in its alter. As these are trained slaves of the Illuminati, this method is useless for Bone Psi-Lords. So you have to gradually wean yourself off your belief in your limitations. Tim Rifat has none but didn’t believe that till he worked out the science to enable Superman. Now this Mind over Matter Bone Generator® can be used for more mundane purposes like facid change, height change, weight loss, sex change, giving up smoking, easing illness, eradicating bad habits, addictions, increasing sporting ability, metabolism, youthfulness… The Mind over Matter Bone Generator® can incorporate any of these as long as they are so conditioned into you you don’t need to ever think about them. Hence Tim Rifat and his Psi-Lord, Psi-Creator archetype!

Superman Bone Generator® Sublime Good® Psychotronic Crystal®: $1000 with Certificate