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Superhuman, Super Healer Service.

The creation of bone, skeletal Psychotronic Generators™ by Psi-Lord Tim Rifat brings far future Psi-Technology to present day customers who wish to turn their bodies into living Psychotronic Generators for: killing Archons, Demons, Illuminati and fighting evil: the Binder of Demons Service: gaining allies to obtain temporal power and followers: Gaining Allies Service: this superhuman, Super Healer Service is for the altruistic, self development client who wishes to have a super human body and the Power to heal others, useful for the athlete, healer, sportsman, health professional and Councillor as well as the health freak… Having been under constant attack by the British government for 12 years Tim Rifat developed bone, skeletal Psychotronic Generators™ to keep him alive so he could complete his Psi-Lord mission to seek out and destroy Yaldabaoth, Yaltabaoth, Archons… Illuminati, in the process the British used direct assault, car crashes, microwave beams in the 100kw range, x-rays, radiations, poison… to kill their enemy. I’m still here, a testament to my Psi-Technology the bone, skeletal Psychotronic Generators™ give you the recuperative Power of the legendary vampire without the wood allergy (I’ve quantum mechanically mixed with the Great Trees so wooden stakes are a no no) The use of a Skull BPC to channel all the energy from your Psychotronic Crystal skeleton builds a positive Psychotronic Generator the converse of the skull and bones black magic of US president Bush, Senator Kerry and nearly all the other US statesmen – closet Satanists. This technology turns all the skull and bones of every Satanist in the world, black magician, Illuminati, evil doer into a negative bone, skeletal Psychotronic Generator™ to produce a skull and bones Psychotronic Generator, Crystal™ that turns the evil vermin’s skull into a PC, their skeleton beneath into a bioparticle that drains all energy from their brain to produce the self destructive, idiot, zombie that is all Western Illuminati, politicians, Satanists… evil doers. This process makes their body into a negative mirror for the Psi-Master, a Picture of Dorian Gray transceiver for the manifestation of all luck, accident damage, trauma, evil.. so the bone, skeleton, Psychotronic Generator Psi-Master has a host of reverse generators to download his/her trauma into enabling the Psi-Master to quantum mechanically transfer his/her illness, ageing to his/her negative counterpart, his/her Dorian Gray Picture. This means that the Negative Skull and Bones Psychotronic Generator™ zombies suffer for all the Psi-Master’s physical damage, bad luck… Psi-Lord Tim Rifat has by superluminal quantum connection entangled the Skull and Bones Psychotronic Generator™ Satanists… to bone, skeleton Psychotronic Generator™ Psi-Masters so the energy flow is always from the Satanist, Illuminati, criminal… to the Psi-Master to supply her/him with Psychotronic Fuel, further to this the evil vermin act as receivers for all the Psi-Masters’ cancers, heart attacks, trauma, bad luck, madness, curses… so the event is trapped into a quantum wave function and collapsed to a real event in the Skull and Bones vermin not the Bone Psi-Master™ . This enables the Psi-Master to have a quantum mechanical non-collapser field around them to stop all events happening to them that might harm them. Self importance is the enemy of every Psi-Master as it locks us to the Archon Matrix so this evil is transported to the Satanist, Illuminati to superinflate the ego of the damned to make them destroy themselves by having delusions of grandeur, like the Zionist Empires World War 111 to conquer the world that collapses the West. With the Skull and Bones Receiver the Bone Psi-Master™ can also transfer illness, bad luck, ageing, curses, perjury… from people she/he is healing to the Archon vermin. To do this place your left hand on the patient or your own self (midsection) for self healing and place your right hand on a picture of any vermin or your chosen torture shells (see Burn your Enemies in Hell Service) to transfer the vent (only one at a time or single event change is perfect – see be it a cancer, weakness, arthritis, ageing, bad luck, debt… to the chosen skull and bones vermin. You have to repeat this process for every single event you wish to download, event by event. In the process you gain energy from the designated skull and bones target. You can write down a list of all the evil doers you wish to give this event to so thousands of Satanists can have your ageing, illness, poverty, bad heart… so thousands of Satanists feed you with Psychotronic Fuel. This is why Bone Psi-Masters are feared in the far future, they are the most aggressive of the Psi-Master groups.

Next Psi-Lord Tim Rifat the ultimate Grand Master of Bone Psi-Masters™ tunes your skull to be a Bioparticle that receives the positive Rolling Force from the Psychotronic Crystal skeleton beneath the positive Rolling Force is a circular pulse of Agglutinising Force modulation, the Mathematics worked out by Tim Rifat so your skeleton acts as a wave guide to channel the positive Rolling Force into your skull that is changed so it acts as a resonant cavity to store the positive Rolling Force. As described in Castaneda’s: the Fire From Within the positive Rolling Force is a life giver, bringer and keeps your body healthy and young, when your body undergoes a phase change in your twenties the negative Rolling Force is picked up by your body and ages, kills you. By using Bone Psychotronic Generators Crystals™ Psi-Lord Tim Rifat has stopped this catastrophe theory crossover so your body only picks up the positive Rolling Force so you remain young or if you are old you de-age. Gain Allies Bone Psi-Masters™ are made immune to the negative Rolling Force so rather like Typhoid Mary – they become immune to the damage the negative Rolling Force carries out. The negative Rolling Force is a must for power mad Bone Psi-Masters, the positive Rolling Force for the altruistic save the world Bone Psi-Master. I fall into the first category but most humans harbour altruism. This Service is for you. The positive Rolling Force in your skull bioparticle is then channelled through your nervous system to revitalise your body, hormonal system to super boost your strength, immune system, reflexes, trauma repair. It is also used to form a clockwise Anti-CF Vortex in the positive Rolling Force to bring life, riches, happiness, creativity and all the good things in life to your being to collapse them as real events in your life to make you one of the truly blessed by life beings, surrounded by life’s’ riches. The Rolling Force is then re-directed into your skeleton to build a Devic overlay to your body by using the silicon dioxide in your being imbibed in food, pills as an additive; this process is amplified by the Super Power Psychotronic Crystals (see By having a Devic Overlay to your body it provides a super humanly strong energy field to your body so like a mother lifting a car off her trapped child in an emergency you have access to super human Powers that are brought out by life’s drama. The left hand is used to draw the positive Rolling Force from young Satanists, Illuminati… yobs so the anti-social youth provides you with youth as you age the scum in the process. The West is full of teenage vermin so there is a huge supply of youth energy, all you have to do is walk through any town, city in the Satanist West and as you pass any yob let your left hands pass them from across the street (you don’t have to go near scum for it to work) and then make a fist with your left hand to rip the positive Rolling Force from them. This causes a catastrophe theory flip in the yob so their body is opened to the negative Rolling Force forever more so they prematurely age – Divine Justice. The quantum mechanical event of positive Rolling Force is passed to you so you de-age as they age. If you are older, thousands of yobs might be needed to cause massive rejuvenation, thankfully the West breeds millions of evil teenagers, thugs, criminals – now there is a proper use for them, youth fuel sources.

The right hand channels the positive Rolling Force so you can input the youth force into elderly relatives, patients, ill people to help them heal and cure their disease. Harvesting the youth energy from thugs and yobs of the gang variety enables the Bone Psi-Master™ to carry out miraculous cures on others and themselves. Healer, heal thyself! To channel the youth force into yourself hold the palm of the right hand over the midsection to download the youth force. Once can watch television and suck out the youth force from any vermin on television as you input it into the your midsection. By this means you can harvest the youth force while sitting in front of the TV perfect for the couch potato Bone Psi-Master™ . Like the vampires of old this process enables the Bone Psi-Master™ to rejuvenate, become young and stay young by re-channelling the youth force. This process is quantum superimposition of the Bone Psi-Master™ with human yobs who possess a high positive Rolling Force. Like heat travelling from a hot region to a cold region the youth force flows into the Bone Psi-Master™ and the process of decoherence flips the teenage criminal into being a receiver of the negative Rolling Force at the expense of the Bon Psi-Master™ who loses her/his ageing process – a fair trade indeed.

Channelling the positive Rolling Force into your cells causes them to quantum mechanically decohere from the Archon Morphogenic Field that ages you and collapses the quantum wave function of the cell into a new young form where it can divide at a youthful rate and delays senescence of your cells. The Bone Psychotronic Generator™ acts as an antennae for the positive Rolling Force to make your cells regenerate at a far higher efficiency so you can sustain huge damage and still stay well giving you the Wolverine X-Men regenerative capability of mass media fiction but now fact. For the ill it allows you to recover from life threatening disease. Since your skeleton is a giant Psychotronic Crystal Generator it can decohere the Western Anglo Demonic Reality, matrix… to enable it to collapse the quantum wave function into the 2013 state where your body is a Psi-Artefact and has potentials and Powers far beyond the wageslave of the West. Since the positive Rolling Force is the Source of vitality, this process provides you with exceptional energy, charisma, sexual potency and animal magnetism to make your physical persona exciting and appealing.

The Freemasonic Psychotronic Generators in every Western town are tuned to become negative terminals for your Psychotronic Generator Skeleton™ so that all the humans in every Western city, their reality and Archon vermin become download terminals for all the negative events you accrue to boost your positive nature. Entire countries suffer collective catastrophes to superboost your positive event quantum mechanical collapse so you can use entire Western countries as Dorian Gray Pictures to enable you to become super human. A quantum mechanical entangled Psi-Master who can control the collapse of the quantum wave function to provide positive events for the Psi-Master at the expense of the negative events generated by Freemasonic Satanic Psychotronic Generators for the West. Control of quantum mechanical wave collapse gives the Bone Psi-Master™ control over reality to shape it like a dream for her or his benefit, the 2013 Reality State. By turning the skeleton into a Psychotronic Generator the Psi-Master can use the positive Rolling Force to shape all quantum mechanical collapse to benefit the Psi-Master.

$600 with Certificate.

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost. This paypal email is strictly for the shipping cost and no other transactions!! Visit our HOW TO PAY checklist to make your payment and order as smooth as possible. For us to confirm your payment can take up to 3 weeks as we check all bank transfers manually, at high order volumes it may take even longer. If you find prices below $600 on any of our websites they are not available. Pre-sale Questions.