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Bone Psi-Master™ Super Energised Food and Water Service

We all know the food we eat and water we drink have been de-energised and poisoned by the evil civilisation that is the West. Food is stored for months and years, then laced with chemicals. Water is fluoridated to kill our brain centres that give us freewill (hyperinfinity); pioneered by the Nazis the poison keeps prisoners docile and is used by the Israelis on the Palestinians and the British/Irish on their own populations to make wageslaves. For that reason fresh food (an oxymoron) and bottled water are vital to feed the body. This still Does not address the de-energising of food by the modern food industry and intensive farming. We can see that the more de-energised the food the more this junk food turns our bodies into those obese monster slobs that are the common denominator of every Anglo Demonic Reality. Conversely the thinnest race are the Russians where 150 million people live in one sixth of the world’s landmass. Having so much land to fee so few people means Russian food is highly energetic even though it might be laced with chemicals. Also there are 11 million Russian brides surplus to requirements so energetic humans produce more females, a biological mechanism to utilise living space more effectively.

In the Anglo Demonic Reality the progeny of the wageslave is getting obese, while the immune system is so low on energy children are allergic to everything to everything, hyperactive and behavioural disturbed. UK police call British children in the inner cities feral. As a Bone Psi-Lord™ I am thin, suffer from no food allergies and have a Metahuman immune system. The British having been trying to kill me with microwaves, radiation, poison, car crashes, assassination, biological agents… since 1996 when I started this business and I am still alive and kicking. Having Psychotronically charged food and water (not soft drink rubbish) enables the human organism to stay slim and fit; fighting the ageing process the thymus gland is the energy battery of this biological energy, applied kinesiology using muscle testing (see RS Course on looks at this adaptive energy. It has been found that wageslaves have no store of adaptive energy in their thymus gland store but use all they have to be a wageslave so are permanently run down leading to illness and premature ageing. In this Service the Bone Generators™ are created to charge your food as you eat it channelling adaptive energy through the cutlery (use metal not plastic) from your Skull and Bones Generators™ to fill your food with adaptive energy, the biological energy of your Morphogenic Field that vivifies your body and is used to grow, rebuild it. Unlike Orgone Energy the subtle aspect of this Quantum Wave Function, adaptive energy is the physical aspect of the Quantum Wave Function of the body. As can be seen on this site Reality Waves are produced by multiplying the Quantum Wave Function through the physical and biophysical bodies. Orgone is the life-force acting through the biophysical body, adaptive energy the life-force acting through the physical body; their union (positive output of Quantum Wave Function of Orgone x adaptive energy) gives the Reality Wave that is your physical body. As the leading exponent of science based Psi-Technology Tim Rifat understands that all reality is quantum mechanics, Quantum Wave Functions squared (positive output) produce our body when collapsed by hyperinfinity. To have a strong body needs lots and lots of adaptive energy that simply is not found in food and water. Hence the obese, ill old wageslave. A surplus of adaptive energy allows Tim Rifat to stay alive with the full might of the UK government being desperate to covertly tail him to silence his revelations on politics, the geopolitics of the Illuminati and of course Psi-Technology. The Skull and Bones Generators™ Psychotronically generate adaptive energy to put into your food through metal cutlery as you eat. Similarly the Bone Generators™ in your hands are tuned to charge water with adaptive energy as you drink it to fill it with the adaptive energy you lack in Western industrial water. Bottled water is stored for months or years so de-energises and tap water is fluoridated poison.

Your thymus gland under your breast bone at the juncture of your clavicles, bony lump just below neck, is the bodily gland that stores adaptive energy. With your Skull and Bones Generator™ you can directly put adaptive energy into your thymus gland to make sure your body always has enough adaptive energy to keep you slim, fertile, resistant to disease and youthful. To do this simply put your left hand over your thymus and hold it there for a few seconds every few hours or so to charge. To gain more adaptive energy simply walk in the country and your Skull and Bones Generator™ will strip adaptive energy from the countryside. City dwellers can use their Bone Generator™ to strip adaptive energy from all they pass automatically to make the depleted wageslave run dry of adaptive energy to feed the Bone Psi-Master™. If like me you live by the Sea the immense adaptive energy of the Sea can be drawn into your body automatically by your Skull and Bones Generators™ being in the environs of the Sea. To download into your body the adaptive energy simply put the left hand over the thymus to fill your physical body to the brim to enable you to turn your body into a Metahuman vehicle having greater strength, power, speed… To download adaptive energy into your 12 Squared DNA Rescue Service simply place both hands over you thymus and Intend to fill your DNA with adaptive energy. To download into your Body Augmentation Service repeat the above procedure to super-energise your body by programming your thymus to dump all it’s adaptive energy into your cells to superboost your physical condition to build Metahuman capabilities. After this procedure make sure you refill your thymus by downloading more adaptive energy into it by eating, drinking or walking in city, by Sea, or in the country to rip adaptive energy from all you pass. Adaptive energy is the physical grounding energy of your Total Quantum Wave Function so is easily overlooked as you take you physical world as known. Adaptive energy is the magic in the mundane world that gives beauty, health and vitality to the physical vehicle. We all overlook our bodies at our peril. This Service enables the Bone Psi-Master™ to ground all his great Power in a healthy youthful body.

Bone Psi-Master™ Super Energised Food and Water Service $600 with Certificate

Upgrade A: In this Upgrade the Skull and Bones Generators™ are enhanced so you can use your right hand (or both for a Psi-Master) to charge others with adaptive energy. A perfect Service for the professional healer, councillor, health professional. To put adaptive energy into a patient just hold your right hand on their thymus centre to input adaptive energy into them to make them feel better. You can use your left hand to pull adaptive energy from diseased areas to kill off the disease by starving its Quantum Wave Function so it’s Reality Wave collapses due to lack of energy. To put adaptive energy into injured areas simply hold your left hand over the sprain, dislocation, bruising… to give the injured cells Morphogenic Fields adaptive energy to enable them to heal more effectively and at a more rapid rate.

Upgrade A $600

Upgrade B: Allows your Bone Generators™ to store utilise as above the adaptive energy of the Mirror Megaverse humans so your physical body has a Mirror overlay at the ground state level that hybridises your physical energy to produce a dual Total Reality Wave body of the Metahuman physical duality of Bone Psi-Master that has a physical body in both Mirror Megaverses, a silent partner to enhance his/her physical body in supernatural ways. As the Mirror Megaverse is intangible to our Megaverse by creating a quantum hybrid Total Reality Wave of both types of physical body one gains:

a) A body that is of neither Megaverse so one’s physical form is not bound by the rules of either Megaverse.

b) One can tune the hybrid physical body to display characteristics not found in either Megaverse.

c) One can use the debt created by the Archons to make them pay for 12 new Powers of your physical body not found in either Megaverse and new to all creation so you can become a Metahuman. In effect the Archons act as torture shells to pay for your 12 new physical Powers. You can then create your new physical body as you do Tulpas, biophysical Servant creations. You create a 12 Power Tulpas overlay to your physical body that changes you from human to Metahuman. In this Service Upgrade you choose 12 adaptive energies, the physical energy basis of your body, the Morphogenic scaffolding of your physical form. These 12 adaptive energies can be added to the 12 Power Squared DNA Service that upgrades the energy transducing abilities of your DNA to accept Metahuman higher Powers as well as the Body Augmentation Service that quantum mechanically changes the nature of your body by decohering, decollapsing your Archon Quantum Wave Function, changes your Quantum Wave Function to that of a Metahuman, collapses it, and holds it in place with hyperinfinity the mathematical operator that collapses Quantum Wave Functions and gives them manifestation and longevity. Adaptive energy is the hyperinfinity of the physical body, Orgone that of the biophysical body; both being used to form the human organisms two bodies, physical and biophysical. This Service upgrade gives you 12 new types of hyperinfinite adaptive energy to give a physical body type not found in nature. You can choose 12 new types of physical prowess, the Psi-Lord reshapes your Quantum Wave Function as a superimposition of Mirror Megaverse and our Megaverse energies. To make you a super-hybrid where the negatives cancel and the positive reinforce by destructive and positive interference. Simply list the 12 types of new being to be added to your physical form on the Upgrade B order.

Upgrade B $600

Upgrade C: This upgrade takes the Psi-Master Service and integrates the Pulsar and anti-CF energies down to the adaptive energy human form level. The Archons superimpose their dark energy matter on the light energy matter of the human to solidify the Reality Wave in the Anglo Demonic Reality of cancer, stupidity, obesity and premature ageing. As the galactic centre shifts with respect to the Earth to Pulsar fields from CF dark energy matter fields, the human form can be decohered from CF dark energy matter fields and aligned with the Pulsar dark energy matter fields to make the 12 new types of human attribute in Upgrade B be super solidified in manifestation meaning less adaptive hyperinfinity need be used to keep them operating. Similarly by having Mirror Megaverse Pulsar and Anti-CF energy setting the 12 new Powers in place you need even less adaptive energy to hold them in place; this is the way the Archons hold the wageslave in the obese stupid form of fattened cattle. As dark energy matter energy is needed to solidify the dreaming body so it can Lucidly Dream, Pulsar patterning enables the dreamer to wake up in distant dimensions as a solid entity able to see hear… By having the Pulsar, Anti-CF overlay the Bone Psi-Master™ can if he or she has enough Psychotronic Fuel reshape his or her body at will to enable the Morphing of form that Castaneda talks about in the Fire from Within and Lycke in the Biggest Secret, the Psi-Technology of making the form change at will.

Upgrade C $600

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost. This paypal email is strictly for the shipping cost and no other transactions!! Visit our HOW TO PAY checklist to make your payment and order as smooth as possible. For us to confirm your payment can take up to 3 weeks as we check all bank transfers manually, at high order volumes it may take even longer. If you find prices below $600 on any of our websites they are not available. Pre-sale Questions.