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Sublime Good® Suck Sportsman Dry Bone Generator®:

The far future mini-site explains 5D Kline Bottle to suck dry a target of Sublime Good®. This Bone Generator® downloads your toxic waste physical weakness into any sportsman. The Quantum Computing Engine uploads the Sublime Good® sports ability of the target, their physical strength, reflexes, speed, endurance, stamina, resistance to fatigue and damage, accuracy, ability to stay in the zone and target shooting ability. For hunters, would be sportsmen, soldiers, martial artists, fighters, security personnel, assassins, bodyguards and runners. If you need to exogenetically change your DNA expression in your body to become a super-sportsman, this is the Bone Generator® for you. This Bone Generator® fits perfectly with the exercising using Intent Bone Generator® (on It is known that Lamarkism, those transfer of characteristics Morphogenetically (without DNA change) is superboosted by this Bone Generator® . So you can now use the 5D Kline Bottle technology of Tim Rifat to Sublime Good® Lamarkism so you suck dry the useful characteristics of any sportsman and use toxic waste Lamarkism to degrade the ability of any sportsman. Very useful if you are a sports better, and wish to destroy the performance of any team or sports star to change the odds on any bet.

Lamarkism is the transfer of characteristics not by sexual DNA reproduction but transfer of Morphogenic Energy Field. Morphogenic Fields discovered by Oxford biologists among whom Richard Shetdrake is the most prominent. A famous example is the 911 mothers whose children (babies in Third Trimester – during 9 11) now have raised (permanently) cortisol levels. So their Brian Stress System is permanently switched on and running at stressed levels 24/7, so the children are constantly in the flight and flight state – all caused by Lamarksim due to the stress of 9 11. Instead of a negative Lamarkism effect, this Bone Generator® Sublime Good®  distils the sportsman so you permanently get the sports ability of any target.

By being on mass media the sportsman is downloaded onto millions of hard discs. This Bone Generator® uses 5D Kline Bottle Psychotronic Crystalware®. All these hard drives are tuned by your Bone Generator® so you use the Internet to carry out the Lamarkism Sublime Good® operation. The more computer hard drives that the sportsman is on the greater the amplification, so if one sportsman is recorded on ten million hard drives, his Morphogenic Field and Torsionic Soliton physical body are an 10 million amplifiers to power you. As the Torsionic Soliton imprints the Quantum Wave Function to make your physical body, copying the Torsionic Soliton to hard drives by filming the subject are a hidden way of amplifying physical characteristics by use of spinning hard drives. This technology is locked down by Tim Rifat with is Psychotronic Crystalware®  – his proprietary far future Bone Generators® implementation and utilisation of Torsionic Soliton aspects of computer hard drives. One can see if you combine this with 5D Kline Bottle duplication to make the sportsman you personal bitch to boost your performance. The 5D Kline Bottle far future science can then be used to download your physical defects, can be done by merging your image with the sportsman’s then emailing to others to infect the Internet for reverse download to the sportsman. As the Internet is constantly monitored and copied by secret police computers at For Meade Maryland and GCHQ  Cheltenham… these shit birds are connected to all Western computers so reverse infect all computers as all computers are connected via the server, service provider… to the NSA… This Psychotronic Crystalware® using the Internet to implement and Psychotronically boost Bone Generators® for the Extreme Situations scenario. One can see this technology in the future of Super Soldiers programmes using the Internet to power the Super Soldier suing the hard drives as Psychotronic Crystal® to Sublime Good® Lamarkism to give you the good things from any sportsman and download your imperfections into the target – all done as above. You can use this Service on as many superior physical specimens as possible to turn yourself into a superman while your targets degenerate. One can see that Psychotronic Crystalware® is the future of developing soldiers and the war winner for my Clients…

Sublime Good® Suck Sportsman Dry Bone Generator®: $600 with Certificate