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Sublime Good Super Service:

All the Psi-Lord Hypersite Psychotronic Generators and Psychotronic Crystals™ supply you with positive energy… due to the Tim Rifat class of (Bioparticle, Psychotronic Crystal) Psychotronic Generator paired so that even if both Psychotronic Generators go negative due to chaos Satanist poisoning the output is always positive. This type of Psychotronic Generator or Psychic Amplifier: Psychotronic Amplifier™ is the unique and uncopyable creation of Psi-Lord Tim Rifat. Any counterfeiter that tries to steal this technology (Warnings) gets all their Psychotronic Generators made negative by the secret process Tim Rifat uses to keep only his Psychotronic Crystals and Psychotronic Generators positive in output. The US and UK government have huge black ops programmes to try and duplicate Tim Rifat’s work but to no avail – everything they copy instead only gives them negative energy…

Now as the world is littered with Satanic Psychotronic Generators be they Illuminati or counterfeit (see Warnings) all these Satanic crystals (now sold on eBay by Satanist black magic talismans (given for free by the UK government Satanist programme) amulets, counterfeit psychotronic generators and more importantly non Satanist outlets for Orgone Generators, Soma Generators, Vril Generators, Psychotronic Generators Wands of Horus, amulets, charms, talismans, crystals… all supply negative energy to the people who own them and are around them. As you know the Psi-Lord has 12 Scapegoats with each Bone Generator™ Service and has Scapegoat Psychotronic Crystals™ that target specific Satanist vermin. Tim Rifat the Psi-Lord has in this Service quantum superimposed; quantum entangled every non Tim Rifat physical psychotronic generator (be it Illuminati obelisks, altars, monuments, Masonic halls… Satanist crystals (see and for a full expose of Satanists and and all the non Satanic generators, crystals that go negative after use as they are not Tim Rifat Class: Psychotronic Generators™… with the Scapegoats found in the Services and crystals on .

This sets up a negative Satanic Psychotronic Generator with a Satanic Scapegoat, a bioparticle, Psychotronic Crystal network distributed across the West. The output from this Satanic Psychotronic Generator, Satanist Scapegoat delivers a negative output to the Satanist Scapegoat and Satanist user of the Psychotronic evil generators due to the process by which Tim Rifat the Psi-Lord has failsafed, patented, copyrighted…the use of Tim Rifat Class: bipolar quantum entangled Bell’s Theorem quantum superimposed double Psychotronic Generators. So in essence the world is full of Tim Rifat Class: Satanic Scapegoat, Psychotronic Generators pumping negative energy into the Anglo Demonic Reality and it’s evil Demon world to kill it off. In this Service the Bone Generators™ of the Psi-Master have downloaded the quantum computing and wormhole that links them to the Tim Rifat Class: Psychotronic Generator mad from Scapegoats and black magical crystals, monuments, altars, buildings… generators with the key to getting the positive output from this Satanic PC/BPC networked across the West. As one can imagine the output of positive energy from all the Satanic Psychotronic Generators worldwide with the Scapegoats you have pumps huge amounts of positive energy into you. More importantly it enables you to control reality to gain psychokinetic ability so you can warp reality. So rather than warping space-time to travel faster than light (as in Star Trek, Star Wars…) one can warp space-time to change events, reality so the Psi-Master can control it in the 2013 mode.

It may come as no surprise that Tim Rifat the Psi-Lord has warped reality so it loops like Groundhog Day so all space-time is an Omega Simulation that perfecting perfect the Omega Hell on Earth of Satanic vermin. With this Service you can use your Scapegoats and the distributed Satanic Psychotronic Generators to build a reality warp field to so distort reality that what you want comes true. A personal Build Your Dream Service at your fingertips. It is stated that the Montauk Programme, Philadelphia Experiment was using Tesla technology to warp space-time using Einstein’s unified field theory stolen from Theodore Kaliza and kept secret by the Americans. We know that US, Nato spray planes chemtrails. What is not known is that this micro particle poison has Psychotronic Generators imbedded in the particles to reinforce the Circular Force dark energy matter to keep the Satanic Circular Force dark energy matter field over the world. This is because in 2002 the Earth’s precision changed the alignment of the Earth with the Galactic Core and thus the alignment with the dark energy matter overlay of the Galaxy changing the quantum superimposition on light energy matter (humans) from the Satanic Circular Force the Archons need for their Matrix to the Pulsar Torsionic Soliton field. This means that reality changes from the mundane (CF) to magical (pulsar) and in 2013 the Earth’s 26,000 year precession completely obviates the CF and has us aligned with the Pulsar dark energy matter force. So by 2013 all humanity must be under a one world government, and so poisoned by microwaves, fluoride, microchips and the RF neurochemical tranquilisation of the digital TV network that humans are artificially blocked from their pulsar magical 2013 Powers.

As the Rothschild Illuminati Satanist can’t rule humanity with Psi-Masters. The chemtrails embed micro particle CF Psychotronic Generators in the human so his/her entire body is filled with CF Satanic Psychotronic Generators that artificially block the new magical Pulsar alignment and keep the wageslave as a powerless peasant of the Illuminati. All Westerners are filled with the CF Satanic Psychotronic Generators. So the Bone Generators™ of the Psi-Master are uploaded with the quantum computing programme to decohere the CF Psychotronic Generators with the physical flesh negative human body of the Bone Psi-Master™ to produce a special type of Tim Rifat Class of Psychotronic Generator where not only is the Satanic chemtrail Psychotronic Generator micro particles turned into a Psychotronic Crystal but your body is turned into a bioparticle to give you a positive energy output from the Satanic chemtrail poisoning to boost your energy and make your body flesh a living Psychotronic Generator that is positive so your flesh body can be taken with you as you transcend, go into Psi-Space and beyond because the Satanic Psychotronic Generators have been subverted by Total Intent to eliminate the CF Satanic Force the quantum entanglement superimposition of the chemtrail micro particle Psychotronic Generators is twisted such that the chirality of the body’s proteins DNA, the mirror symmetry handedness and the coiling of the DNA is used to generate a reverse CF Field so the spin of the Satanic Field in the chemtrail particles is cancelled by the Anti-CF spin of your bodies DNA and chiral proteins. This then cancels the chemtrail CF Psychotronic Generators. As you might guess the Illuminati will be horrified that their hope of blocking 2013 reality has been destroyed by Psi-Lord Tim Rifat. More importantly once your body is a free from the Circular Force (CF) of the Satanic Matrix dark energy matter overlay you can display all the physical magical attributes of the Shaman.

Be it waking, teleportation, death touch, super strength, speed, reflexes, shapeganging magic. All blocked by the Satanic chemtrail CF Psychotronic Generators in your body. With this Service your Bone Generators use the output from your internal PC chemtrail Psychotronic Generators, DNA, protein Anti-CF BPCs as a Tim Rifat Class: quantum entangled Bell’s theorem bipolar Psychotronic Generator to produce the positive energy to warp the space-time of your physical body. So like the warping of reality around you by the first part of the Service using Illuminati Psychotronic Generators and Scapegoats, you can warp the reality of your physical body. So rather than a ball and chain your physical negative flesh body becomes an attribute. The Anti-CF Field in the bodies of Scapegoats negates the CF Force in the chemtrail overlay over your city, reality and in the Satanic Psychotronic Generator enabling the Bone Psi-Master to warp reality. Once you have 156 Scapegoats you can then use the Enochian chequerboard black magic energy overlay of the Anglo Demonic Reality against itself. This is the metric space-time cage that holds the Matrix together as a prison. So one can quantum entangle, superimpose the 156 Scapegoats on the Enochian chequerboard energy field as Anti-CF Psychotronic Generators to subvert it to act against the Satanic Psychotronic Generators, chemtrail particles, counterfeit crystals to implode the CF Matrix… Anglo Demonic Reality into a Vortex that destroys the CF Matrix by reverse Psychotronic Amplification and creates a one way wormhole (black hole) to a singularity. In essence a doomsday weapon that hoovers up the CF Field pumped into our world from other Archon hives. At the Vortex’s point the vortex explodes out as Pulsar Force Torsionic Soliton so the Archon’s efforts to keep this hive world bound by the CF as a slave colony is turned into super amplifying the Pulsar Force to augment magic so it is in full effect now not 2013. By 2013 the world is so full of Pulsar Force it becomes the dream state magical world of the Montauk story.

The Bone Generators™ of the Psi-Master are then given the quantum programme so the quantum computer in the Skull and Bones Generators can fee the Pulsar alignment into all the Services Psychotronic Crystals™, Psychotronic Generators, physical body, physical biophysical energy bodies, devic crystal energy bodies. Since the human flesh physical energy field is the negative energy field that binds, imprisons, holds to the Matrix, 12 Aeon Psi-Prison the angelic human that consists of physical and biophysical energy fields (physical only – exists as a positive energy field around your bones so when you die the rotting flesh carcass can overwhelm it’s intrinsic positivity so the Archons can harvest your Soul) by using this Service to subvert the flesh prison to make it a positive Tim Rifat Class: dual Psychotronic Generator you turn the human body into a magical being capable of all physical Shamanic powers and beyond. Only the Pulsar supernatural allies of the ancient Seers could do this enabling the Psi-Masters of previous high civilisation to become immortal by the above process of using micro particle Psychotronic Generator inhalation, consumption. It was this Pulsar technology corrupted by the Satanist Archons to create chemtrail Satanist Psychotronic Generators. As Tim Rifat the Psi-Lord is allied to the Blue Pulsars of the Mirror Megaverse their King taught the Psi-Lord how to recreate the high technology of human body immortality using micro particle Psychotronic Generators in the human body combined with DNA protein Psychotronic Generators.

For Psychotronic Amplification that needs two sets of Psychotronic Generators PC/BPCs, this Service enables that by using your Scapegoats, Illuminati, Satanist Psychotronic Crystals as one Psychotronic Generator in Tim Rifat Class: Psychotronic Generator mode, the other your own Chemtrail Satanic CF Psychotronic Crystals and your human body DNA, chiral protein complex networked bioparticle to produce the other Psychotronic Generator. As one can read on my advanced Services two Psychotronic Generators quantum superimposed on your Bone Generators™ enables Psychotronic Amplification™ created by Tim Rifat that enables the Bone Psi-Master to produce Hyperinfinity the Operator that collapses Quantum Wave Function to produce reality or decoheres Quantum Wave Functions to erase, vanish them from reality. You see why Psi needs scientists such as Tim Rifat trained in quantum mechanics to make Psychotronic Generators not non scientist conmen (see Warnings).

This Service therefore gives you back the Hyperinfinity stolen by the Satanic human body quantum superimposition so you can decohere the Satanic Quantum Wave Function that makes your body a prison, decollapses your negative physical body to erase it and creates a new positive Quantum Wave Function of a physical vehicle, then collapses the Quantum Wave Function into this new superbody, enables you to use the Hyperinfinity to collapse the 144 Power Squared DNA Service, Body Augmentation, Best Buy Bone Generators™ Food and Drink Service… quantum superimposed attributes of your physical body to shapechange yourself at will; the Hyperinfinity then being used to stop your new superbody being decohered and to decohere all Satanic corruption to produce the super long lived bodies of previous civilisations. By using the attributed Satanic Psychotronic Generator, Scapegoat Psychotronic Crystal power complex one can then expand one’s physical body by having 156 Scapegoats to use the Enochian Satanic Matrix grid for teleportation, death touch, physical absent healing, shapechanging, levitation, reality changing, invisibility, resistance to cold, heat, harm… Shamanic magic powers.

One can then add this Service to your other Services to boost their power by adding the physical Psychotronic Generator, amplification that is your human body networked with the Satanic Psychotronic Generators, Scapegoats, Chemtrail particles to extend your Bone Generator Services into the Matrix (where you live) to become a superbeing in the Matrix.

To complete the Service all output is made into Sublime Good™ by Subliming the positive output from the Psychotronic Generators and dumping the pure evil mixed with Anti-chaos to kill evil back into the Satanic Psychotronic Generators of the Illuminati, Satanic counterfeit crystals and Scapegoats to form a pure Anti-Evil Psychotronic Generator that kills off the evil by mankind it destroys itself. In the process more Sublime Good™ is generated for your Bone Generators™ to fee you with. For an immortal body like the Ancient Seers one has to transform all the positive energy from a transformed positive physical body (as outline above) into Sublime Good so your Physical body becomes the physical body of light (luminous) on amber energy pillar that once complete grants you immortality. This Service enables you to proceed along that path. The Sublime Good Bone Generators, Psychotronic Crystals™ and Total Reality Psychotronic Power Circle enable you to gain the extra Sublime Good to super rapidly build the luminous physical Sublime Good Vehicle. This done in years rather than the 1000 years of Ancient Seers from previous civilisations. It is very useful living among Satanists as Sublime Good in in plentiful supply. This will change after WW111 when the Russian Chinese elite corner the market on immortality so the Kremlin, Beijing leadership can become immortal in their dealings with the Blue Pulsar race and it’s affiliates.

Sublime Good Super Service: $1000 with Certificate

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost. This paypal email is strictly for the shipping cost and no other transactions!! Visit our HOW TO PAY checklist to make your payment and order as smooth as possible. For us to confirm your payment can take up to 3 weeks as we check all bank transfers manually, at high order volumes it may take even longer. If you find prices below $600 on any of our websites they are not available. Pre-sale Questions.

Upgrade A:

As a professional Bone Psi-Master you might wish to convert your positive energy, Hyperinfinity, transinfinity, wormholes, biophysical and energy bodies… to pure Sublime Good. The Sublime Good Psychotronic Crystals™ do this for all my physical Psychotronic Generators™ and Crystals™; this Upgrade does that for all my Services be they $50 Best Buy Bone Generators or the expensive professional Bone Generators™. This means that all the positive energy… has its hidden part decohered, eliminated from the positive energy to make Sublime Good output for all your Bone Generator Services this in essence makes them perfect. The pure evil from the hidden part the positive energy (Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem) is downloaded into your Scapegoats and hence into evil to poison them as it is laced with Anti-Chaos.

This then produces more unique new Sublime Good by turning the above Service into a Sublime Good: Scapegoat, Anti-Evil Psychotronic Generator™. The process is repeated to then add more and more new unique Sublime Good to your Services to Super Service your Bone Generators™ as Scapegoats to make all evil double Scapegoats for your Sublime Good Engine including the Satanic Psychotronic Generators, Chemtrail Psychotronic Crystals talked about above. In the process you transform all your Scapegoats from every Service into Bone Generators™ for Sublime Good™, Scapegoat, Anti-Evil and Sublime Good Engine™. With the Total Reality Sublime Good Engine you can add the devic crystals super body to your Total Reality to create a 12 x 12² devic crystal physical vehicle to make a super human vehicle for extreme strength, endurance, invulnerability. Or build up slowly with the cheaper $40 Sublime Good PC/BPCs and sublime Good 34 BSRI-E.

Upgrade A: $600

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost. This paypal email is strictly for the shipping cost and no other transactions!! Visit our HOW TO PAY checklist to make your payment and order as smooth as possible. For us to confirm your payment can take up to 3 weeks as we check all bank transfers manually, at high order volumes it may take even longer. If you find prices below $600 on any of our websites they are not available. Pre-sale Questions.