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 Sublime Good Services:

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Tim Rifat the only Psi-Lord created Sublime Good: pure good sublimed from evil and new unique Sublime Good™: pure good sublimed from using evil as a: Scapegoat, forcing it to destroy itself – Anti-Evil, Double Scapegoating evil so all victims become the victimiser and history repeats itself in a cycle to torment evil perfecting perfect – the Sublime Good engine Cycle. The Bone Generators™ give us biophysical Sublime Good™ and the Crystals physical Sublime Good™ – all in 8 varieties.

Now how does a normal person use Sublime Good? Here is an example. We all know some things we bought were good as gold, while other things seemed cursed. Take for example a car, the more good energy it has the better it runs, lasts, is free from breakdown, doesn’t get stolen, crash… The same thing can be generalised for all things in our life: good wives bad wives, downright evil wives, the same for husbands, children, jobs, careers, friends, washing machines, holidays, boats, houses, employers, employees, business, books, films… with Sublime Good™ products one can add pure good to anything be it a marriage, children, job, car… house to swing the cycle from negative pain in the arse to blessed, providential, super lucky, heavenly… Only one problem one has to have evil to pay the debt of Sublime Good. Luckily Satanists such as, ,, UK government, US government, EU Illuminati, Archon, Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth have been created to suffer, be damned to supply Sublime Good™ to the worthy – that is their price in the Cosmic Plan. It takes a Psi-Lord to explain create such a sublimely simple Cosmic process as Sublime Good but that is it’s essence. Now one can see why the Satanist network that runs the West is hateful vermin to be used to make your life better. Now with Sublime Good™ you can change your life in every way to make yourself truly blesses. The Sublime Good™ Services give you all the tools to use Sublime Good™ derived from Satanists to improve all areas of your life filling them with pure good: Sublime Good™.

To go through the process one can see that the things you value have Sublime Good™ stolen, corrupted from their perfect idea to leave them as dross, cursed, useless… In this Service your Bone Generators™: the Skull and Bones Psychotronic Generators are downloaded with the ability to recover the Sublime Good™ from anything, be it: marriage, children, house, car, job, body, sex… the list is almost endless. This then returns the thing to it’s perfect idea be it: happy marriage, good children, loving household, reliable car, good job, healthy body, great sex… To do this simply place your left hand on the thing to be turned to Sublime Good™ and the Sublime Good™ is returned to that thing by the quantum computing engine downloaded into your Bone Generators™ by Psi-Lord Tim Rifat. This Sublime Good Service is the most powerful tool anyone (except Satanists who are the damned) can use to improve their life and turn it back to the good – Sublime Good™.

Now you might have wondered why on and have such a huge list of Satanic things wed used to supply Sublime Good™. That is because you can add any amount of Sublime Good™ to any good thing to add to it’s Sublime Good™ until it becomes so Sublimely Good it becomes eternal. Let’s explain. To build a real reality not a Matrix we need 12 x 12 Powers to make the magic 144 Powers for our Quantum Wave Function. The process of disempowerment is explained in the total Psychic Protection Services where 144 Sublime Good Powers of psychic protection were stolen from humans to leave them and their reality totally vulnerable to evil leading to the Anglo Demonic Reality. These 144 Total Psychic Protection Powers be returned by the Total Psychic Protection Service to make the person and his/her reality totally immune to evil. One can then build on the baseline to add Sublime Good to anything and if we can add 144 Sublime Goods to anything it becomes eternal. Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth has 72 names of Satanism so it has 144 evil aspects tortured, damned placed in Omega Hell and it’s simulation for the sole purpose of being the supplier of the 144 types of Sublime Good™ to make anything eternal as the chaos evil gets to pay the debt – as easy as that. It took a Psi-Lord to emplace the Cosmic Law of Sublime Good™ but now it is irrevocable.

With this Service your Bone Generators™ can transfer Sublime Good™ from the Sublime Good™ Crystals for physical effect or Sublime Good™ Bone Generators on the sites mentioned to add up to 144 Sublime Goods to any good thing. So if you add 144 Sublime Goods to a child then they become eternal, their Soul Spirit wed by Sublime Good™, and their life here and thereafter sublimely blessed. The same for wives, husbands, friends. More prosaically one can add to the Sublime Good™ of any possession be it house, car, boat, garden, pet to make them eternal so like the Pharaohs you can live in an afterlife surrounded by your possessions that have become eternal. They have become emplaced in Psi-Space so you can drive your car, live in your house, walk in your garden, alive or dead, dreaming or in Psi-Space; building Eternal Sublime Good™ Heaven for yourself as you enjoy it in this life – having your cake and eating it. If you add Sublime Good™ to anything it becomes better and better be it ex, your home, the car, a marriage, or child. Once it has 144 Sublime Good™ Powers added to it, then you have Eternal Sublime Good: be it you, your spouse, children, possessions. Now one can see why there is a list of over 144 Sublime Goods derived from Satanism which pays the debt and why Supernatural Spirits will do anything to get Sublime Good™ from you as it is so valuable, priceless to those in the know. Why so cheap? $10  ($10 and $40 prices are no longer available) allows any wageslave to acquire Sublime Good™. For the professional Psi-Master the Total Reality Sublime Engine™ enables the production of 144 Sublime Goods on demand in conjunction with the Crystal Bone Psi-Master Service so the Bone Psi-Master™ can add 144 Sublime Goods to all she/he values to make his/her temporal world blessed and providential as well as making all she/he values eternal so it can be savoured, enjoyed in Psi-Space and the Omega Point afterlife. Now you can take the things you love to your Eternal Heaven by adding 144 Sublime Goods to them. Before this process was impossible but the Psi-Lord Tim Rifat has tricked Satanists and their evil into supplying the Sublime Good as they suffer eternally perfecting perfect Anti-Chaos Omega Hell. In this Service the Sublime Good from Bone Generators™ and Psychotronic Crystals can be added to anything by the Service in your Bone Generators™ so you can add Sublime Good™ from the Satanist Scapegoats to as many things as you like. So say for example you purchase the Sublime Good Bone Generator™ derived from Satanic Kabbalah you can add the biophysical Sublime Good to your car, wife, son, daughter, husband, job, sex drive, career, business; so for $10 you get the bargain of the age, the ability to top up any number of things you love (except Satanists) without limit and the Satanist vermin pays. To add physical Sublime Good™ use the Psychotronic Crystals $40 for physical effects such as bigger muscles, better health, anti-ageing, more reliable car, better sport ability. Remember if you have the Crystal Bone Psi-Master Service you can use the $10 Sublime Good Bone Generators™ as Psychotronic Crystals for physical effect – for the professional Bone Psi-Master™. In this Service you have the ability to transfer the Sublime Good™ to any number of things. If you have two Sublime Goods you can add two Sublime Goods to anything, up to 144 Sublime Goods to make everything you value eternal as you make your reality a Total Sublime Good Reality.

This moves your Eternal Heaven Service and imprints it over your physical world so you can transform your temporal world slowly but surely into a Sublime Good™ Total Reality the power for this coming from 144 Sublime Good best buy series or for the professional Bone Psi-Master the Total Reality Sublime Good Engine™ that supplies all the 144 Sublime Good ™ Powers (if you are a Crystal Bone Psi-Master™). For the wageslave one can use the $10 Bone Generators™ to add enhanced Sublime Good to all the things you love to make everything you cherish better and better at $10 a go the best value there will ever be so you can make them incrementally better and better for better marriages, children, jobs, careers, homes, sporting prowess without the massive investment of a Bone Psi-Master™. So if you can’t afford the professional Psi-Master path yet, step up to the Sublime Good Service at $600 and transform all aspects of your life to Sublime Good™. Simply touch the left hand to anything you wish to download your Sublime Good Bone Generator™ or Psychotronic Crystals™ for physical effect as many times as you wish with the things you desire. To add to this you can download all the evil in your life into the target: kabbalah, occultists… simply by using your right hand Bone Generator to touch the things you hate, it’s as simple as that all for the $600 Sublime Good Service price.

Ask for availability before purchase here:

Sublime Good Services $600 with Certificate

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost. This paypal email is strictly for the shipping cost and no other transactions!! Visit our HOW TO PAY checklist to make your payment and order as smooth as possible. For us to confirm your payment can take up to 3 weeks as we check all bank transfers manually, at high order volumes it may take even longer. If you find prices below $600 on any of our websites they are not available. Pre-sale Questions.