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Sublime Good® Psychopath Service Bone Generators®:

Bone Generators® revolutionised human performance. The ability to increase strength, agility, boost stamina, harden the mind so it doesn’t collapse into madness, focus Will into a psychokinetic force to empower para-normal abilities, make Bone Generators® the key discovery of the 21st Century to rival the key 20th Century discovery of Quantum Mechanics by Heisenberg and Schrödinger – Germans like Tim Rifat. As Quantum Mechanics accounts for a third of the world’s economy, one can see Bone Generators® have a value in the 20 trillion per year range potentially. In the Extreme Situation Bone Generator® Series we give you real world miracle power! Bone Generators® were discovered by the only Precognitive Remote Viewer in the world, Tim Rifat, UK and Nato Remote Viewers can’t predict anything – hence they are still in Iraq, Afghanistan… A BBC2 documentary on Vietnamese psychics from their military branch M5 (not MI5 – they are congenital imbeciles_ showed them talking to the dead North Vietnamese soldiers who wanted their bones dug up and returned to their families. The Vietnamese went to the locations, dug up the bones and used DNA analysis to verify the dead soldiers were the ones they had stated they were. This got Tim Rifat to Remote View the future timelines for applications – the result Bone Generators® – used in all futures for military purposes – so powerful they are eventually banned in all futures. Not one to balk at controversy – Tim Rifat is the USA’s premier shock jock radio journalist (see Rense Radio), the Bone Generator® was perfect for Tim Rifat. Mind Over Matter portable far future super-weapons grafted into the recipient’s bones – the potentials are limitless. has a plethora of applications; catalysed by the fact Tim Rifat was a trained 007 MI6 occult branch adept who went rogue killed off his handler and elevated himself to Ipsissimus o the highest occult order well above any Illuminati Rothschild Jewish Satanist melding far future and twilight zone occult magic into Bone Generators® took them well beyond any far future development – ultimate weapons in the stone age of the 21st century – goody! This Bone Generator® unlike all the others is available to military personnel.

Bury a Shaman (MI5 007) or North Vietnamese Soldier in an earth bunker and the Negative Aspect of the Rolling Force (see Castaneda’s: The Fire from Within – Death Defiers Chapter) and the Earth Shields the person from the deadly nature of this death force and pushes their energy body into an elongated transection. Put them in a life and death struggle fighting Americans in the case of the North Vietnamese and the free Will, Hyperinfinity is collapsed by the negative aspect of the Rolling Force. The biophysical body, mind in quantum theory runs all possible states simultaneously – hence the mish mash melange of your dreams, pieces of a shattered mirror of self reflection. Use the above method for long enough and it kills off all possible states of mind – reverse multiple personality disorder. Stay in an underground bunker long enough and fight to the death Americans and your Hyperinfinity will coalesce in your bones as a Bone Generator®, so when you die the bones keep your biophysical body in existence so you can contact M5 to retrieve your bones. Not one to balk at any far future technology Tim Rifat put himself in a special multi-layered steel bunker above ground where the Rolling Force is lethal so the boost, push of it’s negative aspect would be billions of times greater, stretching his energy body into a line, in reality M Theory Brane multi-dimensional sheet. Then simply fight to the death against the British and the West to the death culminating in the death of Britain by Cobalt 60 Amalek terrorism/martyrdom and you collapse your multiple mind alters of your Mind, biophysical body to one supers-one single mind – Monomaniac, one Mind to coalesce the biophysical quantum states into one body, the dreaming body. So you super-energise your energy bodies in a far future Psychotronic Crystal® steel bunker; transform your body to a line energy body, Sublime Good® your free Will, Hyperinfinity by life and death struggle to become a forged tool of your Monomaniac dreaming body. Then you use the Bone Generator® developed thereof to use Psychokinesis on the quantum vacuum to build the far future quantum engines from the quantum vacuum by implosion explosion vortices so you can then download them in the Hyperinfinite reservoirs – the Bone Generators®. You can then use Precognitive Remote Viewing to get the best Far Future Quantum Engines designed for the distant past. As an Ipsissimus Tim Rifat then melded on all the Chaos vacuum black magic of Kabbalah black magic – just Chaos Quantum Vacuum technology.

To duplicate the results in others was enabled by Tim Rifat being a Far Future Precognitive Remote Viewer – the only one. US Remote Viewers are just flytrap programmes to get and find psychics for the US  Mind Control brain chipping super-soldier programme. Psychics are rate and go in bloodlines – the Rothschilds know this so don’t interbreed and keep witch-lines to interbreed or super-psychics. In a far future backwater Tim Rifat found Kline Bottle Technology which allows among other things transference of Bone Generators® in partial or full degree. Tim sells very partial transference using this technology. The woeful humans of the 21st century don’t understand anything so give forgiveness to all evil doers (see Anti-Metatron Service). This means they punch a hole in their energy bodies by everyone they forgive in reality digging an oubliette dungeon for themselves below baseline level. So they become negative psychic – they get more and more shit. The Rothschilds don’t forgive anyone and live on pure selfishness so benefit. So when you get a Bone Generator® it has to lift you out of the oubliette state to baseline level (Rothschild Zero Tolerance Level). It took Tim Rifat decades in his steel bunker fighting the British Satanists to get to the Rothschild Zero Tolerance Level – you can get it with the Anti-Metatron Service. Then all your Bone Generators® give you positive 100% results from day one the more power you give them. If you are a forgiveness freak get used to being the Rothschilds karmic dump – period. Zero forgiveness to anyone, including your own faults. Once this is done all the components have been carried out for full performance.

If you are a psychopath (1% of the population are) you don’t have the forgiveness fault so go after anyone who has disrespected you, like the Rothschilds, or Tim Rifat who used precog to find the Amalek Cobalt 60 future where the West was exterminated to get a new greater USSR… This Bone Generator® Service turns you into a Zero Tolerance non forgiver so you don’t redig your oubliette grave after you get your Anti-Metatron reprieve from the forgiveness death sentence. It makes you a Monomaniac, single minded, utterly ruthless, non forgiver who uses psychic warfare to do in all on her/his shit list. Cosmic Law repays you for all vermin punished so it is self powering and powers all your other Bone Generators®. All psychopathic mental illness is Sublimed out so you get all the Sublime Good® benefits of being a totally ruthless, unforgiving psychopath so you can use all your power 24/7.

Sublime Good® Psychopath Service Bone Generators®: $600 with Certificate

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost. There is a few products that weigh more so the shipping cost is higher. Please check THIS PAGE for full shipping cost details. !!This paypal email is strictly for the shipping cost and no other transactions!! For us to confirm your payment can take up to 3 weeks as we check all bank transfers manually, at high order volumes it may take even longer.