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Upgrade E:

Stealing Your Targets Talents Bone Generators®:

The Talmud states theft from Goyim is mandatory and a good thing. Psi Lord Ltd is superjewish so we offer you the Service where you can steal all the talents of any target and make them yours. Luckily Metatron as Shaddai’s possessed vehicle (last Grail Pattern) has the power to move anybody or anything s Assemblage Point to its centre of gravity (God-Core) The target unmanifests, vanishes back into the Dark Sea of Awareness (quantum sea). You then let it pop back to its original positions – sans all it’s talents. So the target starts out as a brilliant actor, artist, writer, supernatural magician (like the Tenant or Pulsars, MI6 occult branch) and gets remanifested as a dumb schmuck, the idiot, fat, talentless garbage that populates population – oops! Hence the UK/US has the majority of human garbage. Luckily there are billionaires, entrepreneurs, writeers, musicians, artists… to still be stripped bare. Tim Rifat is a barbarian so could not care about the artistics talents, be it Opera, Ballet, Conceptual Art, modern writers of any sort, musicians of the corporate variety, Jewish film making… the list goes on. But you might want their talents. To do this you simply use the Bone Generator® left hand to move the targets Assemblage Point to you. Then the right to open up its gap. The Assemblage Point automatically pops to the centre. Your left hand Bone Generator® then sucks up all your talents this target was keeping for you. The Master of the Universe think of all humans as piggy banks waiting to be raided.

Stealing Your Targets Talents Bone Generators®: $600 with Certificate