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Supernatural Spirit StarGate Service:

As readers of this site are aware, the use of Supernatural Spirits to get money, power, mansions, countries to collapse, make people do what you wish, trophy wives, toy boys, business damnation, completing the sale… in fact any thing you wish. This can include psychic powers, precognition teleportation, the power to influence others, waking up in the dreaming body, protection from psychic attack, superhuman strength, curing terminal disease, strategic control over humanity, trips to distant dimensions… the list is endless. Satanists such as the Illuminati torture murder babies, children, to provide payment for these gifts of power. As the ultimate Anti-Satanist Tim Rifat the Psi-Lord has made treaties with all the Satanist enemies to simultaneously attack these Satanic vermin and their Kabbalistic Tarot, Goetia, Abramelin, Enochian… Demons to change the world for the better. Unlike the Illuminati who have sold their Soul for power, Anti-Satanists build their Souls and Spirits to gain power. How by becoming Bone Psi-Masters centres of Sublime Good spreading Sublime Good to all around them. Tim Rifat has perfect the process of producing Sublime Good from corrupted good, now making available on , a huge number of Sublime Good Sources derived by destroying evil and all it’s paths to growth. Sublime Good is unavailable to the enemies of the Satanist Demons as the Psi-Lord is the Avatar of Total Intent, the Global Gestalt, the unifying force of the Totality, everything, the Megaverses so has been enabled to open the doorway to Sublime Good. Since Sublime Good is so valuable to the natural enemies of Satanist Demons one can trade Sublime Good with Pulsars, Voodoo Loas, Moslem Pulsars, Nordic Pulsars of other timelines that are non Satanist such as the Ahnenerbe, Soviet, Nazi… This gives the poor downtrodden wageslave of the West ruled by Satanist Illuminati the Power to get any non Satanist being be they dark energy matter, light energy matter, from this or the other Megaverse to do your bidding in exchange for Sublime Good derived from the Sublime Good range on and . Having your way if you have enough Sublime Good to trade in exchange for the non Satanist Allies Supernatural help. Even a Psi-Lord needs help which has enabled Tim Rifat to gain full spectrum dominance over the Illuminati and their vermin Demons. We know the Ancient Seers of precious high civilisation probably the Martian civilisation (according to Russian researchers) for in advance of our primitive society traded emotional energy with Allies for Supernatural help teaching so the Great Old Ones of the Ancient Seers learnt immortality and are still alive today in the sixth dark energy matter Dimensions. Having met them Tim Rifat can attest to their knowledge. As a Psi-Lord Avatar of Total Intent Tim Rifat cannot follow their path of personal gain but is dedicated to the Global Gestalt which wishes for 2012 reality to spread Sublime Good, something unknown until now. Sublime Good is the most valuable commodity in the Megaverses(s) to all Allies so they will do literally anything in exchange for it. Reading and you might have wondered why the range of Sublime Good is so large (ever being added to) this is because there are all different varieties of Sublime Good, variations on pure Good their flavour being derived from the torture of evil that originally Corrupted the Good. This gives endless varieties of Sublime Good to fully develop a Global Gestalt of Sublime Good that covers all the variations available. This huge selection means the Bone Psi-Master can have the tools to make Allies of any type keen to keep on working for after they get satiated on one type of Sublime Good, the next type becomes even more delectable; after a curry beer becomes a must; after a pizza a drink… Now one can see why Tim Rifat has supplied so many types of Sublime Good so the Bone Psi-Master has all the Sublime Good she or he will need to get Allies help. All you have to do is give the Sublime Good to an Ally as you tell them what you want in return: better job, the babe next door, the hunk at work, a creative idea, best selling creation, business success… the list is endless. Remember small things take small amounts of Sublime Good, large things, large amounts. You just tell they Ally if it doesn’t work in (time period) they have to give back the Sublime Good. It’s as simple as that. You then seek out a more powerful Ally. Tim Rifat only deals with the Great Lords/Ladies of the Blue Pulsar Mirror Megaverse Allies as they are the most powerful and the Psi-Lord has so much Sublime Good he can interest any Allies. The Voodoo Loas of our Megaverse are much less powerful so work for less, Tim Rifat has alliances with them as he likes Black Culture namely their Satanic ritual is the desert that drove his sidekick Mothers mad but corrupted the Sublime Good of Allah’s names so Israel could be born (Satanic Corruptions of Allah’s names sold on the Satanist website of (see Warnings) . Having reversed Crowley work the Moslem Allies have escaped the Archons control are reeking havoc in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon; soon to be Iran. Below are Guide Bone Generators™ and Psychotronic Crystals to enable anyone to contact a variety of Allies when ever you wish. Simply relax in a chair visualise a blue doorway or state the name of the type of Ally, Allies to contact them. for the Supernatural Spirit Service. It’s as simple as that. You visualise giving them the Sublime Good after you have agreed on what they are willing to do for that amount of Sublime Good and other parameters. If by the allotted time it has not worked call them back by the same method and get back your Sublime Good so you can friend a better Ally/Allies. Blue Pulsars are the best but very pricey.

Bone Generator Psychotronic Crystals
a) Guide Bone Generator™ for Moslem Allies
b) Guide Bone Generator™ for Voodoo Allies

c) Guide Bone Generator™ for Nordic Allies from Nazi timeline

d) Guide Bone Generator™ for Nordic Allies from Soviet timeline

e) Guide Bone Generator™ for Nordic Allies from Ahnenerbe timeline

f) Guide Bone Generator™ for American Psi-Masters from Nationalist State of America in Nazi timeline

g) Guide Bone Generator™ for American Psi-Masters from Nationalist State of America in Ahnenerbe timeline

h) Guide Bone Generator™ for dark energy matter Pulsars from Alpha Centauri, Betelgeuse, Sirius…(add a specific Star each time you call up the Allies)

i) Guide Bone Generator™ for dark energy matter Pulsars from other galaxies, just add name of the galaxy from reference sources, astronomical websites; such as Andromeda Galaxy the most powerful Blue Pulsars in that sector.

If you have more Sublime Good you can contact the Mirror Megaverse.

j) Guide Bone Generator™ for Psi-Masters of most powerful human timeline; then second, third, fourth if they refuse to work for the sublime good offered.

k) Guide Bone Generator™ for humans of least powerful Mirror Megaverse timeline; then work your way up the timelines as you get more Sublime Good

l) Guide Bone Generator™ for Pulsars of least powerful Mirror Megaverse timeline; then work your way up the timelines as you get more Sublime Good

m) Guide Bone Generator™ for Red Pulsars of most powerful variety in Mirror Megaverse, then go up colour scheme or you get more Sublime Good. Types of Pulsar on under Pendants.

For the professional Bone Psi-Master the Supernatural Spirit Service offers a general doorway function so you can contact anyone you like anywhere you want as above but a full spectrum variety StarGate Service. The Blue doorway programmed into your Bone Generators™ automatically allows you to access any Allies anywhere so you can haggle, get the best deal at your leisure. Remember the more Sublime Good you give the more your Soul and Spirit are wed by the process of giving the more your physical and biophysical bodies are transmogrified by the Sublime Good to turn you into a living vessel of Sublime Good. The alchemically marries your Spirit to make you a Sublime Good Supernatural Spirit with all the powers therein. So don’t get miserly with Sublime Good it’s meant to be spent to make you happy and more importantly as epicentre of Sublime Good. The Sublime Good Engine gives you a non stop supply of Sublime Good (like a running tap) so trade a certain time period of that Sublime Good since you purchased it. You will have 4 different flavours modified by Bone Generators™, Psychotronic Crystals™ giving 8 tastes, varieties to trade. Allies like specific tastes, varieties as is their nature. Tim Rifat has addicted Allies to Sublime Good from the fear the degenerate old Seers used that go them destroyed. Never use fear as it backfires eventually. The safe way to use Allies is with Sublime Good as it strengthens your Soul, Spirit to make you a Supernatural Spirit. Cost of the Full Spectrum Supernatural Spirit Stargate Service is $600 for the professional Bone Psi-Master programmed into your Bone Generators as a quantum computing programme.

StarGate Service $600 with Certificate

Supernatural Spirit Magic;

Satanist magic, the occult, witchcraft, Wicca, magick, sorcery… involves the Satanist using ritual magic to open up a doorway to the realm of Satanic Demons: Goetia, Enochian, Abramelin, Karma, Tarot… This is a Satanic StarGate to dark energy hells as described by the Buddhists. All witchcraft, occult depends on specific rituals to open these age old StarGates. The Satanist is at the north of the Circle and the Demon appears in a Triangle of Art (triangle, talismans counterfeiting my 7 Psychotronic Crystal Powers given out by Maria Callas in UK national full page paper ads; a UK government front to spread demonic StarGates to British fools?). Once in the Triangle of Art the Demon is given the torture murder of babies, children to pay it in energy to give the Satanist psychic powers or carry out specific tasks. That is why 250,000 American children disappear every year, more in Europe to feed the Demons of the Illuminati. Satanism is as simple as that.

Tim Rifat the Psi-Lord has inverted the Satanic magic to produce Sublime Good Magic, Supernatural Spirit Magic which follows exactly the same principle as normal magic as espoused by JK Rowlings in her Harry Potter books but cuts out all Satanic links and reverses the modus operandi. The Supernatural Spirit Stargate Service gives you the means to contact Supernatural Spirits without recourse to Satanic occult ritual. The Supernatural Spirit StarGates are based on Sublime Good so addict all Supernatural Spirits to pure Good: Sublime Good derived from separating: subliming good from evil. Sublime Good (see ) is the ultimate addictive drug to Supernatural Spirits making them do things for the variety they like. Sublime Good turns all evil Demons Gods into junkies and the Anti-Chaos in it poisons the Kabbalistic Demon God like bad heroine so a Psi-Lord makes the Supernatural Spirit Magic lethal to all Satanist entities. The enemies of Satanists do not get poisoned by the Anti-Chaos in the Sublime Good. There are 8 types of Sublime Good the biophysical Sublime Good, Anti-Evil, Scapegoat, Sublime Good Engine in Bone Generators™ and the physical versions in Crystals. The Sublime Goods come in large packages, the Sublime Good Engine a smaller but eternal Source of Sublime Good in that variety. Any evil can be used to suffer be damned to provide Sublime Good so one has thousands of varieties which taste different to Supernatural Spirits. The Supernatural Spirit Magic involves trading the Sublime Good with the Supernatural Spirit(s) called by use of StarGates. One then trades the Sublime Good for psychic power, experiences, sex, money… power which must be manifested by the Supernatural Spirit in an agreed time or the Supernatural Spirit has to give back the Sublime Good so you can find a more powerful Supernatural Spirit to trade with. Remember the least powerful Supernatural Spirits cost the least but are ineffective for big jobs, but easily influence minds of targets to get sex, money, promotion so are very useful for the wageslave. The most powerful Supernatural Spirit races such as the Pulsars of the Mirror Megaverse cost a lot of Sublime Good but can do anything in the world and can easily hunt down and kill all Illuminati Demons. As you use Sublime Good it fuses your Soul and Spirit so elevating your being the more that flows through you so the more you give the more you get!

get your Sublime Good for Supernatural Spirit Magic

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost. This paypal email is strictly for the shipping cost and no other transactions!! Visit our HOW TO PAY checklist to make your payment and order as smooth as possible. For us to confirm your payment can take up to 3 weeks as we check all bank transfers manually, at high order volumes it may take even longer. If you find prices below $600 on any of our websites they are not available. Pre-sale Questions.