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Spinning Pyramid Bone Generator®:

The Pyramid acts a waveguide to black out all non-Matrix manifestation from the vortex that is the 5 dimensional Reemann manifold of true light energy matter reality to the 4D Talmudic Matrix of Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth. The Vortex is spinning anti-clockwise in this Megaverse, the pyramid of the Illuminati stationary but it has a circular motion due to the Earth’s rotation. It therefore generates not a static Torsion Field but a propagating Torsion Field that it transmits; according to Russian research this is equivalent to transverse polarised wave motion in the quantum vacuum – dark sea of Awareness in Shamanism so the pyramid not only acts as a filter wave guide to true 5D reality but generates its own transverse wave (light is a transverse wave motion) in the quantum vacuum so a false quantum vacuum – false dark sea of Awareness can be instituted above the real quantum vacuum the pseudo quantum vacuum of transverse wave motion that is the Middle Place. This pseudo quantum vacuum modifies the dedimensionality of the 5D True Reality to build a 4D Matrix where the Matrix is decoupled from the quantum vacuum by the transverse polarised quantum vacuum Torsionic Soliton Wave motions. This pseudo quantum vacuum then manifests particles, the physical Quantum Wave Function collapse – temporal world in a special fixed way and mixed with dark and strange energy matter to turn the dreamlike 4D world of a non Matrix holographic world into the turgid, glue-like, inertial materialistic world of the Talmud Matrix. So instead of your physical body walking without resistance, in the Matrix the physical energy body is offered great resistance by the pseudo quantum vacuum upon which the constructive interference phase space of dark and strange energy matter in a quantum superimposed. So we get a prison not only for the Soul of the Middle Place but a materialistic prison for your physical energy body to render an Angel into a lump of moribund flesh.

In the Spinning Pyramid Bone Generator® Bone Generator® has the Hyperinfinity and quantum computing engine downloaded into your Bone Generators® to produce a 22 metre Spinning Pyramid which revolves clockwise and pulses out of phase with the Matrix. So the Pyramid spins against the clockwise motion of the Matrix manifesting vortex not only to cancel it out but to produce an equal and opposite vortex in the clockwise direction. As it pulses out of phase with the Matrix the base of the pyramid can be thought of a square spinning to produce a circle that as it contracts with the implosion phase of the Pulsar Torsionic Solitonic Wave Motion produces a clockwise imploding vortex, the exploding pulse produces a clockwise expanding vortex. This is the technology for the NO Matrix Service sold on this site, now evolved to go all the way. Because the 4D Talmud Matrix is a chaotic holographic quantum simulation of 5D true reality, this Spinning Pyramid Bone Generator® produces not only a 22 metre null zone in the Matrix but permanently (as it is out of phase) holds open the Veil around the Matrix (produced by pseudo quantum vacuum dark strange energy matter hardening of quantum 4D simulations punching a 22 metre hold in the fabric of the Archon construct. The Spinning Pyramid Bone Generator® has the Hyperinfinity and quantum computing engine to upload the 5th dimensionality to produce a clockwise spinning 5D Bone Generator® Pyramid to open a permanent 22 metre gateway around you to 5D True Light energy matter reality so you can perceive and have the powers of an 5D Generator® being (non-Matrix NEO -> OEN you fight the Architect). The Spinning Pyramid Bone Generator® that gives you the 4 space dimensions and 2 time dimensions of God Being. This allows you to walk along the 4th space dimension to travel physically in the 4th space dimension anywhere you choose. The 1st time dimension allows you to travel in time as a dreaming body or a physical energy body (like Montauk); in the second time dimension enables you to travel through all the timelines be they Nazi, where the Rothschild Jew Hitler was assassinated by Heydrich and the SS or Soviet where Andropov was not assassinated by the Rothschilds and used psychic warfare to conquer the world Napoleons timeline where he never invaded Russia at the behest of the Sanhedrin Rothschilds. The 6D Spinning Pyramid has a clockwise spin so opens up a permanent spin or wormhole to 6D Reemann manifolds so you have permanent access to the 6D spacetime of the Gods and the Service is automatic, if you ever have a huge Pyramid Bone Generator you automatically get upgraded.

Spinning Pyramid Bone Generator®: $600 with Certificate