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Shekinah Devolved to Lilith Service:

The Psi-Lord having sequestered the Satanic Judaic Kabbalistic magic using Sanhedrin 59a that allows anyone to become a High Priest of Judaic black magic; the Psi-Lord has set about reversing all Kabbalah Satanism so it becomes totally self destructive and eats itself. This was accomplished on Israel’s 60th Anniversary when the Tesla/Haarp attacks on Burma (Myanmar) and China from Zionist Australia were used as giant sacrifices, but reversed to destroy Israel, Zion (see other Anti-Satanism Services) It was done by taking the VAU male principle stolen from Burma (6) and the higher male principle of JOD (10) taken from China to power Israel 6 x 10 = 60, to give the Zionist Empire military, commercial, male power at China’s expense by way of blood sacrifice, the magic of Judaic Satanism, sequestering this to the Psi-Lord (thank you Israel!) and replacing it with negative female principle on both occasions, the Anti-Chaos sequestered Lilith Judaic female Demoness power of all the media whores of the West. The Psi-Lord has been breeding this Anti-Chaos Lilith Demon form in the wombs of all Zionist females, MI5, NSA, MI6, government, police… As Shekinah is the supernal God-like principle stolen from Goyim females by Zion, it is the upper HE(5), the lower female principle is the lower HE(5) the shop till you drop consumer whore of the West, when the Lilith in Anti-Chaos form was added to Israel when they tried to pull male energy from Burma they got a -5 and from China another -5. Therefore Israel got -10 which cancelled all the female principle in the Zionist West to render all the nurturing female power it depends on as nought. Yes all Psi-Lord work is mathematics, in this case the Satanic Hebrew Gematria sequestered by the Psi-Lord using Sanhedrin 59a of the Talmud. As a SuperJew the Psi-Lord can sequester all Judaic Satanism.

In this Service another -5Anti-ChaosLilith Demon crop is added to Israel, Zion to drop all the female principle in the Zionist Empire to -5 or the number of Lilith. Since the guardian spirit of the Rothschild Satanists is Shekinah, replacing it with Lilith the evil spirit that clamours for punishment, like the old women around the Guillotine in revolutionary France, knitting while the aristocrat’s head dropped into the baskets, it turns the entire Zionist Empire suicidal, undermined by the female sow that upholds all Matrix behaviour – obey or no sex, female company. So this Service when downloaded into any Western female by use of the right hand Bone Generator® on their picture turns them suicidal, self destructive. Place the left hand Bone Generator® on the map of Israel and you can upload all the female energy you want to make yourself more beautiful, sexier, if you are a female or gay man. It also makes you younger and nurtures all your projects, home life, business, children. For Ying and Yang Tantric Sex it boosts the submissive partner to feed off the females energy. As the Sublime Good® technology the exclusive property of Psi-Lord Ltd, the only Psychic Power , corporation, our websites are bigger then the average corporation as we hold the monopoly in all psychic power this Bone Generator® Service allows you to download your evil female energy into any female target, or Israel by use of your right hand Zion, so you can download your ugliness, fat, ungainly figure, bad skin, bad hair, age, ill health by use of the Sublime Good® on a picture of the target to leave you with only the pure Sublime Good® Sublimate – the perfect beauty aid. To get more Sublimed Sublime Good® female energy just touch the target’s picture with your left hand Bone Generator® to drain the target of the good female power to beautify and de-age you.

Shekinah Devolved to Lilith Service: $200 with Certificate

Terminating Lilith, Samael, Shekinah Service Upgrade A:

As was shown on the Adonai Service section all Chaos Evil is the female chaos quantum vacuum fluctuation given the value of 5 in the Kabbalah, the same as Elohim, thought Shaddai 3 and Tsabaoth/Sabbaoth are 4. Yod the highest male Kabbalah Chaos in manifestation is 5+5=10. In the previous part all Chaos female energy in manifestation was dropped to -5 (Anti-Chaos Lilith) the reverse flow of chaos female energy back to Shaddai. This process is now iterated again and again to dump more and more -5 Anti-Chaos Lilith. We know 5-5=0. But the Psi-Lord forces Shaddai to produce more and more 5 Elohim as a negative balance growing bigger and bigger to cancel out the -5 Anti-Lilith/Elohim dumped on Shaddai. So giving Shaddai an infinite debt of plus 5 Elohim it has had to borrow. This infinite debt of 5 Chaos Evil means the Adonai Service not only gets the good stuff Sublime Good® from the Chaos parasitisation but the Psi-Lord, in this Service, has dumped infinite debt of Shaddai, Tsabaoth, Elohim. Thus the Sequestering Adonai Service allows the Psi-Lord to give himself any amount of power, energy, life, Hyperinfinity, Transinfinity… Chaos pays eternally. Hence the failed Adomic worlds of the Chaos Evil and this failed Chaos creation now destroyed by the Eighth King of Edom. This Service allows the Adonai Sequestration Bone Generator® to make infinite power and chaos pays. It also allows the user to terminate any Chaos as its all female. As well as banishing all Chaos female Lilith, Samael Shekinah to Omega Hell to get more power. All female Chaos in the Psi-Master can be terminated totally so the Sine of Eve the injection of female Chaos Evil into Man is reversed, terminated and adds more power to the Adonai Service from the Fall of Man now, reversed and made profitable for the 12 Adonai Psi-Masters. An automatic Service Upgrade for Adonai Service Bone Generator® owners only.

Terminating Lilith, Samael, Shekinah Service Upgrade A: $400 with Certificate
Upgrade B: Pumping Anti-Chaos Toxic Waste Shekinah, Lilith into Goyim, Untergoyim to make them super-female Chaos failures.

We know Chaos pumps female Chaos into Man; in this Service you can use your right hand Bone Generator® to pump toxic waste of Terminated Shekinah, Lilith, Fully feminised Samael (the Jew made evil, voluntarily becoming a transsexual eunuch the bitch of Total Amalek the Jew’s Dominatrix) into the vermin Westerner and it’s Jew parasite. This turns the Madman McCaine into a dithering idiot, so female he has to ask Pailin for instructions, she so Chaos feminised that total illogic of Amalek takes over; Gordon the Eunuch Brown steers Britain to Armageddon, penury as his party stabs him in the back because he is the whipping boy (girl) of the nation due to injected Chaos female toxic waste. You can turn any alpha male or female into a whipping boy or girl with this Service, make any target so Chaos female it is incapable of faking any action for fear of failure. It also means the Anti-Chaos Demons birthed in every Westerner, Jew sow’s wombs can suckle from these Chaos female whipping boys/girls so the target gets sucked dry as the Anti-Chaos Demons grow to full size of the Life-force of the whipping eunuch, like Brown, Merkel, Sarkozy, McCaine the madman, Pail the Armageddon Junkie, Obama the misogynist (he hates women — especially white like Hilary and Pailin – hence his Pig with lipstick speech)… In the process the Psi-Master can pick up Sublime Good® male energy from the target to make any female or male Psi-Master more real by boosting their +1 value in space like non Matrix fields so they become super solid, super real, and the Matrix becomes like tissue paper to their physical and biophysical bodies as it was to Adam before the Chaos possession by Shaddai. Now Adam becomes pure space-like super solid.

Upgrade B: Pumping Anti-Chaos Toxic Waste Shekinah, Lilith into Goyim, Untergoyim to make them super-female Chaos failures. $200 with Certificate