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Sex Master/Mistress Service:

The sexual energy of humans is the core of their being and is the highest power of the Psi-world for mortals. This is because when the male and female sexual energies are combined the resultant energies can make a new human. As hyperinfinity controls the duration of the Quantum Wave Function collapse, this sexual union can increase the hyperinfinity of the human race. How so? One human female can have 12 children so one can see that the hyperinfinity of the two parents can be increased six fold. For a Psi-Master™ if he or she could take the sexual energy of someone of the opposite sex at the height of their sexual prowess, then the Psi-Master™ could in theory with the aid of an alchemical marriage, using the sexual energy to form a male female 4 lobed nagual energy body which then duplicates the orgasm energy not to make children but to download new energy and hyperinfinity into the Psi-Master. Having twelve times the hyperinfinity of a normal human the lifespan of this Psi-master be 12×10 = 840 years approximately. Methuselah type ages could then be achieved, by use of this branch of Psi-Technology. Having fully elucidated how the Archon Matrix is formed, see and this site… it is clear that 12 Powers are stolen from humans, the remaining 22 Powers inverted by the Atbash evil and reduced to 9, the Corrupted Eve (female principle) aids this process and negates the 12 stolen Powers so the wageslave’s reality can be reduced from birth to death as the dream of a damned Soul in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison. More importantly the essence of these 12 stolen Powers with respect to humans is sexual energy. So 12 types of sexual energy have been stolen from humans, this Service restores, boosts and augments the 12 types of sexual energy stolen from the wageslave. As can be seen the sexual energy is in essence hyperinfinity, the mathematical operation that gives duration to our energy, extends lifespan, enables us to Lucidly View and Dream. Since all sex is geared to procreation, the Psi-Master reverses the process to use the sexual energy to make her/him a new more powerful being, the birth of a Bone Psi-Master. This Service inputs into your Bone Generators™ the 12 types of sexual energy:-
1 Male dominant/Female submissive
2 Male submissive/Female dominant
3 Male dominant/Male submissive
4 Male submissive/Male dominant
5 Female dominant/Female submissive
6 Female submissive/Female dominant
7 Male dominant dark energy matter/Female submissive dark energy matter
8 Male submissive dark energy matter/Female dominant dark energy matter
9 Male dominant dark energy matter/Male submissive dark energy matter
10 Male submissive dark energy matter/Male dominant dark energy matter
11 Female dominant dark energy matter/Female dominant dark energy matter
12 Female submissive dark energy matter/Female dominant dark energy matter

Having sex as a dark energy matter Psi-Master™ enables the Psi-Master™ to build up his /her dark energy matter dreaming body needed for voyages into all the dark energy matter dimensions by using the sexual congress to change the Quantum Wave Function from light energy matter to a light/dark energy matter hybrid that can be used for all Shamanism. The sexual energy is the form of hyperinfinity is used to give this new being duration so your new light/dark energy matter being has duration so it can align with new dark energy matter dimensions as long as it likes or wake up in the Voodoo Pulsar realm (for Blacks) or the Clockwise Pulsar realm for Caucations – the Mirror Megaverse. The Bone Generators™ keep the sexual congress, union constantly going in your Psychotronic Skull and Bones Crystals™ so that as long as you have a supply of sexual energy from partners you can keep growing your new energy body and make it hyperinfinite so it lasts. The light energy matter sex decoheres you from the Archons, their wageslave bonds that hold you in the Matrix and enables the 12 Power squared DNA Rescue Service to grow you a new light energy matter body and biophysical body to become a Metahuman using Bone Generator™ Technology.

In the Sex Bone Psi-Master™ Service your Bone Generators™ are tuned to the 12 types of sexual energy. As the Archons have stolen the 12 Powers from you to put you in the 12 Aeons Psi-Prison (see this site, and you can take sexual energy from any wageslave, Illuminati, Demon… Archon using your Sex Bone Generators™ simply by putting your left hand (or both if you have had the Psi-Master Service™ into the midsection of your target be it a movie star, bimbo, hunk, popsinger or model… To do this simply step out of your body (use the Crystal Bone Generator™ Service as an upgrade to create a wormhole to the target so your physical energy field can be used as well to take their sexual energy, go to the target and plunge your Sex Bone Generator™ hands into the midsection of the target to pull out their God-Core. I am legally bound to tell you to not try this in person as ripping out their intestines in public is bad form, hence psychic warfare, deniable and perfectly legal. One now can appreciate why the Illuminati run snuff ritual sites to torture kill children to steal their sexual energy to keep the Illuminati young and vigorous. Once you have psychically torn out the target’s God-Core bring it back to your physical body. Hold it between both hand and crush it between both hands to use your Sex Bone Generator™ to smash the target’s God-Core to squeeze it like an organ to extract the sexual energy to boost your sexual prowess. The hyperinfinity in the target is then extracted by spinning your hands clockwise like stirring dough to rotate 12 times to pull the wretch out of the 12 Aeons Psi-Prison it’s surrounds in the Archon hell to be Anti-CF to provide you with hyperinfinity so your sexual prowess lasts and lasts. To download simply hold both hands joined over your midsection after the operation twice to first download the sexual energy then the hyperinfinity of the target. By this means you can take using your Sex Bone Generators™ the sexual energy and hyperinfinity of the target. One can use this technique on anyone in the past using retroactive psychokinesis by creating a wormhole through time to the target be it Cleopatra, Helen of Troy, Casanova… To do this you need the Crystal Bone Generator™ Service to create the Psi-wormhole. Simply repeat the above protocol to download the target’s sexual energy and hyperinfinity to change the past using retroactive Psychokinesis powered by the Crystal Bone Generators™.

All the sexual torture murder rituals of the Illuminati Freemasons have been hijacked by the Total Torture Wave (see Bone Psi-Master Service) using retroactive PK so the Illuminati’s stolen sexual energy and hyperinfinity is repossessed from them and the Archons, Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth so they suffer more and more from the sexual energy and hyperinfinity they have stolen and steal. The Total Perfecting Wave carries the sexual energy through time using Psi-wormholes and Tim Rifat’s mastery of Reality Waves, quantum physics from the extreme far future created in our time by the Psi-Lord to act as the engines for the Bone Generators™ (explained on the Crystal Bone Psi-Master Service); the destination is your living God-Core, your God-like being in the hyperinfinite Omega Point that uses the sexual energy and hyperinfinity to build it’s God like being. Once this is done the God like being in the Eternal Heaven Omega Point then moves on the Perfecting Wave fed by this Service. As the Bone Generators™ enable your future self to power your Bone Generators™ your present self gets fed a continuous stream of sexual energy and hyperinfinity from the Illuminati Freemason paedophile sex murders as the vermin suffer for their evil, a case of having your cake and eating it – I love cake. The Sex Bone Psi-Master™ can then use the 12 types of sexual energy in sex using the Sex Bone Generators™ to download the energy into your sexual organs to boost your sexual prowess to increase erections, orgasms… The use of Psychotronic Amplification using Psychotronic Generators (see or the Bone Psi-Master Service™ enable the Sex Bone Psi-Master to change the Quantum Wave Function of the sexual congress to:-

a) Superboost the orgasm and performance of the Sex Bone Psi-Master.

b) Change the physical condition nature of the Sex Bone Psi-Master™ to make her/him a sexual tigress/stud…

c) Change the Quantum Wave Function of the orgasm to that of Psychotronic Amplified orgasm where the Quantum Wave Function is fed from the quantum vacuum using Psychotronic Amplification to enable the creation of the Psychotronic Amplified orgasmic implosion, explosion to tear a hole in the quantum vacuum to produce a white hole that is fed into your God-Core to act as an internal power source. This Psychotronic Amplifier orgasmic white hole is the power source of all Sex Bone Psi-Masters™ and means the more sexual partners they have, be it psychic or physical the more the white hole in their God-Core centred in the mid part of the spine acts as an internal power source for all Psi-Technology so the Sex Bone Psi-Master™ is self generating and can never be trapped as he/she cannot be cut off from power; instead she/he is power personified. One can now see why Bone Psi-Masters™ are banned in the far future, they are voracious sexual vampires, the ultimate warrior.

d) Use of the Psi-wormhole (see Crystal Bone Psi-Master™ enables the Sex Bone Psi-Master™ to use the protocols in c) on any past sex goddess, god, to use retroactive PK sex… So one can build a white hole God-Core from taking any of the old now but gorgeous in their time females/males using the Crystal Bone Psi-Master Service™ one can put a white hole in your biophysical and physical body separately from two different partners. By this means two females, males… can supply the dual white hole core of a Reality Wave so your sexual orgasm does not fade but becomes a ripple wave in hyperinfinity so the Sex Bone Psi-Master™ becomes an orgasm propagating on a Reality Wave. When you have enough white hole you can pick up the Total Reality Wave and surf the Perfecting Total Reality Wave back to the Omega Point to become your God-being in the far future that downloads into the far past via the Sex Bone Generators™ to use positive feedback of the Perfecting Total Reality Wave to superboost the past self surging to the Omega Point, ad infinitum. This causes hyperamplification of the Sex Total Reality Wave so the white holes of the Sex Bone Psi-Master™ as the past travels tot he future to lock you into the Omega Point, one white hole travels into the past, then future, then the other travels into the past, then future so one gets the AB dual white hole hyperamplification, feeding the Agglutinising Force (AF) in Transinfinity and as a resultant the Sex Bone Psi-Master™ can Lucidly Wake as her/his God-being is the past and future simultaneously to become a Crystal Bone Psi-Master™ that has brought back the Perfecting Total Reality Wave into the past to change the past using retroactive PK Reality Wave Psi so the world becomes 2013, the Omega Point made manifest not in the far future but now so the Sex Bone Psi-Master™ can become a God in its own dream which all others dream.

Transamplification gives the Perfecting Total Reality Wave, the (AB) (BA)*(BA)(AB); 8 fold path that pushes the twin white holes of the Psi-Lord who has lucidly waked at the Omega Point and brought it back to the far past to use retroactive PK to change the past to become the Omega Point 2013 reality. By this means the shaping of the past as a dream of the Psi-Lord in the Omega Point enables the Psi-Lord to evolve to Psi-Creator to turn all beings into his dream, creatures of his Intent that have no energy. The Power to create sentient beings in the Psi-space continuum using Intent has long been a Power of Shamans, they have no energy filed. In 1986 the Soviet and Nazi Ahnenerbe time lines were restored turning this Zionist time line into null space (by undoing the Philadelphia Experiment see this site for more info). This time line did not vanish as Tim Rifat used Transamplification to trip Yaldabaoth, Yaltabaoth is the Psi-Lords dream, shifting the chaos Gods to the Omega Psi-hell then manifesting it in 1986 as 2013 reality the Total Torture Wave using Graham Nickells aka Paul Hughes Barlow and Rob Rowe as the anglo Zionist criminals whose sexual energy was taken made into two black holes, transamplified and lodged in a crystal orb to trap the chaos Gods in manifestation when the global gestalt Total Intent was brought into the chaos realms by Tim Rifat. So by reversing this Psi-Technology chaos evil was trapped in a self propagating Total Torment Wave bounded by the crystal to keep chaos enchained, the Total Torment Wave band in the Omega Psi-hell to perfect the damnation of Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth to supply anti-chaos the psychotronic fuel and hyperinfinity of the new cycle with but which the perfecting Total Reality Wave could not be created. This changed the past using retroactive PK so all bounded beings become Yaldabaoth, Yaltabaoth torturing itself to produce anti-chaos. The only bounded beings that escaped being those that found the hidden place in chaos, the door to Total Intent the global gestalt function that enabled the good in Yaldabaoth, Yaltabaoth – of which it was unaware by it’s very nature:- to escape. Hence in Castaneda’s: The Power of Silence, Shamans found that the only Intent that succeeded in chaos was the Intent of Total Freedom the doorway out of the Matrix. In 1986 this time line became the Omega Psi-hell locking Yaldabaoth, Yaltabaoth in the box of damnation enabling chaos to be purged so now only anti-chaos exists part of the global gestalt Intent. Bone Psi-Masters™ as beings of anti-chaos prey on any being as they know all entities and hyperinfinity to enable them to surf the Total Reality Wave and become perfecting God-like hyperinfinite beings. One can now see Sex Bone Psi-Masters™ are the core of this new wave of Awareness lodged in anti-chaos and created from the ashes of the death of the Zionist time line of the Illuminati in 1986. Since the Over Matrix has 24 domains and the Archon hell of Yaldabaoth, Yaltabaoth has 2 domains it takes 26 years for anti-chaos to etch away the chaos evil so 2012 is the final year is the final year of any part of chaos still being manifest (1986 + 26 = 2012). Hence 2013 begins the full manifestation of anti-chaos and the rise of the Bone Psi-Master™ those of the hidden good part of chaos that escaped into the global gestalt Intent. Now it can be seen why Bone Psi-Masters personify anti-chaos and feed off the damnation of the majority who have chosen to be Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth: wageslaves, Illuminati, Demons, Archons… vermin. As 12 Powers were stolen from humans, one can make Yaldabaoth, Yaltabaoth pay in a multitude of ways, as all Westerners in the box are the chaos God’s dreaming anti-chaos damnation one can use this Service to choose 12 humans you hate so one can use them as Total Torture Sex Damned. 12 vermin to have negative sexual energy and hyperinfinity dumped into them to superboost your supply of sexual energy and hyperinfinity as they become impotent, unloved, their children grown into retarded morons for all time and their bodies become hyper allergic, immune deficient, fat, stupid, hyperactive, attention poor – the way Western children have become a sign of the Total Torture Wave eating away at the Westerners sexual energy and hyperinfinity. List the 12 Total Torture Sex Damned with your order. Your Sex Bone Generators™ have been tuned to constantly download negative: sexual energy and hyperinfinity, into your torture shells. This has the effect of giving you 12 times the duration as you use up hyperinfinity you dump the debt into the torture shells to replenish your hyperinfinity. Since hyperinfinity defies the duration of your Reality Wave you increase lifespan by 12 times or your being by 12. In the process the torture shell and it’s children prematurely age. Dumping sexual energy transfers disease and injury to your torture shells as the sexual energy heals you of disease and injury and gets used up as you live. So this process of negative sexual energy dumping gives you 12 times the resistance to disease and injury so you as a Sex Bone Psi-Master™ have tremendous healing powers and resistance to disease. Your torture shells get ill and injured as surrogates for you; living pictures of Dorian Gray.

In the next part of the Sex Bone Psi-Master™ Service you choose 12 more humans you hate to be torture shells so you can take their sexual energy and hyperinfinity. List them with this Service order. The 12 torture shells are used to make 12 Tulpas, Psi-construct beings created in the Tulpa Service into real beings at the expense of your torture shells. By this means you can have 12 Tulpas that have human sexual energy and hyperinfinity so they can manifest as well as being totally real in Psi-space. These 12 Tulpas can be used for Psi-sex in your Psi-space; if like me you love beautiful things you can surround yourself with beautiful people; leave the fat and ugly for the Matrix world of the West. These Tulpas since they have not only been created by you but invested with a human’s sexual energy and hyperinfinity become real beings at the expense of your torture shells. This Service also enables you to list another 12 torture shells (if you find you have out of assholes) just look in any ‘society’ magazine for vermin) to act as negative sexual energy and hyperinfinity dumps to give your Tulpas 12x the duration and 12x the strength of a normal humans as you did for yourself. An anti-chaos Sex Bone Psi-Master™ has 12 silent helpers, Tulpas who service her or him to make things go right, strike down enemies, act as the perfect love partners and helpers in Psi-space. Using the Sex Bone Generators™ one can draw the 12 Sex Tulpas into the opposite of sexual reproduction, sexual fusion, the alchemical marriage where the 12 Tulpas are fused with your Sex Bone Generators™ to be housed in your Skull and Bones Psychotronic Generators™. This gives you a 12 x 12 multiplication of sexual energy and hyperinfinity a 144 times increase in sexual vigour and duration, boosting lifespan and health by incorporating the Tulpas into your Bone Generators™ to act as energy scaffolding to pump up your Power by a factor of 144. Those of you who have the 12 squared DNA Rescue Service can then download the synergy of the 12 squared Tulpa Sex Bone Generators™ into every cell of your body. The DNA acts as the transceiver for the anti-chaos force, the sexual energy changes your body and the hyperinfinity extends your lifespan by a factor of 144 the 12 Squared Power DNA acts as the antennae for the 12 Squared Tulpa Sex Bone Generators™ to give you a body of light, a luminescent physical energy body that is as malleable as the dreaming body so you can change your appearance (like Nagual Julian in Castaneda’s: The Power of Silence), make your body slim, young, toned, extend your penis length, grow bigger breasts, become stronger, quicker… the list is almost endless. As you have the Tulpas in your Bone Generators™ they become adjuncts to you and can be directed at will 24/7 to do your bidding to enable you to have 12Tulpas that constantly take sexual energy and hyperinfinity from those around you to boost the synergistic being you have become. Having 12 squared power boosts your intelligence by a factor of 144 so you can access silent knowledge of a Psi-Master not the moron wageslave. In effect the Sex Bone Psi-Master™ becomes a super genius her/his intelligence augmented by the 12 Tulpas and the sexual energy they acquire, a group synergistic mind; the hyperinfinity gives you duration so you can hold your attention on 144x more or concentrate 144 more to have a mentality that can focus and hold the information silent knowledge gives you.

Sex Bone Psi-Master/Mistress Service $600 with Certificate.

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